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NIMBUS: the powerful new reverb unit from Exponential Audio. While many companies were making convolution reverbs with photorealistic graphics requiring loads of DSP, Exponential’s Michael Carnes was swimming in the other direction with his designs. That disruptive approach has paid off, with Exponential Audio now regarded as one of the leading effects companies for professionals in music, post-production and games design. Our plug-ins are used on Grammy-winning albums, and top movies that take you to galaxies far-far away or deep into Middle Earth. Meet NIMBUS, a new and improved reverb unit based on the familiar PhoenixVerb but offering better sound, greater flexibility and new capabilities: Better sounding: NIMBUS is based on the core of the hugely popular PhoenixVerb, but we’ve combined honest user feedback with a fertile creative imagination to make it sound even better. No CPU hog: NIMBUS is a native plug-in, requiring no special hardware and offering even more flexibility while continuing to work with its now-famous minimal load on your computer. Easy to use: We know that workflow matters to our users. While NIMBUS is brand new, existing users will find it reassuringly familiar, and new users will find their way around in a matter of minutes. Plugging all the gaps There were always elements - like overdrive - that NIMBUS creator Michael Carnes felt would be helpful in 'warming up' a reverb. He also saw a need to dynamically lower reverb levels in louder parts of a mix: with dynamic tail suppression NIMBUS now has this covered. Users have long asked for tempo-controllable pre-delay: NIMBUS now has this implemented. Over 1200 presets and handy new tool-tips: NIMBUS has everything under control to get you started. What’s new? NIMBUS’ features at a glance:

  • Better sounding
  • The familiar core of PhoenixVerb, extended in new directions
  • New warp section with compressor/expander and overdrive
  • Pre-delay and reverb delay now adjustable by tempo
  • New tail suppression circuit for more dynamic response
  • Over 1200 presets
  • Helpful tool-tips to guide new users.


We're going Facebook: Please post a cool synth or electronic music picture?

you got that number wrong. the standard for facebook cover image is 851 x 315. anyways, here's my contribution; from a recent live performance with my band Nimbus Dei: and another, just a euro close-up with them sexy 200 series Rogans..

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Exponential Audio Nimbus Reverb

Announcing NIMBUS: The New Reverb Plugin From Exponential Audio — Exponential Audio - Plug-ins

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Reverbs: Bricasti M7, AMS RMX-16, Lexicon 480L & 224

True, they are similar, bu if it's too similar to R2 for some people who already own R2 then why would they feel the need to upgrade? FWIW, all algorithms were updated, it includes a new algorithm, warp, mod eq, and some other features not found in R2. The term "repackage" isn't ambiguous, and it's...

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