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what happened to ensoniq

I'm a long time Ensoniq lover going back to the late 80's and my first sampler the Mirage. I later has an EPS, EPS 16 plus, ASR 10, ASRX, ASRX Pro, and PARIS which I still have. PARIS used the same custom DSP chips as the ASR did, and was very cost effective as...

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Behringer MS-101 Analogue Synthesizer

...the early 80's I had an SH3 as first synth then traded for an MC-202 then in 1986 an Ensonic Mirage (4 of us went splits). btw I hated the DX-7 when it came along. Other band members of my first band (Staja Tanz) had minimoog, SK-10, TR-606, TR-808, and SH-101. Good times! Below...

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Yamaha TX16W worth it?

...occasionally. I own lots of Yamaha gear from this era so am familiar with the "job system". People say the Mirage is a nightmare too and Ive been pretty good with it so far, although the S700 is a breeze compared to it. The S700 also doesnt have any envelope shaping possibilities.

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