MS-20 oscillators fade out after 15 seconds
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MS-20 oscillators fade out after 15 seconds

Hey everyone,

I am having some problems with my ms-20. I'm not very experienced with it so I thought maybe someone could help me (hopefully it's something easy). I recently sent it across the country via the USPS. And now the oscillators seem to be dying out after 15 seconds. Here is a video :

And the length that the oscillators are alive depends on the hold and release knobs. If they are at 0, it actually doesnt make any sound at all.
Old 4th January 2013
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A clear picture of the settings will help a lot.
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That almost seems like a triggering issue. It seems like the notes arent retriggering. If you crank up the release and hold settings on the ENV, does the note sustain longer?

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On EG2, make the following settings and see if it continues when holding a note via the keyboard:

Hold: 0%
Attack: 0%
Decay: 100%
Sustain: 100%
Release: 0%

With those settings, when a note is held it should continue to play until you release the key.

Then try turning Hold up to 100% and press & release a key. It should maintain a steady volume until the hold time elapses, approximately 15-20 seconds.

Then try turning Hold down to 0% and Release up to 100%. Press and release a note, and it should die out slowly over time, approximately 10-15 seconds.

If that is the case then the envelope on your MS-20 is behaving normally.
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