How much to pay for remix?
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How much to pay for remix?

I will soon be getting my new single remixed. One of the remixers, whom I'm using for his talent and notoriety, is asking for upwards of $700 USD. I'm an independent artist that pays for everything out of my own pocket so this is a big investment.

Does that price sound right? How are these situations usually handled?
Old 18th April 2013
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Thats not such a big fee I think, I doubt a pro would get out of bed for less.
Depends on what the contract is like regarding sales of the track and such as well I guess, if hes the only one earning on the track its not necessarily a good move.
Its only an investment if it gets you money back later.
Old 18th April 2013
If people don't want to remix your music for free or only profit from subsequent sales then screw em. Keep it about the art and make more music, if it can't sell on it's own it's not good enough. Or why not try to trade remix work with someone contingent on if they like your remix or not?
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That's very cheap if he is a pro. Very cheap.
This has nothing to do with being about the art and everything to do with getting sound business advice. Maybe someone will do it for free, and maybe it will be good or maybe for free you get what you paid for. If you've heard this remixers work you already know if he is worth that fee.
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