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A different drum Fuse distinctive analog percussion with samples. Bring in the power of sequencing and performance controls. The Analog Rytm is a one stop solution beat machine. True analog punch What really sets the Analog Rytm apart is the analog sound. It has a magic character. The depth of the kick drums, the bite of the snare drums, those cavernous toms, the airy shimmer of the hihats. Fine-tune the sounds to your liking and get working. Elevated by samples For ultimate creative versatility you can layer samples on top of the analog drum sounds. Make the beats as smooth, as rough, as realistic or as fantastic as you’d like. The perfect unity of analog percussion and samples simply goes beyond. Maximized playability When you’ve got your drums ready, record them to the sequencer and play them back. Do it using the pads, or perform detailed programming on the sequencer steps. Really meticulous or totally spontaneous: it’s up to you.


Roland TR8S - Drum machine with individual outs and sampling.

This is pretty much Roland's version of the Analog Rytm Mk1 but with ACB sounds rather than Analog circuits. Read all the manuals and I can't think of anything the've missed. Even the manuals are good this time!

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I bought a load of hardware synths......because because I'm an idiot

...I have bought (and sold) the following hardware... (in order of appearance) Waldorf Pulse 2 Korg Minilogue Novation Peak Roland System-8 Roland TR-08 (sold) Casio CZ-1 Elektron Analog Rytm mkII (sold) Akai S3000XL (+upgrades. for sale) Elektron Analog Heat mkII Mood Subsequent 37 Korg Prologue (sold due to tuning problem but re-bought) DSI Rev2 (sold) Korg Prologue Korg Monologue (for sale) DSI Rev2 (sold - still didn’t gel) And to...

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Am I missing something obvious, in this modular setup?

...a Doepfer Dark Energy, and a Koma Elektronik Field kit fx (vca and effects). I also have a Digitakt and Analog Rytm. I have the following: Mutable instruments: Ears Rings Monsoon (Clouds) Tides Marbles Others: Soma fx Intellijel Dual Adsr Cellz and Chipz (Both from Cre8audio) I'm into drones and soundscapes, and want to incorporate field recordings into the process. I know that...

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