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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 7th July 2017
Lives for gear
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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry

RawBeanZen has passed away.

Wonderful good person and we'll do his memory good thinking twice if we have useful equipment laying around someone else could use.

If there's a heaven we'll meet again friend.

Last edited by JoeyM; 9th July 2017 at 12:08 AM.. Reason: was in shock, still am :-(
Old 7th July 2017
Gear Nut
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we have ALL lost a truly beautiful person and great talent.

he may now get ALL the attention he deserves.......

one of my VERY VERY dearest friends.

may we meet again friend

in a place where analog and digital are equal.

most of you haven't heard of his personal work........

"The Matrix Has Inverted," by Fringe Deities

he was a NUT JOB !!!!

with a brilliant mind.

Fringe Deities was robinson and bruce winter.
Old 8th July 2017
Lives for gear
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Sad news but that free stuff thread is legendary. He definitely left the world a better place than it was when he got here.
Old 8th July 2017
Gear Nut
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robinson told me this just after he gave his first item away........

he said

he would hold the record

for the longest thread EVER on gearslutz.

it wasn't a goal for him.

just a fact.

i hope he made the grade.

he will be sorely missed

as one of the most talented

and the epitome of ALL the wannabe

A-holes in our industry.

rest in peace my friend.
Old 8th July 2017
Engagement Manager
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That's such awful news

Robinson created one of the coolest and longest running threads in GS history and it continues to connect people

May it run for years to come in his honour
Old 8th July 2017
Gear Nut
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robinson died at age 47.

he was diagnosed

with some heart issues and high blood pressure about 10 years ago.

he refused to take the drugs he was offered.

he didn't drive.

he didn't own a car.

he walked or took a cab.

i thought he would die on the street

with all the walking he did.

i last saw him

over lunch

at our favorite indian buffet.

this is where i still see him.

he worked so had to be the guy in the background.

it is an honor to have known him

and is work and his soul.

only the good die young.

I am proof of that.

we miss you man !!!!!!!!!
Old 8th July 2017
Gear Nut
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i'm not sure of the rules here with reposting........

i got this yesterday from a friend

i introduced to R.E.
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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry-screen-shot-2017-07-08-1.17.15-pm.jpg  
Old 9th July 2017
Here for the gear
Hey Stayne,

We are all messed up by his passing, he will be terribly missed by those closest to him and of course the hundreds (if not thousands) of people he recorded with over the decades. A true lover of sound and inspiration... I remember him with his 8 track tascam in 1990 making seriously decent stuff in the living room.

The sublime majesty...

Old 9th July 2017
Here for the gear


I have no suitable words...

but here's a postcard from the luminous critter himself:

Love to you all...
Old 10th July 2017
This is very, very sad news. I haven't spoken to him in a while but last time I did it was thanking him for a bottle of rum he bought me for Christmas a few years ago, for no reason other than the fact that he was an absolutely insanely generous human being and a massive asset to the Gearslutz community. He will be missed. :(

Huge condolences to his family and friends (who I think is virtually anyone who has ever had contact with him - he was that kind of guy). Rest in peace, Robinson.
Old 10th July 2017
Karloff70's Avatar

Oh no!!!!!

Here goes a special soul. Thank you Robinson for being you and also for the random parcel with a Hershey's bar and a 10 dollar note with a nonsensical potato print someone put on there including my name that you couldn't resist randomly sending to me over the ocean after you stumbled across it. Statement of your beautiful being if ever I saw one. I still have it and will cherish it and keep using it as a smile generator. It's a very powerful one of those.

Damn you for giving me wet eye, that hasn't happened to me on GS before. See you in the next part where we're all music.

Old 11th July 2017
Gear Nut
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as long as there's this


Old 11th July 2017
Gear Nut
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this is the guy that gave me the bad news.........

feels good don't it ?!!
love is just so much easier.
he knows exACTly how much you love him brother.

he taught so much too, just grateful to have been close to that soul.

love you brother.

Jesse Rhodes
(805) 637-5773
Old 11th July 2017
Gear Nut
stayne's Avatar

HAH !!!!!!!!!!

ok .....

in 1990 as the Atomic Squeeze Box was just being born...........

robinson came over to my studio with some 'diagnostic fluid'

also know as beer ........

and helped me with the naming of

what is now called the 'hold' switch on the ASB.

i don't think any compressor had a hold switch at the time........

this is his mind at work.........

and a little piece of his art.

thanks robinson !!!!!!!!
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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry-hold-switch-r.e..jpg  

Last edited by stayne; 16th July 2017 at 11:57 PM.. Reason: no pic
Old 14th July 2017
I didn't really know Robinson, but this moving thread and your heartfelt tributes make me wish I had. May he rest in peace.
Old 15th July 2017
Lives for gear
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Originally Posted by stayne View Post
i'm not sure of the rules here with reposting........

i got this yesterday from a friend

i introduced to R.E.
So sad to hear this!
I've met Robinson few times some years ago.. What a wonderful human being.. He also gave us the coolest thread on GS!

Once we went with some of his friends to dinner.. Stayne was there as well..

RIP my friend.

Old 15th July 2017
Gear Nut
stayne's Avatar

this is Taco.

a VERY bad man.

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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry-pops-taco.jpg  
Old 15th July 2017
Gear Nut
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this is Padre Alfonzo

[robinson eikenberry]

trying to rid the world of evil.

with a good monolog.

recorded by me 11/17/99

100% from his mind to you.
Attached Files

r.e. stayne.mp3 (3.86 MB, 622 views)

Old 16th July 2017
Gear Nut
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the only bad news here is...............

Taco is still Alyve

and Padre Alfonzo has moved on.

we miss you man !!!!!!!!
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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry-tacopost.jpg  
Old 16th July 2017
Jai guru deva om
warhead's Avatar

I have not posted here for quite some time, so I just got this news (on Facebook). Robinson is a guy who I never physically met, but spent countless hours on the phone with talking about everything from life to family to gear to you name it. He was likely the biggest single supporter of ZenPro Audio also in my early years, constantly buying gift certificates and gear for people in the "free stuff" thread, which is simply legendary at this point. As often as I could I would match or add to what he was doing, he was just so inspiring on all levels.

I could feel his heart and presence just by speaking with him.

In summer of 2010 he called me to see what was going on, as I had been laying low after the still birth of our child, Lila. When I picked up the phone he instantly knew there was an issue and said "something is wrong", so I laid it all out to him. He expressed more emotion and support than many people I see face to face in my own life out here in South Carolina.

It had been quite some time since I had talked to him before hearing of his passing, I hope his family is OK. If anybody knows if there is any need there or where we can express our gratitude for Rawbe's existence please let us know. This is the saddest thing I have heard in quite some time, to say he will be missed is an understatement. He was so kind and generous, an example for us all.

There is a better place than this, and he's in it.
Old 16th July 2017
Jai guru deva om
warhead's Avatar

He even named our coffee "Zen Blend" when I ran a little contest here back in 2009 for input on that. I'm certain his entire response was "Zen Blend, duh".

He was funny, and exciting, and animated, and loving, and concerned, and thoughtful on a level none of us could live up to.
Old 16th July 2017
Jai guru deva om
warhead's Avatar

I found it:

Originally Posted by RawBeanZen View Post
Zen Blend, of course.

Old 16th July 2017
Gear Nut
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I dug all day to find this......

This is Padre Alfonzo

Played by Raw Bean Zen.

Flanked by the dirty no good Taco on the left

And Tombstone.... The undertaker on the right.
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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry-image.jpeg  
Old 16th July 2017
Gear Nut
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here is a little audio from the Padre

live with city traffic noise, illegally filmed in santa barbara.!!!!!

i'm glad i found these tapes

because the sound of robinson's voice

is good to hear these days.
Attached Files

r.e.:taco.mp3 (5.22 MB, 524 views)

Old 17th July 2017
Gear Nut
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more Padre Alfonzo

possibly after drinking from the holy water................

no script.......

NEVER necessary with the robinson unit.
Attached Files

re drunk.mp3 (4.88 MB, 466 views)

Old 17th July 2017
I was so shocked to hear this. A loss to the world, and someone who elevated the already wonderful GS community to untold heights. I think of him whenever I take out his old Earthworks mic. RIP, sir, you'll be missed, but always remembered. X
Old 18th July 2017
Gear Nut
stayne's Avatar

this is as GOOD as it gets..............

i have some of robinson's

Fringe Deities on my i-tunes account.

this is THEIR discription of the music.........


you can't make this **** up !!!!!!!

you live on my friend !!!!!!!
Old 21st July 2017
Gear Nut
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Robinson Jay Eikenberry
1969 - 2017

The world has lost one of its brightest stars.

Robinson Jay Eikenberry died unexpectedly of a heart attack, on July 4, 2017 in Santa Barbara, CA. Robinson was born in Santa Rosa, CA on Sept. 8, 1969, to Arthur Eikenberry and Mary Jane Thompson. Robinson grew up in many places, including Big Sur, Carmel Valley, and Napa, eventually moving to Santa Barbara when he was 14, in order to attend Crane School in Montecito, where his father taught.

Robinson was a gifted artist, a talent that emerged when he was still a toddler. Always a thoughtful, sweet and sensitive little boy, he managed many an argument on the playground by offering to draw someone’s picture. Rob’s teachers often asked him to tutor others because he was always ahead of everyone else, and loved to be of help.

When Rob lost his father, Arthur, to suicide at age 17, his writing talent emerged; lyrics were often accompanied by music, and another mode of expression was born.

After attending two years at Santa Barbara City College, Robinson was invited to attend the College of Creative Studies at UCSB on a full scholarship.

Robinson’s career as a sound/recording engineer began during this time, and continued until his death. His delightful studio was always an experiential place for music, food, joy and laughter, and for over 25 years he recorded hundreds of songwriters and musicians, who all treasure the time they spent with him.

Robinson is survived by his mothers, Mary Jane Franus and Mary Beth Norum, siblings Ian Hartman (Melanie), Grayson Hartman (Genevieve), Piper Hartman Smith (Matthew), and Camille M. Christie, as well as aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and many cousins, all of whom will miss him deeply.

Robinson would not want any of us to suffer because of his death. He would only ask that we continue to love and respect each other, as he did.

Robinson’s life will be celebrated and remembered this Sunday July 30 with two events.

A picnic (bring your own food and blanket) starts at 11 am with an official memorial service at 1pm, followed by music and words by the community. This takes place on private property, The Meadows 801 Cold Spring Road, Santa Barbara.

Following the memorial a concert at the Lobero Theater happens.

Fueled by Love, a concert for Robinson. Artist Glen Phillips, Karla Bonoff, Allastair Greene, Matt Nathanson, Jesse Rhodes, Susan Reeves, Cory Sipper, Sean Kennedy, and many more will share the stage for a free event. Donations are encouraged for the expenses of the events and family expenses. Doors open at 7pm
Old 21st July 2017
Gear Nut
stayne's Avatar

this was a very fun shoot.

robinson stole the show.

miss him miss him.
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raw bean zen/robinson eikenberry-robinson3.jpg  
Old 26th July 2017
Here for the gear
Fellow Slutz,

We are holding a memorial concert at the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara on Sunday July 30th (this weekend!!) in Rawbeanzen's honor. Many people around town are forming ad hoc musical groups, writing songs, etc. to perform. However, the costs of the concert are already over $5k and rising, so we started a Go Fund Me to help defray this. The crew at the theatre are union and must be paid... Any amount would be welcome, anything over the final cost will go to his family to defray any lingering medical expenses etc.

Peace Out.
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