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How many of you are >40?

...had sounds at my fingertips. It changed my music completely. That set up was an old Roland JV80 into an Ensoniq MR Rack synth. Over the years the JV80 slowly fell apart until I had a nice pile of fallen out key weights. I recently picked up a Kurzweil K2000 and I have abandoned the...

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Ensoniq MR Experts Help!!

Your post just made me realize that my MR-Rack is missing these also. It looks like this website has what you're looking for. Ensoniq MR/ZR Archive You can download the MRD-100 Disk or there is another link titled MR/ZR Flash Sounds, which I think is the MRD-100 sounds all in sysex format. Can anyone confirm...

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Post your "finished" demos here

Glad you like it...thanks. That cello is actually a cello/violin patch from my ancient Ensoniq MR Rack synth unit triggered from an almost as ancient Kurzweil keyboard.

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