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TB-303 type sequencer with cirular layout of controls, and two remix/random controls. The Orb is an easy to use, single track, step-based digital sequencer, ideal for controlling our XS semi-modular synthesizer as well as other analog CV/Gate or MIDI synthesizers. The Orb is also a perfect solution for controlling 303 clones which often lack the essential sequencer. he sequencer's interface is circular, which provides several benefits over the traditional linear-style step sequencers. Visually, it is easier to divide a measure of music into equal parts. The circular interface also provides a more intuitive way of displaying patterns playing as cyclic loops, either forwards or reverse, and will help you better understand the underlying geometric symmetries used throughout our Remixing process. This design also allows the user to carry out all sequencing functions with a single hand. There are 256 recordable patterns available, each recording note duration, pitch, accent , glide, loop point, time signature, and swing amount. Pattern editing features include copy/paste, pattern shifting, pattern transposing, multiple pattern cueing for chaining patterns together live, and LED chase. In addition, all pattern editing and recording can be done while the sequencer is running, and it will automatically save all your edits so you don't have to stop creating! The Orb also provides the ability to play patterns forwards or backwards, as well as remotely select patterns to play using MIDI program change messages. There are 16 songs to arrange the patterns in, each recording its tempo, the bank/pattern for each step, the transposition of each step, and the song's loop point. Each of the 16 songs can contain up to 3,580 measures, and multiple songs may be chained together so they play sequentially. In addition, the Orb provides our unique Remix feature which gives 256 variations for every pattern and song, for more than 65,000 possible patterns right out of the box. Whether you're improvising during a live set, creating variations for other parts of a song, or simply have a case of writer's block, our Remix feature is sure to inspire you and speed up your creative process. Patterns and songs can be backed up via SysEx dumps to other Orb units, Revolution units, or your computer. In addition, all patterns and songs created in the Orb can be played in the Revolution units, just as all Revolution patterns and songs can be played in the Orb. The Orb provides separate 1/4" jacks for the CV out (1V/oct standard) with adjustable Glide Time control, Gate out (positive polarity type, 0 to +12V), and Accent out (positive polarity type gate, 0 to +10v) for playing most analog synthesizers. Or if you prefer, the Orb can act as a MIDI to CV converter allowing any MIDI keyboard/controller, or sequencer to contol an analog synthesizer. It's also possible to sync most pre-MIDI analog sequencers and arpeggiators to MIDI clock by using the Gate out signal as a programmable clock source. MIDI In/Thru/Out are all provided for syncing playback with external sequencers, playing MIDI sound modules, or using the Orb as a MIDI to CV converter.


Korg Volca Sample owners: How you doin?

...the gateway drug for me getting back into making music. I've since got the beats (with snare mod), bass, Future Retro Orb, MB33 retro and a Boss Dr202 which doubles up as a neat 3 channel sequencer. I use the sample with Vosyr on my Macbook, it's dead easy to load up samples. I've just picked up...

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Help me find the PERFECT Sampler (for quick/live composition)

I'd just add that the combination of a Future Retro Orb and a Korg microSAMPLER is quite awesome. If you have the simply superb Yamaha MEP4 midi event processor you can even use four Orbs with a microSAMPLER, which opens up chords and drumming as sequencing possibilities. Beware of sampling, though. Expect to get caught...

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Ten of the best step sequencers

That Polyend Seq looks VERY interesting, would love to give it a try at some point.

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