How to get this stutter effect?
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How to get this stutter effect?

Just wondering if anyone can give some tips on how to get this stutter effect that is all through this Tegan and Sara song. It's everywhere in the song, but to be specific/easier for people it's at 0:24, 0:39, 1:29, etc etc.

Tegan and Sara - I'm Not Your Hero [Audio] - YouTube

Any tips on the percussion at approx 1:15 would be cool too.


Old 31st January 2013
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just sounds like edits to me. nothing complicated or difficult. cut copy paste as fits the song.
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yeah it sounds like just copying a 1/8th (triplet?) note worth and pasting it in time
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Def agree its a standard edit, a good tip if you do edit audio this way is to have a very small fade out on each edit to avoid clicks.

As for percussion, sounds like fm synth with a lot of harmonics, or sample of vibraphone going into fm effect.
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What they said, it sounds like they cut the audio by hand to make that hiccup rhythm. The percussion could be synthesized, could be tuned resonant filtered noise, could be pitch shifted woodblocks or struck tubes or all kinds of things.
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