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The Revolution is a true monophonic analog synthesizer, which includes analog and DSP effects, along with a programmable digital sequencer section and multiple interfacing features. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the Revolution is fully capable of the most accurate reproduction of the original TB303’s sound, and in many ways surpasses its signature liquid tones and capabilities. The step-based sequencer provides 256 storable patterns which users can create and edit in real-time while the unit plays. Patterns may be selected and played in any order live, or prearranged into one of the 16 song locations stored in memory. In addition, the Revolution provides our new Remix feature which provides 256 variations for every pattern and song, for more than 65,000 possible patterns right out of box. The Revolution can be used to play other MIDI sound modules and CV/Gate type synthesizers, sync the playback with other MIDI sequencers, or be played live with a MIDI keyboard. This unit can also act as a MIDI to CV/Gate converter, and a MIDI to Din Sync converter, as well as process external audio.


Bass Bot TT303 very curious and want to listen again on some real speakers the instadj thing does sound cheesy, i thought the fr revolution pattern randomizer knobs were kinda' cheeseball too but i have gotten neat results here and there out of it i must admit

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

I've never been more content with my pile of gear than I am now. <3 Also have a FR Revolution and MPC Live (still coming to terms with how to use it well) off to the side, but focusing my energy on these guys right here lately.

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Which 303 Clone Does It Best?

funny how ears and perception varies, I recently sold my avalon since, next to my TBs, it basically felt like you described the TT-303.. the additional parameters and the sequencer are nice though, just couldn't justify to keep it. And I don't know what's wrong with the 303s build quality, they are close to 40...

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