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The UB-Xa Synthesizer

Hi Earlevel, thank you for your message which is spot on and in line what I always stated. Cloning these products neither harms the market value of the originals nor the synth industry. On the contrary, it all creates customer awareness and this enlarges the market for everyone. Just look how passionate people are about synths which...

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Another Teaser from Behringer (Pin Matrix render)

If this is a VCS3, then I'm in. I really didn't think they would do one, thinking it a bit obscure, but man, if they do it, i feel there will be quite a few happy folks................... Please Uli Behringer, remember to make it look cool as well as sound authentic, the original units...

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Why isn't there an EMS VCS3 or EMS Synthi AKS reissue/clone? me: "ts not enough to build eurorack modules, a TTSH or a DDRM and you´re able to build a VCS3 Clone - because the VCS3 is an oldscool device - much wires and no instruction which cable you have to attach at first.. there´s only a wiring scheme available." It sounds like you need...

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