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Universal Audio - Eventide h910 harmonizer, Marshall Amplifiers, Oxide Tape Recorder

I'm assuming the Eventide 910 is the same one that Eventide just announced in their Anthology X Bundle? I didn't see the envelope follower and keyboard on the Anthology X screen shots... looking now on Eventide's website, the Anthology X version has a stereo mode with cross feedback, but I'm not sure if that...

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Eventide H910 Harmonizer plugin

Actually we updated the H910 in Anthology X and Ensemble to have the added features originally available in the UAD plug-in as well. So all versions of the H910 Single plug-in are the same. If you have AX or Ensemble just update to the newest version. The current sale also includes the H910...

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The Organelle - like the pocket piano w/ pd

...i paid for it it's well beyond bang on amazing and quite inspirational. i still need to buy the eventide anthology x but this has slaked my twisted dsp thirst for a minute. i knocked out 11 tracks in the first 36 hours of buying it using only a guitar/volume pedal/ebow and keystep as a...

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A complete Sonic Arsenal Featuring the Best Eventide Effects, Anthology X is comprised of seventeen mixing, mastering and multi-effect plug-ins based on 40 years of Eventide studio mainstays like the H910, H949, H3000 Factory, Band Delay and OmnipressorĀ®. It also includes future classics like UltraChannel, UltraReverb, Quadravox and Octavox that will help you solve problems and inspire new creative possibilities. Anthology X is a true must-have for any size studio. Audio Tools that Give You the Professional Edge A tour de force of digital audio processing, Anthology X features the best of the past and future. Included is the original Clockworks Legacy bundle - Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, H910 Harmonizer, H949 and Omnipressor. From the H3000, Factory and Band Delays offer unique creative possibilities that can be used to breathe life into any instrument or vocals. For mixing and mastering, the faithful reproductions of precision EQs (EQ65 Filter Set and EQ45 Parametric Equalizer) can be used to surgically sculpt any track. Along with these classics, next generation effects like UltraReverb and Octavox offer more creative possibilities than ever before.