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The Eventide SP 2016 Effects Processor Reverb is something special in the way of studio gear. If you’ve never worked with one before, your ears are in for some very pleasant surprises. What makes the Eventide SP 2016 so unusual is that (unlike most products in this specialised age) it isn’t just one thing. Not simply a reverb or a digital delay, or an equaliser…but all of these things, and more. We call it a digital EFFECTS PROCESSOR REVERB because that’s precisely what it is, a black box with a whopping huge capacity for ‘number crunching’ built into it. The Eventide SP 2016 takes your analog audio signal, converts the signal into digital information, processes it, and finally sends the data back out as a (considerably) enhanced audio signal. As for just what that computing does…Well, that’s up to you. We’ve programmed in a wide variety of useful functions – delays, reverbs, digital filtering and EQ, gain control, chorusing, flanging, signal analysis, even self-diagnostic tests and synthesis – and left plenty of memory space for you to create and store your own variations, for instant recall when needed. Our goal in designing the Eventide SP 2016 was to provide you with the most powerful, most flexible, most expandable nineteen inches of audio magic you’re ever packed into your rack. Specifications Released: 1982 Quantization: 16 Bit Sampling Frequency: 40kHz Frequency Response: 20Hz-16kHz


Eventide Announces New SP2016 Reverb Plug-In

Eventide Announces New SP2016 Reverb Plug-In Faithfully Recreating Legendary Algorithms from the Ground-breaking Hardware Eventide is proud to announce availability of the SP2016 Reverb plug-in — perfectly recreating a classic collection of reverb algorithms from its history-making SP2016, pro audio’s first rack-mount multi-effects processor. The original SP2016 introduced the concept of ‘plug-ins’ to a perplexed pro...

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Eventide Announces New SP2016 Reverb Plug-In's most accurate to say that the reverb algorithm is the reverb algorithm and is the same between the 1980 SP2016, the 2004 Reverb2016, and the new plugin. The 2004 hardware ran on Motorola 56k chips and was written in assembly. The new plugin runs on your x86 chip and is written in c++....

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I have joined the cult of Eventide H3000

H7600/8000 is incredible. The tone is different to the H3000. But the H7600 can do so much more than the 3000...I have some beautiful and inspiring patches built on that machine. Also a huge SP2016 fan...I just mixed a track with the SP2016 multi-tap program on vocals..blown away.

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