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The "Ensoniq Performance Sampler" is a 13 bit sampler with multple options for samplerate (6.25 to 52 KHz). Using lower sample rates allows more polyphony and sample time. (12 voices at 52 kHz, 16 voices at 39 kHz, 20 voices at 31.2 kHz) It's memory is, like other samplers of this time very small at 480 Kb, offering 5 to 41 total sample time for the user, but can be upgraded with 2 expanders to 896 Kb or 2.1 Mb (4 expanders or 4 +SCSI expanders) which results in 167 seconds sample time available. It has an 8-16 track sequencer (again, depends on memory use) with quantizing option, and seperate instrument, volume and MIDI channel. It has a 80K note limit. The filters are digital dynamc filters per wavesample, multi-moded digital low pass, or variable width band pass with multiple slope options available. These are quite analogue sounding (regarding it's age). The EPS has 6-stage envelope generators that can be stored with presets controlling the VCAs. The EPS is 8 part semi-multitimbral, because switching to 8 instruments loaded or stacked in one sample patch is easy. The "patch select" buttons are positioned near the modulaton wheel. Users can connect a floppy disk drive. It has MIDI and SCSI with the 4x + SCSI expander. The EPS was produced in 1988. It can be upgraded to the EPS 16+.


Interesting Processing all, but that’s NOT what I always want. So I often sample into the SP-1200 or EPS(at lower rate) and then sample it into the EMU e5000 in analog....I use my outboard compressors, EQ, rack effects, and internal effects on both the EMU and the EPS and sometimes I make a couple...

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RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter

Exactly I need AAX also. Now make an EPS / ASR10 / MPC3000 and I’ll be complete in life!!!!

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Your top 5 synths of all time played or otherwise.!!

Roland Jupiter 4 Moog Rogue Ensoniq EPS Roland V-Synth XT Behringer Deepmind 12

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