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American Idol, anyone?
Old 22nd May 2007
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
Excellent question. In other words, will he actually put his money where his mouth is?
Put my money where my mouth is?


Me liking HER music and me liking her voice and her performance are two TOTALLY different things. Just because someone can sing extremely good doesn't mean they will have a great project.

Are you sure you do music? Most people who do... would know that.
Old 23rd May 2007
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
Jordin has really become progressively better throughout the season. I think Blake has too, but Jordin has him outgunned.

Go Jordin!
I totally agree, in last nites finale, that girl really sang well

This time I think they ended up with the 2 best and it was entertaining,
singing vs performance (did not watch as much as previous seasons though)

I still love that show, just great to watch and think about what a trip it is for those kids (and not so semi kids)

and though some believe Melinda ( think that was her name) was a better singer I simply do not concur, Jordon Sparks was and is a better pop singer
and as S.G. said, she just got better and better and she brought it all last nite, at least it sounded that way to me

of course EMMV,
then again they would be wrong
Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
Jordin has really become progressively better throughout the season. I think Blake has too, but Jordin has him outgunned.

Go Jordin!
You pegged it! Congrats.
Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by octatonic View Post
It will be Lakisha.

Jordin will win though.
/me pats self on back....

ho ho ho...
Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Neruk View Post

What i think the outcome will be. (Not what i think SHOULD happen however) I think Melinda should win it all.. but i think Blake and Jordin have the most fan support.

/from May 9th
Old 24th May 2007
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I'll keep watching because I like the humor and the drama....but the show is bull****.

I take that back. If the voting system is true to form and not tainted in any way, then I'd put the blame on the American people. I'd say our young people are EXTREMELY shallow.

But congrats to Jordin. The only thing that I could promote for her is her beauty. She is gorgeous. As far as her talent, she is just good...nothing that should have beat out hundreds of thousands of people. THAT sir, no one can convince me of.
Old 24th May 2007
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From March 21st...

Originally Posted by SeanG View Post
To get on subject, Melinda or Jordan are my picks to win it.thumbsup
Come on guys lets stop patting ourselves on the back, it wasn't really that hard to figure out.
Old 24th May 2007
Deleted bd1be4f
Just had to post this rant from the Lefsetz letter, hysterical...

Just when I can't think of a good word to say, after an over plastic-surgeried Smokey Robinson belts out an unknown track he's futilely working as his new single, the assembled multitude breaks into TEARS OF A CLOWN!

The original, the take by the (English) Beat, the one you sing in your car, ANY version of "Tears Of A Clown" puts joy in my heart, makes me an optimist, makes me feel, like Frank Zappa in that old live Fillmore East record, that it's ****ING GREAT TO BE ALIVE!

But so far, it's just a moment in an American story. The land of lowbrow. Where no medium is beyond shooting for the lowest common denominator.

We all want to belong. Maybe that's why I punted my hike to watch this show. Once it came on in HD, as I was doing my back exercises, I was riveted. Then again, will I watch ANYTHING in HD?

Once again, tech trumps art, certainly music. Just imagine if the new music was as good as the iPod you're playing it on!

And Mr. Dogg himself, Randy Jackson. If only he could be coached to be either more credible or more street. He exists in a no-man's land, in between the ghetto and Beverly Hills. I feel sorry for him. Then again, he's making a **** of a lot of money!

Paula Abdul... I'll admit it, I wanted to see her broken nose. Did she really break it? Doesn't look like it. Maybe it was just a story to goose ratings.

And then there's our Simon. Blows my mind that this guy is the rock star none of the contestants are. Slouched in his seat, the bane of teachers everywhere, not even facing forward, giving Ryan Seacrest **** from minute one. That's the irreverence we're attracted to. You may not love Simon, but you can't stop paying attention to him!

But you didn't need to watch Gwen Stefani...

Blake and Jordin were so amateurish, they evidenced none of the soul of the original Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There". Blake's voice is thin, and Jordin's is second-rate. But I wasn't prepared for Gwen to be little better. She proved why TV kills careers. Oh, it was a great dress, but she looked like Gwen from the block, with a thin voice, out of place on a big stage instead of the living room where she truly belongs. And the song? If that's a hit, and who the **** knows, who pays attention to the Top Forty shenanigans, then no wonder the business is in the ****ter.

But worse was Kelly Clarkson. Artists, they're the worst, they've got NO IDEA what's a hit. It's like the radio is kryptonite to them or something. Casual listeners can tell winners and losers instantly, but artists think their latest productions are laden with hooks when for most of us ONCE IS TOO MUCH!

The endless parade of has-beens is hilarious. Doug E. Fresh?

And the TV stars... Jerry Springer? Jeff Foxworthy? Do they not think we know they're placed, that this is giant scraping of the bottom of the barrel to try to entertain the theoretically dumb masses?

There's no truth in America. Just hucksters wanting to make a buck.

In a week with the most poignant visual depiction of a suicide attempt ever on "The Sopranos", we're confronted with a show so two-dimensional, so absent protein, that the French are laughing.

I gotta tell you, this country is ripe for quality, ripe for truth. A credible act beholden to no one, that wouldn't tie in with a corporation, that wouldn't do ANYTHING for the money, would become an institution. It wouldn't happen instantly, but their career would last for YEARS! Unlike the beat-driven songs dominating the airwaves that you won't hear on this show, because no one can SING THEM!


Does everybody get to sing their new single?

Hell, didn't you oldsters with no chance of getting on the radio get the memo that NOBODY CARES!

And why do the new numbers have to be so LOUSY? What, is Diane Warren on vacation? Did somebody lose Max Martin's phone number?


I heard " Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day" on XM last week. Stevie Wonder killed even BEFORE "Talking Book". Somehow, Tony has drained all the magic from Stevie's song.

But that reaction shot of Paula, PRICELESS! What planet does she live on? One where the residents have Swiss cheese between their ears?

God, if only Stevie Wonder came on this show and killed, like Prince at the Super Bowl. Hell, there's still over an hour left!


Who knew Howard Stern had a network show?

Are they laughing WITH you or AT you.

That's not the society I want... Wherein we make fun of the physically deformed. So, they get a day in the sun, but we're laughing at their expense. This seems no different from the shenanigans at the Colosseum back in Rome.


The true winner. Better voice than Gwen.

Did she lose because she was semi-pro to Blake and Jordin amateur? Or could it be her lack of personality, smiling and snorting at everything? Want people to love you, to vote for you, HAVE AN EDGE!

So far, she's the best thing on this show.

Oh, except for Gladys Knight doing "Midnight Train To Georgia".


You know things are ****ed up when the music in the commercials is better than that on the show. God, if only someone could cut a track as good as this Cyndi Lauper classic today. It didn't sound like anything else then, why does everything have to sound like what's already on the radio NOW?


Knows her roots, wearing her jeans. But haven't we seen this get-up before, this act before, with FAITH HILL?

That's your "American Idol" for you... Originality is not part of the equation.

As for her rendition of the Pretenders song, Chrissie Hynde is probably having a panic attack. A fiddle on "I'll Stand By You"?

I'd like to say this slides off of me like an egg on teflon, but the rough edges catch, you remember the bad more than the good.

And she sports the Cameron Diaz factor...i.e. she doesn't have a complexion made for HD.


Was there a music business before Clive? Really...

God, he's promoting Taylor Hicks' new single! ****, I haven't seen such a shameless plug since Macy Gray wore that dress with her album drop date on the VMAs!

Oh, it's getting worse. He's stroking the judges. Is this a retirement dinner? Are we at the Beverly Hilton?

Now he's hyping the professional songwriter. Hey Clive, THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE BUSINESS! You ruined it. Once people stopped writing and performing their own material, producing it sans label interference, the business went downhill. We connect to what comes from inside, THAT'S why we pledged fealty to the artists, we RELATED TO THEM, where they were coming from. Now they're just two-dimensional vessels for hacks like you to sell evanescent crap. Sorry Clive, I don't buy your act. Like that old Jim Carroll song says, I'm just a constant warning to take the other direction.

As for giving Carrie Underwood an award. Don't you get it? This is the Grammy that she didn't GET!

Nobody goes home award-less in America. Hell, it's like giving your kid who can't kick the ball a trophy for sitting on the bench for his last place soccer team.


I'm flummoxed. I don't quite get the angle.

Is this a race thing?

No mention of AIDS in Africa? No mention of the oppression and starvation on that continent? Just a bunch of young kids, with more soul than the contestants, here to entertain us, like the African-Americans of yore?


Howard Stern takes credit for something he had little to do with and proves he no longer matters by Sanjaya's failure to get to the closing rounds.

As for Joe Perry... He shows up and they play a KINKS song?

Oh, Ray Davies wouldn't be recognizable enough.

But would Ray do it?

I've seen better performers at the JCC.

Joe Perry never would have done this if David Krebs were still his manager. Can't anybody say NO anymore?

And the wind machine. What, is Sanjaya related to Cindy Crawford?

As for the crying girl... She's evidence of the true American religion...MANIPULATION!


I love that Billie Joe. He's so cute, you could eat him up!

But why the **** are THEY on this show? "American Idiot" didn't sell enough? They're everything Linkin Park is not, why are they slumming? And this song works because of the pain in John Lennon's voice. It's not a standard, if you're not willing to leave blood on the saddle, don't sing this.

I'm disappointed in my little Billie Joe.

This is slowing the show down. It's not quite a drum solo, but HEY, what's in the fridge?

This is one of the best things so far, but it's a cheap shot.

Would John Lennon do this? OF COURSE NOT!

God, they bled in John's voice at the end... So, I guess we've got to STILL hate Yoko. Couldn't Sean stop this? Is John Lennon in danger of being forgotten? Yup, the Beatles are fading away, Steve Jobs doesn't want their music on iTunes...

Are Michelangelo's relatives on Leno working his legacy? Trying to get people to go to the Sistine Chapel?

Utter bull****.


Well, everybody's got to eat. Reality TV thrives because of the drama. But the more they manipulate it, the more they threaten the franchise.


How did he win?

But at least his single is better than Kelly Clarkson's. But it too is not a smash. Clive, you hyped it, how come it's not a winner?

And on a live show, he's singing to tape... He's not making any fans here.

But I love the "Green Onions" keyboard!

I'm starting to get the feeling Daughtry is not gonna appear on this show. Isn't it funny that the only Idol with any credibility, having had a hand in composing his material, refuses to show up. How could he get it so right, and Green Day so WRONG?


At least he can SING!

I'm sure it's ONE HELL of a service at the church he broke out of!

He and Jordin are doing a good version of this old Peaches & Herb number, it's got more soul than Green Day's John Lennon cover. Gold star for whomever picked this song.

Wait a second, they're getting a little Donny & Marie... Enough googly-eyes and tiny dance steps!

And speaking of dance steps, why is Paula standing? It's not a METALLICA SHOW!


More starpower than Jordin. She'd eat Blake ALIVE! Hell, I'd tune in for that... Pay Per View, next week!


A sappy song for a sappy show. "Wind Beneath My Wings" is the sappiest hit she ever had. Couldn't she have raved it up with "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"?

This is her territory, she started in the Continental Baths, she knows why isn't she camping it up HERE? She looks like she's going to a college mixer circa 1969, or attending parents' weekend at her kid's school. Other than the leather skirt...she's positively MOM-LIKE!

Bette's more about performance than voice. She's not coming across great here.

I just realized what this show is missing...SIMON! We need more Simon. Enough with Ryan Seacrest, the human equivalent of cardboard.


Didn't the movie stiff?

"Sgt. Pepper" was a breakthrough, this is a run around the track. That's what Kelly's doing, right? Running in place, getting in shape for her tour?

Doesn't she do anything other than belt? Last time I listened, "Sgt. Pepper" had moments of subtlety...

Taylor Hicks... I'm blown away, he not only doesn't suck, he's actually selling this. "A Day In The Life" of Taylor Hicks, a hick nobody from nowhere who got a victory lap in front of the whole country, a good ride before he goes back home to sell cars. Oh, ****, he's starting to belt, he's out of tune... Why does everybody have to show ALL their chops in EVERY song?

Carrie Underwood... "She's Leaving Home" is not a country number, sung by someone who believes in hearth and family, it's a tale of no understanding, a young girl leaving home for a better life in a faraway place like San Francisco. That's when there was hope, forty years ago, in 1967. Irrelevant of what life was truly like in the city by the bay, San Francisco was a beacon, it pointed the rest of us towards a better life, where we weren't sheep, but fully realized human beings following our own paths. Oh, now she's belting. That girl SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE! She didn't stand at the foot of the stairs, belting her story out so her parents would come down in their PJs and do a dance number before she left.

Ruben... You can't hate him, but something is wrong here. Wrong key? He's singing this straight, not realizing back in the day we were wondering, was "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" really about LSD/a drug trip? Now they're ALL into it! Have everybody participate in "Yellow Submarine", not "Lucy In The Sky".

"With A Little Help From My Friends". Makes Ringo look like a genius. His offhanded way of singing this, with his less than magical voice. That's what we're looking for in our stars. We don't want perfect confections, but imperfect artists speaking truth that we can CONNECT WITH!

You don't tackle "Sgt. Pepper". What next, "The Wall"? Better some Michael Jackson album...


Wait a second, who are they competing with? Don't they own the record?

So Jordin wins... Wasn't this predictable? When we got down to the final two anyway?

So now Jordin is the American Idol...

Who won "Survivor"? Hell, who won the Oscar for Best Actress? The World Series, the Super Bowl? It's all about the competition, not the winner, we forget the winner..

Well, usually. But we're going to be subjected to Jordin hype for the better part of a year. You'd think she actually had some talent, but she doesn't. She's just another high school singer.

Our country has so little to rally around, so little to unite us, so little we can debate. We've stopped going to the movies, listening to mainstream music. Now we belong by watching manufactured TV competitions. It's how we relate to our coworkers. By discussing the nuances. Fox and 19 are doing us a favor, adding soul to our lives. But if only the rallying point had more substance, if only we revered true talent, innovation, creativity, intellectual ability. Instead, we celebrate mediocrity, people with pretty faces who we'd like to have over for dinner. Danger's for those in Iraq, not us coddled babies back here in the States.

With so much poverty, so much depression, so much struggle, why are these not acknowledged in the mainstream media? The classic acts of the past spoke from their hearts, unrestricted by convention, we not only loved their work, and still do, but saw them as role models, of human development. We felt if we only got closer to them, our lives would work.

Anybody who thinks getting closer to Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan will make their life work is a putz.

Creativity, talent, originality...they're now at the bottom of the barrel. But the populace is yearning for them to come back.
Old 24th May 2007
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well, one thing about that show...

i have new found respect for the engineers/producers that worked on bette midler's records...

how anyone can sing that AWFUL and sound so good on records is really amazing...
Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
Because they don't agree with you?
Dude, shut the hell up. You sound like a damn fool. Anyone with ANY KIND OF EAR would know that Jordin was not the best the competition had to offer. Looks? Maybe. But certainly not talent.

If this was a popularity contest, why have them sing? Why not have the cameras follow them around like the Real World and have America vote on what person they like the most?

Did American Idol intend on it turning into such a thing? Maybe, but only because they knew it would work. And the only way they would know that is because of the voting results in comparison to who ACTUALLY have talent and SHOULD stay.

As I said before, last year....Pariss Bennett was probably the most talented contestant there and she was 17. (And I guarantee none of the former Idols could do the Billy Holiday rendition as Bennett did...of course other than Fantasia...and she went from Dixie Chicks to Holiday) But somehow she wasn't the most popular. And what's considered to be "popular" has a lot to do with several factors that don't include talent AT ALL...some of which include personality, race, and looks. I'd actually go out on a limb and say that talent probably comes last.

Despite his talents, Eminem is the perfect example of what I'm talking about.


And I'll leave you with probably thee best contestant to come and go on American Idol.

Frenchie Davis bitch! LOLheh

Kelly Clarkston who?
Old 24th May 2007
Deleted bd1be4f
Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post

This guy has a bug so far up his ass...

Everyone's a critic.
And yet most of his points about what is lacking in the music business today were spot on. You can call it a bug up his ass, I call him the Simon Cowell of the music biz, telling it like it is with no bull**** or pretense.
Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by soultrane View Post
are you actually going to buy melinda's record...?
As soon as it comes out!
Old 24th May 2007
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And take note what the judges said at the end Sounds Great.

Sounds Great? How the hell would you know?
Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Big 3rd View Post
Dude, shut the hell up. You sound like a damn fool. Anyone with ANY KIND OF EAR would know that Jordin was not the best the competition had to offer. Looks? Maybe. But certainly not talent.

If this was a popularity contest, why have them sing? Why not have the cameras follow them around like the Real World and have America vote on what person they like the most?

Did American Idol intend on it turning into such a thing? Maybe, but only because they knew it would work. And the only way they would know that is because of the voting results in comparison to who ACTUALLY have talent and SHOULD stay.
Sorry, but I'm jumping into the fray to defend Sounds Great.

First of all, do you really think all it takes to be a star is the ability to sing? If so, you're clueless. It takes a lot of elements to make a person an entertainer with star quality that can engage a crowd time after time.

Jordin was clearly the best American Idol this year. She has the combination of good looks, a capable voice, she's young, etc.

Yeah, Melinda can sing "better", but American Idol isn't about gospel music, nor is the American public interested in a pop star who puts a gospel spin on everything.

Haven't you ever heard of Milli Vanilli? I mean, it's like you're living in a bubble, refusing to accept the reality of show biz.

Just keep dreaming... maybe one day we'll see a bunch of overweight unnatractive people singing on TV. Yep.

And maybe one day spider-pigs will fly out of my butt!

Pop music, son, POP music.

If you're looking for something "more meaningful" turn off the ****ing TV!

Old 24th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Gear Tramp View Post

If you're looking for something "more meaningful" turn off the ****ing TV!

Either that or stop reading posts from Butt Dart Champions name Gear Tramp.

Eat ****.fuuck

The gospel music "spin" that you THINK you are talking about is the same spin that Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, and Pattie Labelle have made THE WORLD love them. Aretha was not a great looking woman...most of the the great legendary singers were not "beautiful" women...but then again, that was back when people actually cared about what impacted their ears.

The point is: there will probably never be another era of great MUSIC because people have fallen for mediocre bull**** that focuses on everything but the music. And the more people fall for it and not demand for better, the more the "business" will give them what they will settle for.

The fact is that this is the "NO BOO" era where we have learned to praise anything that comes along...and tell our kids they are great at everything they attempt to embrace. We have failed to praise excellence and excellence only. Paula Abdul is the perfect spokesperson for my claim. "You're both great." When the only concrete critism you can tell someone is "you look great tonight" in a SINGING competition, something's seriously wrong.
Old 25th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Big 3rd View Post
Either that or stop reading posts from Butt Dart Champions name Gear Tramp.

Eat ****.fuuck
Ok, I'm obviously dealing with a 7th grader. See-ya.
Old 25th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
You are so much fun when people disagree with you.

DUDE, Doolittle is NO Aretha, or Pattie, or Gladys, Whitney. Sorry, she just isn't. At least not at this point, I don't know if she could get to that level, but right now it ain't happening.

Those singers know (knew?) how to grab the listener and make them listen. Each one of them has something special that no one else has, or ever will. It's not only the chops, the tone, the intonation, the power, which are all required to be the best. It is something extra, and unique that just doesn't come about very often. Even more so in this style of music which you really have a passion for (and I do too with the right singer!)

If a new, young, Patti Labelle hit Idol, I have no doubt she would blow people's minds and go all the way. Perhaps that is what you are looking for, and so far it hasn't happened. Fantasia, Studdard, etc. aren't at that level, as much as you want them to be. Perhaps Jennifer Hudson is the closest so far?

In the meantime, expect the more mainstream (re: pop) types more like the modern lame singers, the Fergies', the Stephanis', Timberlakes', Simpsons' etc. to prevail. Look at who the hell is doing all the voting? What do you expect?
Look, I never said Dolittle was one of them...but she is the closest to them that AI had. You spent your entire post trying to make the point that she wasn't them....BUT....if you and I both recognize that THEY are prototypes of what "great" is and that they did not have the looks, then we can also agree that Melinda was the closest to THEM on that show. If we ARE trying find another "great" and recognize that we do not have that, then why wouldn't we embrace that of which is closest to it?

Secondly, the singing attributes that you referred to...are not dodging Melinda. She has these also. Definitely not as developed, but they are DEFINITELY there.

Thirdly, I never said Studdard had that quality but I definitely feel Fantasia does. I've seen her sing with Aretha and NOT get lost in the greatness.

Another thing that's on "the greats" side is that they were singing THEIR songs. Melinda has been forced to sing out of her genre of expertise. Let her have great songs to sing that are made specifically for her...and then we can see that other side of her that you seem to think is missing.
Old 26th May 2007
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
I was following up on your question of what made the world love them. YOU made the comparison. Do you not think that any one of those examples would be able to win on this show if new and just starting now? I do. In every case, not only was there a talent that was unique and instantly recognizable, but there was an attitude that MADE people take notice. Five minutes later you didn't forget the woman you just saw sing. I don't see that with Melinda. It doesn't matter that she was the "closest" American Idol had to offer, in that genre, you either have it all the way, or you are going to lose out to the safe, more easily packaged pop star.
Melinda is forgetable?


Look...we were talking about GREAT GREAT GREAT singers. Not what is referred today as "easily packaged", GREAT SINGERS....those of which were NOT "entire packages" by TODAY'S STANDARDS.

So the real problem I have been saying all along... is TODAY'S STANDARDS.

TODAY'S STANDARDS are bull****.

TODAY'S STANDARDS have people like you saying that Melinda is forgetable because Melinda doesn't do back flips, look beautiful, blah, blah, blah.

Aretha, Pattie, Whitney, Luther, Gladys, and many other world class singers DID NOT HAVE THE (QUOTE ON QUOTE) ENTIRE PACKAGE, at least by today's standards.

Hell, Luther was over 300 lbs (on and off) with a f*cking jerry curl. Pattie has a big ass nose. Aretha's titties hang to her f*cking knees.

BUT WHO GAVE A ****!!!?


As I said before, SOUNDS GREAT?

How in the f*ck would you know?

But I appreciate your insight of how things are today...because I feel it is true.
But I condemn your insight because it overlooks those things of the past that made the past superior to today's standards.
Old 16th January 2008
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You're probably right. But I tell you...I literally laughed and cried for 8 mins when the white guy came in singing to Paula...

"If I were a tub, I'd caulk her...if I was on Good Times, I'd Jimmy Walk-her"


Man that **** was a SUPER DUPER classic.

Old 16th January 2008
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
I believe this will be the last season of Idol.
lord, i hope so.
Old 16th January 2008
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Originally Posted by Sounds Great View Post
Yes, that was the highlight. I was also laughing my ass off. That guy has a career in comedy.

I am starting to think all these people are set ups, just like on Jerry Springer.

Wasn't it amazing how little time was spent on most of the good talent that got the golden ticket? Most of them they just showed leaving with their ticket.
Yes, that was pretty pathetic to me. Tells you how committed they are to the talent itself. Reality TV is nothing of true reality at all.
Old 17th January 2008
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I don't know seems like this year is going to be OVER THE TOP WEAK.

The talent is so cookiecutter and basic. I haven't had one person give me goosebumps yet....not even close.
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