Akai s1000hd mpc 60 screen problem
Old 14th March 2013
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Akai s1000hd mpc 60 screen problem


Here's the issue:

I have an S1000HD. Bought it, havent used till now. I turn it on, the screen lights up but shows nothing.

I did some research - found out mpc60 screen/s1000 can be switched. Not really sure if it's the same with 1000hd. The screen of the s1000HD is smaller so i dont really think so.

I tried changing the cables from mainboard to screen - nothing.
I connect mpc 60 (mk1) screen to s1000 - nothing.
I connect screen from s1000HD to mpc 60 - doesn't work but it seems the screen is fine it shows pixels flashing sometimes but it cant really show what the 60 wants cuz the screen is smaller.

I believe the screen is OK and something else is an issue - mainboard is my guess.

Question - what else can cause the problem?
Can it be mainboard? would the s1000hd turn on if the mainboard was dead?
Are there any other options i can check with parts from 60?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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