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Features The Emagic Unitor-8 ($799) is single-space, rackmountable, multiport MIDI computer interface/patchbay/synchronizer, finished in a lovely shade of blue. The unit is primarily designed to be controlled from a software interface running on a computer. It can, however, work as a standalone MIDI patchbay after routing assignments have been configured from the computer software interface. The Unitor-8's connectivity includes eight MIDI inputs and outputs, SMPTE inputs and outputs in the form of 1/4" Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) and S-Video Vertical Interlace Time Code (VITC) connections. The VITC implementation has the ability to burn timecode windows into the video frame - an invaluable tool for post production. RS-232 and RS-422 serial ports allow the Unitor-8 to connect to either Windows or Macintosh computers (both types of cable are included). By using these connections, one can also link up to eight Unitor-8s off a single serial port by daisy-chaining RS-422 to RS-232 connections between the units, as needed. This provides up to 64 discrete MIDI inputs and outputs. The maximum allowable ports on a serial-equipped machine is 128; the maximum allowable ports for on a USB equipped machine is 192. The upcoming Unitor-8 MkII will be identical to the Unitor-8 save the addition of a USB port.


What is Best DAW for midi?

Logic, by miles- if you wish to go deep with environments. I have 3 x Unitor 8's which work fine- although you could use anything that is recognised by your OS.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...Twin Launchpad Pro Gaming PC (different thread! :D ) Yamaha KX88 Akai LPK25 Korg NanoPad2 Korg Kronos 61 (maxed out) Access Virus B Motu 828 mk2 Motu 828 mk3 Unitor 8 mk2 TC Helicon Voicelive 2 Roland V-Synth XT Roland System 8 Korg Wavestation A/D Alesis Quadraverb + Yamaha tenorion not in shot - Akai S3000xl Dan

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Unitor 8 driver & software for Mac?

Hi Kurt Do you have got any Drivers for the Unitor MK2 Hardware? I really need to reset the Unitor hardware to work properly... The best I found was the updates for windows xp... there was somebody on a German forum with his own readouts of all the drivers, updates and software drivers and so...

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