Loads of Free Videos & Stuff :)
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Loads of Free Videos & Stuff :)

Hi Guys,

I am currently ploughing through my website due to recent hacking issues and have made available a load of production videos about many different things, both old and new videos and a template (although its complicated) you can use.

These videos are of different qualities and different knowledge levels (basically the last 7-10 years) so please take them for what they are, free videos and enjoy them

Oh and as i am feeling very generouis ther e is a complete "basic" video course for anyone who wants it details below.


Cubase Psy Template (requires loads of plugins and VSTS - Complicated) - Free Production Tools | Music-Production-Videos

Complete Production Course (basic) - SoundMagus Free Music Production Video | Music-Production-Videos

Music Production Videos (new-ish) - New Videos | Music-Production-Videos

Music Production Videos (old) - Old Videos | Music-Production-Videos

Very old videos (downloadable - maybe some same as above) - Free Downloads : Music Production Videos | Music Production Courses
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3 + infractions, forum membership suspended.

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Make sure you take advantage of these freebies guys, might not be there for ever.
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