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Actually this mic is an exact replica of the U47. It is equipped with F7 capsule – our exact replica of M7 capsule, our replica of BV8 transformer and TELEFUNKEN EF12, EF14 or VF14 tubes. In fact, they are the same tubes with different heating. Especially we focus on EF12 tube as we consider its sound character closest to original. Of course, the price depends on the type of tube. Those of you who have knowledge of prices know that the price of a good VF14 tube can reach 1,500€, so it is obvious that this mic is not a cheap thing. But this mic is possible to use for almost everything and always sounds perfect. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but only a fool would position this mic 5 cm from the kick-drumhead of a heavy metal drummer. The body is duraluminium and is nickel plated. The grille is available in two versions: glossy chrome or matt nickel. The whole set comprises the mic in wooden box, cable, shockmount and power supply. You can choose from two PSUs, modern one or the copy of the vintage style PSU (see the gallery). The other option of this microphone is: FLEA Magnum – fitted with F47/49 capsule. This mic holds opened top end and more sensitivity. You can achieve great results of record if you use Magnum for ambient miking.


To Flea or not to Flea?

Hello FLEA freaks, What would you like to know? Here I use FLEA 47 and FLEA 49. Both are outstanding and true to the original sound. Ie.--47 is thick below with sparkle in the highs. Midrange boost is thick and authentic. Mic sounds old just like it should. Has that pillowy bottom the OP seeks. My FLEA...

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Any pro users underwhelmed with the FLEA 47?

...back a little closer to the original eqpt involved in the OP; I compared the CMV (M7) to a Flea 49 Next in the shop using Millenia pres and in that instance on my voice, I had no trouble preferring the CMV but as you all realise that's hardly an exhaustive assessment especially...

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First time recording a tenor sax - which mic?

...and tends to mellow things well. But it's cardioid only. FWIW I've also gotten some amazing acoustic guitar recordings with the Flea 49 so am also wondering if that would be a good choice. The old Neumann M49's sure recorded a lot of great sax players way back when. After reading Progger's post...

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