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Delmarva 28th February 2019 04:44 PM

Here's a question, I see certain items listed on Reverb with no price reductions. It will says it's on there for "6 months" or whatever the case. But the transaction history will show multiple purchases within that window of time for higher amounts than that item. So what gives? Is the history reliable?

M.Retra 9th December 2019 01:35 PM

The thread's dead, but still warm. Recent death.

I just wanted to add that sales/business seems a lot slower now that Reverb is charging the buyer tax in many states. Seems like Reverb, IMO, has fallen slightly out of favor.

RKeefe1032 5th February 2020 04:31 PM

Although Ebay is more expensive, I've had way more problems with The "shipping cost scammers" have hit me 3 times this year for over $200 bucks on Reverb. When you sell an expensive/heavy item, the buyer is counting on you not wanting to pay for return shipping so they come up with a phoney problem and try to milk you out of more dough instead of just returning. It's clever but crap.

The last time I used Reverb, I approved the return but refused to pay return shipping until I saw the returned item. I was an "as is" shop but Reverb support just blew through that and came after me. Had to get a lawyer involved and on.......
No doubt there are good and bad stories from all 3 buy/sell sites but it's important to alert our community.

"So if you want try out a high priced item on Reverb and you have the upfront money, forget the "as is" clause and buy the item. Within the stated timeframe, use it and then hit the return button, say there's a hidden scratch or you smell smoke, whatever and Reverb will back you up and get the buyer to pay for return shipping no matter the cost." posted on my site when I brought this subject up. SELLERS BEware of!