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Educational direction/tipps


Im new and kinda just getting started can you give me any places where i can start educating myself. On Musical direction I am mostly into electro/hip-hop.

I already dove a bit into and I had a few looks at the video section but many of them seem to have been deleted or I cant access them.

I already teached myself quite a bit of music theorie (I think) like major modes, minor melodic and harmonic, some fancy oriental/japanese scales, binary and ternary rhytms, cadences and so on.

Give me anything books I could read on Audio and Synthesis, youtube videos on mixing techniques, audio editing etc.

Should I try and do interships or go to a privat institution like SAE ( dont have community colleges where I life)

I have a lot of time to learn and I am really eager to learn a lot and to apply that new found knowledge on my own music.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Wasnt really sure where to post this hope its ok
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