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kfhkh People just don't understand "the love." I talked to several of guys before the storm hit. They were...

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nukmusic 2nd September 2008
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hey has anybody ever heard of him. I know he is an r&b producer based out of Atlanta. I know he did a lot of work with one...

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gdeusthewhizkid 1st September 2008
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This isn't a question about sample clearance nor is it about covering other songs. It's purely about talking a baseline or even...

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g22 31st August 2008
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I just so happend to open up T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" in PT today (to compare something that I was working on) and...

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defjamm 31st August 2008
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Better late than never...

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jude 31st August 2008
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I have about 15 projects on the table. got the inside connect, the artists are waiting for the music, but I dont know what I want...

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beat you down 29th August 2008
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Growing new ear hairs that can boost hearing:...

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robot gigante 29th August 2008
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BBC NEWS | Wales | South East Wales | Cher fan has his stereo destroyed

mac black
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faramita 29th August 2008
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Hello, new here, just thought I'd introduce myself.

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christmasjones 28th August 2008
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Check this out - V funny .... YouTube - Yacht Rock Episode 1: What a Fool Believes YouTube - Yacht Rock Episode 2: Keep the...

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GearBit 28th August 2008
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not really new, but they have updated a lot of areas. Just enter an address, click street view, and it shows you an actual view...

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jude 27th August 2008
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This still has to be one of my all time favorite prank calls... Jerky Boys Thai Restaurant.mp3

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bcgood 26th August 2008
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Hey, what about starting a worldwide project. I can play guitar 1..or 2 no matter. Seeking bass player, vocalist, and...

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Flying_Dutchman 20th August 2008
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Yo has anybody heard the news that Best Buy is about to start selling music gear from brand name companies like Fender, Roland...

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brian_delizza 20th August 2008
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it's just like any other job u gotta network i'm an ego maniac with major levels of talent, but i'm a complete prick to...

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christmasjones 19th August 2008
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In the year 2000, in the year 2000!!! HowStuffWorks "Audio Spotlight...

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bcgood 17th August 2008
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Soldier777c 16th August 2008
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Forums are a great source of information. List any other places youve found that are a veritable goldmine of knowledge ANY...

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djwayne 15th August 2008
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chose music over my girl, now im without my family(her and my son),and its been three months now, and i wonder is this ****...

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Shiny Turd 13th August 2008
Avatar for 5thString

Man are they all BRILLIANT musicians!! It wasn't the first time I saw a Di Meola and Clarke performance, but I didn't actually...

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henryrobinett 12th August 2008
Avatar for Jax

cool, join the party it took a year to break the old record

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Jax 11th August 2008

Do you guys know which models are good? I'm a mac user for all things audio and I'd like a tablet PC to take notes/run Adobe...

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ninjaneer 10th August 2008
Avatar for DJBlueDrink

Hey all, I love the gear classifieds section, but has there ever been a jobs classified section for the engineers who are looking...

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BruceTheProduce 10th August 2008
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This was an all time classic. It seems to be gone. Anyone know how to recover?

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Sqye 9th August 2008
Avatar for Whitecat

Hmmm, so the loudness wars are finally catching up with real people... or something like that! U.S. facing possible hearing...

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big country 9th August 2008
Avatar for Electronique

Did anyone watch the Opening Ceremony? They played this song, while the athletes entered, at the beginning and the end.. Its...

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Electronique 8th August 2008
Avatar for exit1200

After some nudging by a colleague of mine, I've decided to post my "Life of A Studio Rat" blogs here at Gearslutz in...

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Denny Lavish 8th August 2008
Avatar for Dysanfel

Leopard Licensing agreement says: This does not say non-Apple manufactured computers, it specifically says labeled. Could this...

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Animus 8th August 2008
Avatar for evac

Anyone who's familiar with drum and bass will appreciate this: Messiah Remix (Youtube) REWIND! thumbsup

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evac 8th August 2008
Avatar for Funk Dracula

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I got lost in a film at the theatre like I did yesterday. A two and a half hour escape...

Funk Dracula
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d1rtynyc 7th August 2008
Avatar for the_nihilist

Which frequency wavelength of reflected light has better color quality? A. Red B. Blue

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taturana 7th August 2008
Avatar for gearaddict

Take a quick look at this. Articles Just read a little of it. All I can say is WOW... Scroll down and check out his ...

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computa 6th August 2008
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Hey gang, Please move this if you need to, I could not determine where to smack this in. I want to buy and download songs...

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sixtiksix 5th August 2008
Avatar for telepicker

I would like to know if there are any cd's/records I can purchase in my local record shop that were either engineered, mixed,...

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Jules 5th August 2008
Avatar for bcgood

Where in the world is Max Cooper?

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bcgood 4th August 2008
Avatar for RichTone

I'm currently looking for a location, rather online or off, that sells vintage/retro Pierre Cardin velor jumpsuits (sweat suits,...

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RichTone 3rd August 2008
Avatar for gearaddict

Hi..I was just woundering about how someone would go about finding an intern job...any ideas!!

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NaturalBlack 1st August 2008
Avatar for AjLayne

So, fellow slutz today was a bad day for me. I was cruising on vintageking and saw that my colleges Neve console was for sale on...

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peeder 1st August 2008
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Whats a good price per mix for an instrumental cd? (no vocals)

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mdjice 31st July 2008
Avatar for jeremy.c.

Antique recording technology - Extinction process documented on camera - on Bore Me goes extinct on camera...

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Avatar for Sounds Great
Sounds Great 31st July 2008
Avatar for riecespieces

So I just started a website/blog/whatever u want to call it. I know that a lot of you guys on here already have sites that you...

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filin 29th July 2008
Avatar for jbsg02

Anyone on these forums play golf? How 'bout some golf chat.

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Frenchc 28th July 2008
Avatar for sluttygearhere

Found this on youtube and thought I should share. Thought it was pretty funny. enjoy. YouTube - Idiot Tries To Steal...

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jval 28th July 2008
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Okay... I am very interested in starting my own company. Unfortunately, I'm having problems finding a name I would like to use to...
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Disjointed 28th July 2008
Avatar for pearldrum944

I HATE when commercials on TV are horribly compressed, and 10 times louder than the show/movie. FX seems to be the worst. ...

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pearldrum944 28th July 2008
Avatar for johndykstra

that's all... Go Crew!boingboingboing (cubs suck)

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johndykstra 26th July 2008
Avatar for jval

It finally came to Canada and I'm loving it so far (despite the slightly high monthly bill). I was reading about the iPhone...

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jval 26th July 2008
Avatar for Synthy08

I was wondering if you guys have ever fronted on some pictures, whether it be, sitting near a giant mixing console b4 you knew...

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DaKid 25th July 2008
Avatar for Omicron_9

Clover If it was only rack-mountable. And maybe slightly less than $11k. -0.9

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jeremy.c. 24th July 2008
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jeremy.c. 24th July 2008


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