Irig apps for Live performance Sampling and Synths
Old 29th December 2013
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Irig apps for Live performance Sampling and Synths

My live set-up is a good one and I shouldn't complain, but I'm always looking for an edge. I use a microkorg for synth sounds, a Roland 404 sampler for triggering some noises and ambience, and an Irig through my iphone (usually running Sampletank or Garageband) for E. piano and organs. I'd also like to take a moment here to fully endorse the iRig. Great piece of tech. People usually can't believe I get my sounds from my phone instead of a laptop. It's killer.

Moving on, I'd love to consolidate. It would be great if I could run an app that could could do all the synth, organs, and piano sounds (like sampletank and many others AND is capable of loading samples to be played on the samples pads on a midi controller. I need to be able to do both simultaneously. Basically, my sampler and 2 keyboards boiled down to 1 midi controller that handles keys and samples at the same time.

Any apps come to mind? Please do not recommend a laptop. Undoubtabley, people do amazing things with them and they work terriffically, but it's not for me.

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