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MP3's are on post #211 on this thread! Mike's singing into a Pearlman TM-1 with CineMag/EF14 Mics: Male vocal = Pearlman TM-1...

James Lugo
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soufis 7 hours ago
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Hi everyone! I recently learned about the Presonus Quantum 4848. Love the feature set, it's perfect for my studio where I have...

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saoul 3 hours ago
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Update 24/04/19: Added AA Titanium 3 and reset play counters. Shuffled numbers again bar 1 and 3 since they have been commented...

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cynics1207 10 hours ago
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I put 2 songs on my music website: "Way More To Me" is the song on top, and "Guitar Wail in E minor" is the...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 16 hours ago
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Clipper Shootout 2020 Do all clippers sound the same? Do clippers change the tonal balance of a mix? Let's find...

Simon Morrison
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bobbybizzle 17 hours ago
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I evaluated the AD-DA loops from Prism Orpheus and Mytek proposed in this post . I used only the symphonic clip that you can get...

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didier.brest 1 day ago
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***UPDATE*** Not yet saying which is which, but the 3 mics heard in this shootout are: Telefunken AR51 Neumann TLM 49 Neumann...

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NathanC 1 day ago
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Alright, here is the followup to my quite popular thread SSL Bus Comp Shootout (SSL X-Rack, Stam SA-4000+, Duende, Slate, Waves,...

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JSchlomo 2 days ago
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This is the followup to my original shootout which can be found here: Another SSL Comp shootout - sorry, no SSL involved...

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JSchlomo 2 days ago
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Here attached two takes, recorded one week apart, with a Brauner Valvet pair and a Neumann M149 pair. All other factors...

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BasspirO 2 days ago
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So I had fun with this. I recorded a pretty "to a tee" version of The Beatles "I Call Your Name." Well...

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nat8808 3 days ago
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Hey guys. Me being one of the guys thats tired of hearing that Waves plugins sound plastic and most software doesn't come close...

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nat8808 3 days ago
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Thanks to "mpr3" here is a short test to see which one you can pick out. We have the original Hardware, Waves...

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jams3223 3 days ago
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Hi there! I've made a blind test with my Igs Audio Tubecore Vari-mu Compressor to better understand the color of it when it's...

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jontornblom 4 days ago
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A bit of an unfair fight? Maybe. You get to be the judge. stike Here’s how I did the test: I took a song that I had...

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didier.brest 5 days ago
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I did a quick shootout yesterday: six condenser mics on acoustic guitar. All mics in cardioid pattern No pads or filters...

Pete Cage
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Pete Cage 6 days ago
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Ronan Chris Murphy did a great review of the Analogue Tube AT-101 (Fairchild 670 recreation) on Ronan's Recording...

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Dirk Churlish 1 week ago
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Aloha, So I tried my best with this. I tried to match the levels and spacing. Used my Audient ID22 and itʻs preamps. I have a...

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P-pangdrums 1 week ago
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Just was too curious and needed to know before investing 300$ in the UAD Luna "Neve Summing" Plugin how it would differ...

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JayArgh 1 week ago
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Greetings from Australia Long time GS member, studio owner, Glasshouse Studios and growing Aussie distributor / retailer. The...

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sirthought 2 weeks ago
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AD Converter Comparison Test A very elementary ITB rough mix with no EQ or compression, of an album I´m working with at the...

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Berndalen 2 weeks ago
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I have had the Royer 122's for some time now. One had to go into the shop for a re-ribbon so I thought I'd try out some Rode...

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nyandres 2 weeks ago
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Big Update: 28/10/19 Added: 1) CraveEQ (analogue mode) 2) DMG Equilibrium (analogue FIR w/long impulse) 3) TDR Slick M...

replies: 249 views: 24,905
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RVD2077 2 weeks ago
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There has been a lot of discussion on here lately about 500 series racks since a power supply is a vital component in audio...

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James7800 2 weeks ago
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Hey there, thought someone might be interested in this.. I recently built a hairball audio rev d 1176.. Very impressed with the...

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jaguarguitar 2 weeks ago
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Tell me what you are hear .Test power cables.VOVOX initio vs normal store cable. 3 power cables are change for my NSEQ 4,BAX...

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Jayhutchinsmusic 2 weeks ago
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I wanted to share some processed files I made by running thru a bunch of compressors I've had on hand over the past year or...

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[email protected] 3 weeks ago
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Hey everyone, Short time lurker, first time poster. I'm relatively new to the world of mastering. Been interning with Matthew...

Phillip Dempster
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shelterr 3 weeks ago
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I did a quick test to see which lunchbox sounded better to me: API 500-6B vs Lindell Audio 506. Using an Apollo Quad, I simply...

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Walshy 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Dirk Churlish

I invite you to compare and blind test yourselves. What do you hear? Files are 100 bpm, LUFS matched. There are about 12 tracks...

Dirk Churlish
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yewtreemagic 3 weeks ago
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In the Amek thread I was mentioning how close I can get with AirEQ, it's really a pretty versatile EQ because of the...

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RJHollins 4 weeks ago
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I put 2 songs in my music website: 'When I Rev Your Engine" (starts with the mystery muscle car) is the song on top, and the...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 4 weeks ago
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Hi guys, We did a comparison between SSL Sigma and Neve 8816. The setup is Antelope Orion32 --> SSL/Neve We summed a...

replies: 7 views: 8,397
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Firechild 4 weeks ago
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Hi! I made this snare comparison video and thought that some of the Gearslutz members might be interested to hear the...

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kaide 4 weeks ago
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Ok, I´m sharing a very quick vocal test I did today with these 3 preamps I own (not in this order): Neve 1073 DPA: 25 db...

replies: 24 views: 11,162
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kennomac 4 weeks ago
Avatar for StevenLMorgan

Male Vocal - 67 Reissue and Soyuz 013 FET Dual Capture - Unisum and Coil. There is a lot going on in these samples - all...

replies: 1 views: 542
Avatar for DistortingJack
DistortingJack 11th December 2020
Avatar for carloff

Here you have the first files VOXORAMA FET tube / call it whatever you want right is VF14 EF/...

replies: 41 views: 22,498
Avatar for senordelaflor
senordelaflor 11th December 2020
Avatar for burns46824

Here's a converter test I just did. Compared a Lynx Hilo (TB), a Tascam DA-3000, and a Prism Dream AD-2. Signal Flow: Otari...

replies: 98 views: 16,454
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LiveMusicNY 11th December 2020
Avatar for angel72bg

A test for Warm WA87 vs JZ BH2. The same preamps,one take,the same cables,the same pop filter. AD Antelope Orion32 Voice...

replies: 0 views: 247
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angel72bg 9th December 2020
Avatar for theothermarkwilliams

Hi everyone, OK, so as promised: This is a comparison of numerous LA-2A and "opto" plugins, plus a few others. I got...

replies: 30 views: 7,145
Avatar for miscend
miscend 9th December 2020
Avatar for Johnkenn

I'm sure there are going to be a ton of people telling me how unscientific this is, but so be it. I know something like this...

replies: 178 views: 57,357
Avatar for chrisdee
chrisdee 8th December 2020
Avatar for jnorman

there seems to be an ongoing controversy about how the KM184 sounds compared to the KM140, so i thought i would post a couple of...

replies: 52 views: 17,736
Avatar for didier.brest
didier.brest 8th December 2020
Avatar for Twenty Staxx

Ok guys. My mic locker is starting to grow so I decided to do a shoot out and post some files. These files are all solo vocals....

Twenty Staxx
replies: 73 views: 13,091
Avatar for Twenty Staxx
Twenty Staxx 8th December 2020
Avatar for Urbini

Hi Fellows! Hope you are doing great. Im about no change my Fireface 800 and looking for a new convertor, trying to jump to a...

replies: 3 views: 249
Avatar for funka
funka 7th December 2020
Avatar for johnscalia

Sorry to put up a new thread but there seemed to be some wandering topics in that other one. Anyways THIS is a REAL test of what...

replies: 250 views: 136,698
Avatar for Agzilla
Agzilla 6th December 2020
Avatar for Denta

Hey guys, I said on a previous thread I could shootout the Aston Origin and the Shure SM7B. I thought I'd add a budget ribbon mic...

replies: 0 views: 375
Avatar for Denta
Denta 5th December 2020
Avatar for StevenLMorgan

Blinded Vocal Compressor Shootout - 1 SW 4 HW Files are downloadable 96/24 WAV Olivia - Raw Vocal - Josephson C715 > Pueblo...

replies: 37 views: 2,117
Avatar for StevenLMorgan
StevenLMorgan 5th December 2020
Avatar for didier.brest

Each take is with the same mic placement, beside the tail end, 1.4 m above the floor, 19 cm AB steered to the pianist. The mics...

replies: 362 views: 94,536
Avatar for didier.brest
didier.brest 2nd December 2020
Avatar for TheDawg

BEHOLD...the Kush Audio Tweaker!!!! :lol: No seriously though, this box has absolutely blew my mind with what it can do to a...

replies: 4 views: 3,904
Avatar for MarcNuman
MarcNuman 2nd December 2020
Avatar for rubenmarcano

Hi everyone, Here I share a shootout I made in my own studio, I wanted to compare the stock preamps and converters of -...

replies: 17 views: 4,981
Avatar for rectifryer
rectifryer 1st December 2020
Avatar for rob61

Here is a comparison of 4 tube mics on a male vocalist. No compression or EQ was used. A little reverb was added by request from...

replies: 1 views: 969
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Carabinerx 30th November 2020


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