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Trax is a suite of three vocal processors, developed during the last decades, by the sound analysis/synthesis team at IRCAM. These precision tools provide truly innovative signal transformation algorithms allowing the user to alter sound characteristics such as; pitch, timbre and duration, using a highly intuitive user interface. Transformer - Real-time Voice and Sonic Modelling Processor TRAX Transformer v3 is based on an augmented phase vocoder technology and a cutting edge transformation algorithm, allowing for manipulating characteristic properties of a voice such as gender, age and breath, and on any other sound; expression, formant and pitch. These voice transformation algorithms have already been used, with great success, in international and French cinema productions. (Farinelli, Vatel, Tirésia, Les amours d'Astrée and Céladon). Cross Synthesis - Spectral Envelope Morphing Processor TRAX Cross Synthesis v3 utilizes a phase vocoder (the amplitude and the frequency/phase spectra), to morph the spectral characteristics of two sounds. The amplitude and frequency/phase spectra can be blended continuously and since the features that are used here are strongly nonlinear, the sound morphing is nonlinear as well, offering a way to create a wide range of new exciting and unusual sound effects. Source Filter - Enhanced Sound Filtering TRAX Source Filter v3 is based on a signal model decomposing the signal into a time envelope describing the energy/loudness contour of the sound, and a spectral envelope describing the spectral colour of the sound timbre. The energy contour and the spectral colour of the source sound, can be continuously blended with the spectral colour and energy contour of an arbitrary filtrating sound, allowing transformation that extend well beyond the more common source filter morphing effect.


IRCAM TS, A Powerful Sound Transformation App for Win & Mac

Hello Krzysztof, Thanks for mentioning the Ircam TS. Here is a screenshot. Some info on the TS: IRCAM Launches IRCAM Lab "TS" - Next Generation Time Stretching Application The Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music (IRCAM) today proudly announces the launch of IRCAM Lab “TS” as for “Transpose/Stretching”. “TS” is a very impressive time stretch, pitch shifter,...

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Arturia MatrixBrute

Aérospatiale, Citroën, Blériot, Coq au vin, Ratatouille, Bourgogne, Cognac, Fermat, Fourier, Pascal, Cugnot, Docteur Justice (heppy), Goscinny & Uderzo, Debussy, Ravel, Piaf, Jarre, Martenot, IRCAM, Arturia etc., etc.. What would we do without you guys!? :)

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VST/AAX formant filter for voice

Ircam Trax should do the job nicely. I reckon you won't need to do too much and should stay clear of the artefacty zone.

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