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Ensoniq DP4 Tricks and tips thread

...All, Just wondering if you had anyone had any video tutorials on YouTube or anything on tips and tricks for the dp4? I've only had mine a short time but am looking for someone who knows the unit well to shed some light on its hidden tricks. The midi connections intrigue me, for example. I...

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Whats your favorite sampler?

...a transwave synth, with transwaves I make on the computer. Also use the granular Waveboy effects. Great internal DP4 type effects. Great loop and start realtime modulation. Very glitchy. So deep and creative. Ensoniq Mirage (x2, DSK8 & DSK1): My second favourite. One of them with HxC plus all the libraries. Also a magical,...

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Zoom 9010 vs 9030?

...patch. Betcha a little added Zoom distortion would have been cool too. When I got mine, the competition was the DP4. I got the Zoom when they were blown out at 1/2 price for a grand, $500 cheaper than a DP4 at the time. Plus, you could combine dsp horsepower into just one really...

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As a musician you are required to perform in many different situations, and to be flexible enough to adapt to any musical setting. We believe you should expect no less from your gear. That’s the idea behind the new Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor – flexibility to perform in any situation, extensive programming capabilities and the highest quality sound possible. To give you this power, we took a unique approach. Based on the concept of parallel processing from the computer world, the DP/4 has 4 discrete processors (called unit(s) A, B, C & D), each capable of producing 24-bit dynamic stereo effects. Each unit is a complete effects device unto itself. – it takes only one of these processors to provide a host of multi-effects. But with 4 units the DP/4 has the power to produce the highest quality multi-effects without ever sacrificing sound fidelity. This approach also means that each effect you choose has a complete set of programmable parameters, for total control of your sound. The DP/4 has 4 inputs and 4 outputs allowing you to process up to 4 different signals at the same time. It also has a digital patch bay giving you the flexibility to route signals from mono or stereo sources, in series or parallel configurations. A built in sub mixer controls signal output, maintaining multiple stereo images with 4 outputs, or even mixing 4 sources down to 2 outputs. This gives you the flexibility to process 1, 2, 3 or 4 seperate sources at the same time, with over 30 possible signal flow choices. Each processor in the DP/4 is capable of producing up to 43 different true stereo effects, as well as 3 additional multi-unit algorithms. These 46 algorithms cover a variety of applications, from world-class reverbs, delays and colouration effects to compression, expansion, ducking and pitch-shifting. The DP/4 has 400 presets already programmed for you, so right out of the box you’re sure to find the type of processing you need. And one unit in the DP/4 would be a welcome addition to your music making. With the freedom and power that four offer, you’ll be able to bring a quality to your mixing and sound that you only dreamed of. And the ease of having them all under the control of the one interface saves time that is better spent making your music. The DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor, an idea that could only come form the musical engineers at Ensoniq. Specifications Released: 1992 Quantization: 16bit Sampling Frequency: 48kHz Frequency Response: 2Hz-18kHz Dynamic Range: 96dB THD: Below 0.005%