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Stupidest things you have ever heard during a session
Old 19th January 2005
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Famous artist to his hired-gun guitarist: "Hey, you know that cool thing you just played? Don't do that again."

Producer to struggling performer: "I appreciate what you're trying to do..."

After a day of high decibel kick drum auditioning, the famous artist suggests that he not come in until he is needed. The producer's response, delivered with a shrug, "It's your record."

I was working with a well known act that had been a trio, now working as a duo. At one point, I was asked to sing a high harmony, just out of my range - the kind of part the former member would have sung. After a bit of a struggle, I was starting to get something useable, when the talkback came on, "Hey, we were just saying how much you sound like D**." I said, "um, thanks", only to have the talkback come back with the reply, "That wasn't a compliment."

At my very first session as a session guitarist (for a jingle), I looked up and noticed a guy from the ad agency on the sofa picking his nose, digging for gold. I whispered as quietly as I could to the bass player, "Check out the nose picker in the front row." The talkback came on, "Live and in color, fellas."

Old 19th January 2005
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zimv20's Avatar

the band was on take 15 or 20 of a song w/ a difficult beginning. they finally got the beginning right and, happily, kept going. the rhythm guitarist had a small break, so he waved 'hello' into the control room.

someone waved back and the band stopped playing.
Old 19th January 2005
Gear Head
talco's Avatar

Great Thread!
Here's a couple:

Late 90's: A&R girl to Studio Manager: Do you have 1/2" Protools?

I was doing a jingle date one time and had finished the mix and the producer calls the client at the agency and plays the spot over the phone. The agency guy goes "Sounds a little bass shy"

Another jingle session. The composer says the client wants a b52's Love Shack kind of track. So we cut a live band doing a slight rip of the song. He calls the client to see if they like it and the client goes "hmm that's not really a B52's/Marky Mark and the funky bunch kind of thing. (!)

I was assisting for my studio owner boss who was doing a mix for this r&b producer who said of a certain track "That's gotta have a Power Booster on it!"
My boss said "What's a power booster?" "you don't know what a power booster is?" "Its the best [email protected]#t ever!" "You send the track to a (Yamaha) REv7 and bring the REv7 returns back to a couple of faders and put the REv7 in Bypass! My boss and I exchanged looks and he said "uh....Ok..."
Later we double checked the schematic in the manual and yep...hardwire bypass.

I still experience a bit of schadenfreude when I see a hapless producer trying to speak into the button of the remote talkback cable.heh
Old 19th January 2005
Gear Maniac

Singer says: "Why do I have to double track that, I thought you could copy in Pro Tools"
Old 19th January 2005
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maskedman72's Avatar

i had a band in and the gtr player was in the live room with his amp as i was in the control room getting levels for him.

i bring up the level and started eqing his amp a bit with the mic pre's eq and the other gtr player from the band that is sitting next to me says to me as i am sweeping through some freq's "wow! listen to that compression!"
Old 19th January 2005
Some classics here!

Old 19th January 2005
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Yannick's Avatar

We were editing a classical percussion player, and in the process looking a lot to the LCD screen (maybe more than the score).

After 30 min. his wife asks : "how does the computer know there is a mistake ?"

I wish ...
Old 19th January 2005
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Ruphus's Avatar

You folks are killing me from laughter!!
Thanks a bunch for making my day!


PS: I have that "can´t hear anything" almost regularly at the start of whatever post or record. Usually something not plugged in. But at least I don´t start tweaking the computer anymore then or even reghost it like I did once.
Old 19th January 2005
Smile ...sigh...

me: "your timefeel sucks bigtime, shakey as a$s"
drummer: "I always stick to the bassplayer"
me: "oh. could you stick to the metronome now?"
drummer: "what's a metronome?"

client: "maybe we should try another snare?"
me: "..."
client: "maybe we should try another hihat?"
me: "..."
client: "maybe we should try another bassline?"
me: "..."
(ten hours later)
client: "maybe we should stick to your original mix. It was great."

dj: "the kick's gotta be HUUUUGE!"
me: "like this?"
dj: "yeah, perfect, and the bass's gotta be SLAMMMIN'!"
me: "like this?"
dj: "yeeeah, superb, and the pad's gotta be KILLLLAH PHATT!"
me: "like this?"
dj: "yeeeeeeah, it's there, and the kick's gotta be HUUUUUUUUGE!"
Old 19th January 2005
Lives for gear

The singer/guitarist is sitting next to me, I'm trying to prep the board for a mix. Before we even roll the track, he says "the first thing is, everything needs to be louder".
Old 19th January 2005
Lives for gear
1: Gimme more ADVERB on the vocal!!!!!

2: While mixing well known guitarist song...when I pointed out the mix had little bass....

"I don't PLAY bass!!!!"
Old 19th January 2005
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Magnus's Avatar

I know a producer who once faked an entire string section, for an advert. Booked the studio, laid out the chairs, mic's, music stands, had the assistant leave some newspapers and coffee mugs out, etc...
Client turns up ... "Oh, you just missed the string section being recorded. It sounds great, check it out.."
Plays back pre-recorded synth string part, from a JV1080.
Client "Yeah, the real strings really help the warmth of the track!"
Producer included their fee as part of his invoice ....
That guy is my new hero!
Old 19th January 2005
Gear Guru
Originally posted by talco
I still experience a bit of schadenfreude when I see a hapless producer trying to speak into the button of the remote talkback cable.heh
One I have seen many times, and done myself. The player asks a question and someone in the control room hits the talkback and nods silently.

The singer/guitarist is sitting next to me, I'm trying to prep the board for a mix. Before we even roll the track, he says "the first thing is, everything needs to be louder".
There was a studio (Skyline?) where one of the extra buttons in the middle of the SSL was labeled ELEE. It stood for Everything Louder than Everything Else.
Old 19th January 2005
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zemlin's Avatar

Originally posted by PRobb
It stood for Everything Louder than Everything Else.
I Need that one as a plugin!
Old 19th January 2005
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MJGreene Audio's Avatar

on my first session as a first engineer, many moons ago, I was recording a local band who were considered to be the best in town. When I went to get drum sounds I asked the drummer to play the snare. He proceded to hit it too hard and to fast and was totally out of context with what he was going to play in their songs. So I asked him to just play me quarter notes so I could work on the tone. After about 15 seconds of silence and everyone in the band looking at everyone else with very confused looks the drummer asked what a quarter note was. I explained it to him and then said just play me some time and I will work on the whole kit. Again 15 seconds of silence and dumb looks. Then the drummer asked what I meant by play some time......... It was then that I knew that even as green as I was I was going to be a funking genius compared to these dim wits.

I am not usually right but this time I was dead on. They sucked the ass out of sucking ass!!!!
Old 19th January 2005
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tunesmith's Avatar

Well... this isn't stupid, as the producers on this project are consummate professionals, but it is silly, so I will share.

A few years back, my introduction into Gearsluttiness started with session vocals. I started in high school with a couple of Disney sessions and got to do some cool stuff over the years.

Some of you may remember the "Meaty Cheesy Boys" campaign that Jack in the Box did a few years ago. It was a pretty clever Boy Band send up where the boys were singing earnestly about hamburgers and french fries.

So, we did a full three day tracking session on three full songs that JITB was going to release as a promotional thing with meals. It never materialized, I guess it didn't test well, but the songs are frickin hilarious, and you can find them on Kazaa or whatnot.

Anyways, for those of you who know Jack in the Box, and their ads, you know the voice of Jack. It turns out that the voice of Jack is actually the head of the advertising company that runs the campaign and has for many years. So, for three days, at the glorious Signet Soundelux Studios in Hollywood (also my 1st introduction to Soundelux mics) we sang earnestly about hamburgers all whilke taking direction and suggestions with none other then Jack himself coming over the talkback. Imagine trying to sing seriously about this topic, A, and, B, imagine taking serious musical direction from Ronald McDonald.

It was pretty funnny... and this thread rules. I wish I knew more idiots so I could contribute.

Old 19th January 2005
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Kubilay's Avatar

Originally posted by PRobb
It stood for Everything Louder than Everything Else.
Originally posted by zemlin
I Need that one as a plugin!
It's called Waves L3!

Old 19th January 2005
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Ted Nightshade's Avatar

Ok, here's a guy who's no fun, apparently- me.

I haven't giggled or smiled once while reading this, although I've read some other things on the forums today that had me laughing out loud!

It's too easy to make fun of these cheeseheads- and I'm not seeing the stupidest things I've ever heard on a session. Those things were said by engineers!

1) Me: Are you SURE the bass is right where it ought to be? [after trying to explain how when the bass is right, it opens up the mix, does it's job, and doesn't interfere with the leapin' out of higher freq stuff...]

Engineer: At this point, it'll be easy for them to get that just right in mastering.

[hint- the ME's didn't feel that way about it, at all! fuuuuuuck...]

2) Me: How can you possibly get a good mic placement without even listening?!

Engineer: Actually, I've gotten really lucky in the past that way.

Now THOSE are the stupidest things I've ever heard in a session!
Old 19th January 2005
Lives for gear
Riad's Avatar

Originally posted by Ted Nightshade
Ok, here's a guy who's no fun, apparently- me.
Do you know the difference between an intellectual and a snob? A snob can listen to the William Tell Overture and NOT think of the Lone Ranger.
Old 19th January 2005
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cachemira's Avatar

A band came to record a 300 $ demo.

The drummer tells me: "Man I want drums sound like Metallica´s Black Album"
Old 19th January 2005
Gear Maniac

"I'd like some 'felangay' on my bass please"

"can you make it sound like and elephant in a swimming pool?"

"I'd like to use my drum kit"
(this happens a lot, a bottom of the range kit that's had the same heads for five years when there's a top of the range TAMA starclassic maple with new heads, already miked up)

Me - "OK, it's as loud as Linkin Park now, I don't think I can push any louder without ruining the mix"

Them - "No, it HAS to be louder than anyone, ever."

them - "I copied from the master you gave me and it doesn't sound as good "

me - "how did you do it"

them - "I ripped it into Windows media player"

me - "as what file format?"

them - "WMA"

prospective client "As we're booking so many days (usually two or three) can we get a bulk discount?"

So many funny moments...
Old 19th January 2005
Gear Head

I was recording an Avant-Garde "Noise Rock" band. They employed 'normal' instruments but abused them to create unusual sound textures. The guitarist sawed on his strings with two metal rasps with the amp on 10 and the Sax players made squeaks and whistles with a mic jammed down inside the horn itself. They used circular breathing techniques so that they never had to stop.

To call it cacophony would not do it justice. If there is a jukebox in Hell, this record is Selection A1. (Though I would have preferred smaller doses, I actually kind of liked it.)

When it came time to mix, I was much relieved to find that my normal approach to saxes and guitars was fine with them and they liked the sound. Then at one point the sax player stopped me and said "wait, that has to come out"

"what has to come out"?

"that, right there."

I still didn't hear it

"after these bubbling sounds... there!"

after much soloing I finally figured out what he was talking about. In the heat of the jam, the sax player had accidentally closed a pad on his sax and and produced a recognizable musical tone! A C# instead of a squeak or a squawk. It had to go.

In 40 minutes of the most intense insane sounds I ever heard, that was the only edit.
Old 19th January 2005
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More from the silly side of things rather than the stupid side...

Female guitarist during tracking session to me: "Can you flange my Big Muff?"

Bass player over room mic: "Shouldn't you guys get a private room for that?"

Old 19th January 2005
Gear Guru
I was an assistant at a studio that became infected with a severe case of "thats what she said when the bed broke". At a staff meeting it was decided that enough was enough and we should cut it out.
The very next day I was assisting on a vocal session when the following dialog occured

Engineer: Do you have your voice in the cans?

Singer: Well, its in but its soft.

Tongues were bitten in half and several people exploded.
Old 19th January 2005
Lives for gear
C.Lambrechts's Avatar

played in a jazz trio in a previous lifetime. Vibes, Piano and me (drums).

at some point during a session the piano player got into a discussion with the vibes player about the scale mode they would improvise / accompany each other. Phrygian, Lydian ... vibe player insisted they would take the Lydian scale mode instead of the phrygian because blah blah blah ....

5 minutes into the discussion I get involved from behind the drums : 'guys, can you please make up your mind so I know how to tune the skins ... '
Old 19th January 2005
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maskedman72's Avatar

i am begining to enjoy coming home after work and reading all of the new posts in this thread each day!!!

so, a while back i was recording a heavy metal band and we were going to be doing a 10 song album from the ground up..

so the band shows up and the drummer sets his oversized kit up and i am getting mic's up as usual........about 10 minutes after i begin getting the mics out, the bass player comes into the room and starts yelling at let me tell you what he looks like......... he has on super tight pants that look like he bought them from the singer from ratt, a t-shirt with the sleeves cutt off so that he can expose his indian ink tattoo on his bicep that reads "mr. metal"(no [email protected]@t!) and his hair looks like one of the guys from the rock band back to the story. anyhow ,he comes in the room and starts yelling at me.......(what you are about to read are actual quotes)....he says in a yelling voice "THIS IS BULL****!!!!!!!!...IT DOSENT TAKE THIS LONG TO GET A DRUM CHECK........." keep in mind that at this point i hadnt even plugged a single mic into the snake yet, i try to explain to him that yes,in fact it does if you want things to sound good......he than lashes back at me and says...."WHEN I WAS GIGGING WITH DAVID LEE ROTH AT THE CATHOUSE THE DRUM CHECK TOOK 10 MINUTES........THIS IS BULL****!!!......"

at this point mr. metal is pacing around the studio huffing and puffing going on and on about how long it takes to put up mics at the cathouse club and they are wasting money on a drum mic setup.

so i keep doing my thing, setting up mics and than he begins yelling again cause he is now in the lounge yelling at the rest of the band about the "problem".

i than hear "mr. metal" say.."F**K THIS......IF THIS TAKES ANY LONGER I F**KIN QUIT,ILL WALK OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!"........

well, mr. metal ended up staying in the band and we got all of the bed tracks laid to tape. after he heard the drums upon playback for the first time he began praising my work saying that it sounds [email protected]@kin great and im the man and going on and on and hitting me on the back calling me "buddy".

the whole time the band was tracking the bed tracks mr. metals girlfriend aka mrs metal would say silly things to the band when they would come back into the control room to listen to each take.

they would listen and she would say "ok can do better than that.....go back in and lets rock it"

i sat through a whole day of this....14 hours or was great....

so the session is now over and i am giving out rough copies to the band. they want to book time for the following weekend to begin overdubbs. our studio is booked at that time and they had to have that weekend to do is where this long story gets really good............since i cant get them in when they want to, i tell them they can take the 2 inch reels with them and book time at another studio to do the dubbs, than we can mix it here later. they all agreed and booked time at another studio.

so then a week later i get a call from the producer of a court tv show called "power of attorney". he says that mr. metal is sueing me on the show and they want to fly me to ca. to tape the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i said hell yea!!!!!! the reason mr metal and crew were suing?...when they took their reels to the other studio the engineer there told the band that the engineer who worked with them before....(me)....ruined all of the reels and the entire project had to be re-recorded cause the reels were not "TAILS OUT"!!!!!!!

the producer of the court tv show asked me about all of this and i explained it to him and they decided not to accept "mr.metals" case for the show.

this is not the end of story mr metal took the case to small claims court and we went and the judge ruled in our favor and gave mr metals band were the guys in the band pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

the end.....

when i have more time i will tell a story that is even better!!!!!!!!

Old 19th January 2005
Lives for gear

The singer walks into the iso booth. I'm in the control room and through the monitors I hear the singer say "check one two, I can't hear myself. Check, check...I cant hear myself.

I turn his headphone signal up a bit. Singer says "one, two...can't hear myself"

I look at the singer through the glass. I get up and walk into the iso booth. Singer looks at me and says "I cant hear myself"

I look at the singer and said "Put your headphones on".

Old 20th January 2005
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Perspective client calls:
Q:How much is studio time?
A: Fifty an hour.
Q:I have a five minute song I need to record, so that would be about 4 or 5 dollars, right?

Absolutely true, I swear.

Old 20th January 2005
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Ted Nightshade's Avatar

Well, now that I got my little say off my chest, this stuff is crackin' me up!
Old 20th January 2005
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C_F_H_13's Avatar

didn't actually witness this myself (and in fact someone may have already posted it one here), but here's a good one.

Protools engineer is looping a chorus to fine tune some vocal placements. A&R guy comes in, sit's behind him and does the "intense listening with eyes closed face".

3-5 minutes goes by, engineer takes a break. A&r guy stands up and says...are you ready for this...

"You know this song is great, but I think it needs to change up a bit, I was getting bored".....

Swear to god.
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