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The Future Retro XS is a true analog synthesizer with a modern, aggressive sound. Its compact form can be configured as a desktop or rack-mount module - whichever the user wants. The XS is monophonic with semi-modular characteristics. It has 46 controls on its surface, 43 of which are knobs for full knob-tweaking bliss. It has pre-wired internal signal routings similar to traditional synthesizers. However, there are 7 inputs and 11 outputs that can be utilized to override the pre-wired signal routings and interface with other instruments - even process external audio - making the XS a true semi-modular instrument.


It's finally come down to Future Retro XS or Poly Evolver

Cool the XS has about 50 mins worth of 10 min demo's by future retro if anyone wants a listen. YouTube - Future Retro XS Synthesizer Part 1

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Decision Time - Help a buddy clear the smoke!

well.. there's youtube YouTube - Nord Lead 2X Demo YouTube - MOONMODULAR M552 CV2MIDI converter - single fire YouTube - Exploring the Waldorf Q Keyboard YouTube - Waldorf Q Wavetable Sound YouTube - Future Retro XS Synthesizer Part 2 given that you have a SH-101 get something different of these three? IMO the Nord good luck with the choice hooppie

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