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FX bundle The FX Bundle contains all of FabFilter's most important effect plug-ins: our professional EQ, multiband dynamics, compressor, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, and our inspiring and creative distortion/saturation, delay and filter plug-ins. Features: FabFilter Pro-L FabFilter Pro-L is a feature-packed limiter plug-in for mastering and mixing, with multiple advanced limiting algorithms and precise metering. FabFilter Pro-MB Professional multiband compressor and expander plug-in, suitable for any form of dynamics processing, from highly transparent compression, limiting and expansion to pumping upward compression and punchy gating FabFilter Pro-Q 2 FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is an allround EQ plug-in for mixing and mastering, with up to 24 bands and a gorgeous interface for easy and precise editing. FabFilter Pro-C 2 FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a professional compressor plug-in with versatile routing and side chain options, high quality sound and an innovative interface. FabFilter Pro-DS Highly intelligent and transparent de-essing plug-in, perfect for processing single vocal tracks as well as entire mixes. FabFilter Pro-G FabFilter Pro-G is a professional gate / expander plug-in, with beautifully fine-tuned algorithms, highly flexible side-chain control and precise metering. FabFilter Saturn FabFilter Saturn is a high-quality multiband distortion and saturation plug-in, with a user-friendly drag-and-drop modulation. FabFilter Timeless 2 FabFilter Timeless 2 is an ultra-flexible tape delay plug-in with time stretching, the best possible filters, and user-friendly drag-and-drop modulation. FabFilter Volcano 2 FabFilter Volcano 2 is a versatile filter effect plug-in with state-of-the-art filter technology and endless modulation and tweaking possibilities.


Mixing bundle: Izotope or Fabfilter ?

...did. That's an oversimplification of course, but you get the point. Aside from that I have owned and used the FabFilter FX bundle for years and I can tell you it all the plugins are absolutely amazing. Pro-Q is the best EQ I've ever used, Pro-C is the best compressor I've ever used, Saturn is...

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kfhkhkfhkhkfhkh Great profound points you've made. If Pro R had Trim and Tempo it would be a wrap! Using this with Timeless the delay or any decent delay it makes everything sound good. And its beautiful eye candy makes you want to use it. Speaking on presets l really don't like using them. I like shaping my...

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which is the best saturation plugin

I recently went with the Fabfilter FX bundle over SoundToys 5 believing they cover more ground; great creative fx, but also go-to mixing plugs. I considered adding just the Decapitator (and EchoBoy & Filterfreak) since, but really don't see the need at this time.

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