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What's up with all the Lil's in hip hop?
Old 8th February 2020
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What's up with all the Lil's in hip hop?

I posted it in hip hop forum but my thread wasn't moved, it was deleted, I guess it made the mod angry or something, don't know why, I wasn't aware this is some kind of sensitive issue there. There was absolutely nothing remotely offensive in it, I'm just curious. I don't listen to hip-hop, but I do venture to youtube trending music to see what's up with new productions, and I noticed this.

Not even sure where to post this so as not to hurt anyone's feelings, I hope this forum is cool?

On youtube trending at this very moment there's
Lil Nas X
Lil Wayne
Lil TJay
Lil Baby

So I was asking if this is some kind of inside joke with Lil names, or these artists are not aware of each other names, or is "Lil" kind of like new "Mr" in hip-hop culture? Is it only hip-hop or does it apply to other genres?

Can we expect Lil Drake soon? Lil Taylor Swift? Lil Billy Eilish? Lil Bieber? Lil Metallica?
Old 25th February 2020
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It's a Hip Hop thing. No more, no less.
Old 4 weeks ago
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