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Coaxial studio monitors


JBL LSR 305 or Equator D5

...reading lots of reviews and forum threads i narrowed my choice to this two JBL LSR305 (300 euros pair) EQUATOR D5 (500 euros pair) The room is 4 to 4 meters (13ft to 13ft) with 3 meters high ceiling, i have some room treatment so it's ok in that department, I mostly do electronic music (tech...

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Tannoy Reveal 502 /802 vs JBL LSR305 /308

...of my A7's are ****,in comparison)! I don't think there is anything that matches the quality of the LSR305's under $500(the Equator D5's have a bit more clarity in the mids,but the bass level just doesn't make it)....which is why I had sold my D5's.

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Monitor recommendation for hobby studio

...UA 4710d, E906, SM57, Rode NT1, Cascade Vin Jet Ribbon. My room is untreated 15x20'. Used to have some Equator Audio D5 but sold them when I moved. They had this constant buzz and white noise from I guess the power amp. The high end was also very strident. It was very uncomfortable to listen...

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