Who's your daddy :-)
Old 29th December 2013
Lives for gear

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Who's your daddy :-)

Gotta love my four year old

Old 29th December 2013
Lives for gear

He's definitely into it. I think his generation will be coming up with absolutely awesome music.
Old 29th December 2013
Lives for gear
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I have a 9 yr old who absolutely loves my Machinedrum.
Old 29th December 2013
...and what does he do?
Old 29th December 2013
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Damn my 4 year old just hits the pads over and over.
Old 30th December 2013
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I can't imagine life at 4, but by 7, I would have had a blast! I spent so much time by 12 "remixing" midi files (picking new patches, some copy/paste)...

My family wasn't really musical though they humored me and supported the interest, though my mom always complained about there being too many wires (computer+mouse+keyboard+miracle piano as midi controller + printer+ speakers + microphone). I send her photos of the back of my racks just to put those days into perspective...

I'm hoping if I have kids, my piano purchase will finally become justified to my wife. With my luck, the kid will have my father's tin ear and want to play football.

I remember my friend in highschool's dad pulled out a late 60s j-bass from a closet for us to play with when I brought my first computer DAW setup for a weekend. I never appreciated that instrument, my buddy didn't, either.

Enjoy being a super hero while you can.
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