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Midi Quest 11 - i want to believe

I asked this on another thread. I would perhaps consider purchasing the MQ11 for programming (and storing patches of) the Voyetra 8, the MKS80 and the Ensoniq ESQm. Any of you guys have direct experience with these particular machines? best regards and Best Wishes Massimo

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January 2018 New Gear Thread

...with Korg EX8000 later on. Same story with Kawai K3M I played several times. Long story short, I got Ensoniq ESQ-M. Massive sound, I mean... huge sound. So far so good. I got MS10 from the same seller, too. Ms20 I'm not fond of, somewhat weak down there. This one is better in basic mono...

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What dated gear do you still use today?

Words of wisdom. Excellent gear list! Anything that sounds good together is a keeper. My newest synths sound the most sizzling my oldest ones sound the most crusty dusty warm round old and gooey. :cool: :) ;)

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