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Important note: Please consider subscribing to the three new sub-forums, 'All Things Technical,' 'Mobile & Location Rigs'...

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Remoteness 10th October 2019
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Hello Friends, I'm looking for a recording studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Please pm me your rates and link to your...

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dopeboi 27th July 2020
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I am wondering if it is realistic to teach one's self to play. I have perfect pitch and understand chords. Does anyone...

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guitarman149 4th March 2020
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Hey guys, I'm currently finishing my (ALIEN DRIVE) second album. ablian One of the few things I still need are some...

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guitarman149 4th March 2020
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Hey there, I'm a rock songwriter, publishing my music under the name of ALIEN DRIVE (debut album "Are You the...

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ALIEN DRIVE 2nd February 2020
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I've recently moved to the Bay Area from the UK and am looking to get a jazz album mixed that I recorded in London (At Livingston...

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henryrobinett 14th January 2020
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Quiz for two bonus points. What movie is this from? Well, it's true. My partner and I will be in London from December 9...

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tourtelot 12th January 2020
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Hello Folks, We wanted to share this little tip and article with you. We know finding clients, i.e., bands or artists, for...
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Anyone experienced in EastWest Symphonic Choirs? I need some choir lines programmed for a project I am working on. Please send me...

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Fuzzy Logic 8th November 2019
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I live in a college town. About 3000 students go to the local college. It use to be easy to find a couple of good college...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Fuzzy Logic 8th November 2019
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Hey guys, I know this has been asked over and over again and for some reason the same garbage answers keep being given. Im...

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Thomas W. Bethe 20th October 2019
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In the spirit of recent conversations about mentoring, I have a rare stretch with zero commitments between Dec 20 to Jan 5 this...

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Klimermonk 10th October 2019
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CENTRAL SOUND at ARIZONA PBS / CLASSICAL ARIZONA PBS, an award-winning audio-media production service, is seeking a skilled Audio...

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alexaudio 15th September 2019
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I put this in the classifieds as well but we use these mics for what we do so this is a more specific search. I am looking for...

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tourtelot 27th August 2019
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We have two faculty openings in the Audio Engineering Department at the Jacobs School of Music. This is a great opportunity to...

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TMetzinger 18th January 2019
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I am looking for a A2 sound & video employee for a live music venue in Pawling NY. Must know how to use a digital mixer...

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PMoshay 9th September 2018
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Hi fellow location slutz, not sure if this is the right forum for this: I am taking a jazz ensemble to Florence (Italy) in...

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Pantodramaqueen 17th April 2018
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looking for a brooklyn/NYC practice space with drums (and amps) and PA for sax and vocal friendly jam session. If the space...

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tamara23 4th November 2016
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Looking for a good space for three days of piano trio sessions around Seattle. Inclined to avoid studios. The piano must be...

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tourtelot 16th August 2016
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Anyone know where to do high-end mic rentals in the DC area? I know companies in NY will rent and ship, but I'd like to go with...

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NorseHorse 11th February 2016
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Asking all experienced location recordists, FOH people, Jazz engineers, etc. for advice... I am trying to work out the...

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Thomas W. Bethe 28th August 2015
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Hey guys! My studio will be available to rent during this summer in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. 10/6 - 30/7. It's fully...

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Goldfinger 29th April 2015
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Dear gearslutz, I have a project in Kuwait half February, and am in need for some local gear which I would like to rent...

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matthewd 10th February 2015
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On short notice, looking for a skilled/experienced pro in the Boston area who would be available to record a community choir on...

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roonsbane 17th January 2015
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Hey Guys, Not sure if this is the best place to post this topic... I need a recommendation for mobile recording truck in...

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hookandgroove 4th April 2014
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So I have a session coming up in a living room with a somewhat wild acoustic. I'm recording a Bosendorfer concert grand piano...

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fifthcircle 20th May 2013
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I have a friend that's an opera singer who is currently in Berlin, Germany. Can anyone point me in the direction of a fellow...

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tenor39 7th March 2013
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Since my usual guy is not available atm i´m looking for options to rent a MADI recording rig next sunday feb 17th. Can anybody...

Brian Cares
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Brian Cares 18th February 2013
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Check this out. Some amazing stuff. BBC World Service Phase 1 - Peaker Pattinson (Auctioneers) Ltd

David Spearritt
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JonesH 14th September 2012
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...Big name Canadian act looking to do a proper live recording - I don't have many details besides it's in the Toronto area,...

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Remoteness 7th September 2012
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Looking for good studios, halls, rooms - perhaps even some churches, though I don't usually like recording in churches. But if...

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gsbe 11th August 2012
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any slutz in atlanta have mic pres they would like to rent ... need something decent ... ATi / API / .... etc ... please...

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wirebox 23rd May 2012
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Hello everybody, I'm going to record some concerts in Sao Paulo (in the Ginásio do Ibirapuera) from the 29th of May until the...

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Remoteness 9th May 2012
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Hey folks A UK person, pref in London, could help me out here. I'm having trouble renting a Lockit box in London - possibly...

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LX3 20th April 2012
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Hi all, my usual Lawo supplier is sold out, (olympics) so now I'm looking for an alternative.. Does anyone know of a rental...

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Mijnlieff 5th March 2012
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Hi all, 23, 24, 25 march I'll be mixing a live broadcast of a music festival in Miami, for which I may or may not use the audio...

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huub 2nd March 2012
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Hey, I have been musing about the possibility of offering bands the chance to do sessions in my grandparents top barn on...

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robinbjerke 22nd February 2012
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Hi, I'm wondering where I might find a complete listing of mobile trucks in the USA. Particularly interested in Audio trucks in...

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Jules 22nd December 2011
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Hi folks, Anyone got a link or pointer for a complete list of UK (and even mainland Europe) remote trucks? Emphesis on music...

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Jules 22nd December 2011
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Have a very last minute gig in Worcester MA next week. My rig is tied up in a studio and I need a full PTHD 48ch setup with...

G Davis
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fifthcircle 10th December 2011
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I may be doing a multitrack audio remote for an HD tv shoot in Kansas City in mid October. Can anyone recommend a local company...

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justpushplay 29th September 2011
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Yep, We head to the Boston area a fair amount of times. We don't stay over night on many of the Boston dates. In those...

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Remoteness 27th September 2011
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Hi, In most cases I use a fairly a small setup in order to record classical music however we get lately also crossover music...

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mpdonahue 1st May 2011
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We're planning a set of orchestra/jazz sessions in Buenos Aires perhaps yet in 2009. Are there any fellow GS members who work in...

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VARIETE'S ACTOR 5th February 2011
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Hey, I've got an orchestral live recording coming up in April on a project that was started in Poland late last year... we've got...

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Musiclab 22nd January 2011
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I tend to scoff whenever forum members answer posters with the response, "Why don't you just rent gear?", as if it were...

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RobAnderson 1st December 2010
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Hey kids, I'm doing a live recording in Seattle on Friday and Saturday. The rental company was supposed to be providing us...

freestyle tromb
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Shawn1272 12th November 2010
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A client of mine will be performing in Angouleme, France on October 10th, 2010. It's a 3-city live recording. I'll be doing...

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Plush 10th September 2010
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hey guys. I'm looking for someone who can do a professional live multitrack recording in the Mobile/New Orleans area in the near...

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ergower 19th July 2010
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Hi, I'm looking for a company to rent a pair of Neumann u87s (older version preferred, but I can go with Ai also), two DI-boxes,...

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keap 22nd June 2010
Avatar for huub

Hi all, I have a large track number DVD project coming up (3 MADI streams multitrack) and we don't have enough multitrack...

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huub 15th June 2010


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