anyone know what synth this is?
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anyone know what synth this is?

anyone know what synth is being used here in the intro to "Kites" by the lead singer of Geographer? check it out here:

Geographer - "Kites" (Live at WFUV) - YouTube

it looks pretty lo-fi, either a DIY synth, or something crappy and digital (though it sounds really fresh). he's got some sort of mod on it for a tap-tempo control for the arpeggiator that i've never seen before...

to me the tone itself sounds like something off of a yamaha pss-30 / 40 series, or casio PT-10; thoughts?

i figured if anyone knew the answer, it'd be on here...
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I think it's a PT-10.

It's most likely not an arpeggiator, just a very simple single-note sequencer; by letting through a clock pulse you can advance it one step. The intro basically shows him programming the sequence.

I have no idea whether the "advance one step" is a modification - but it should not be that complicated. You could do the same by quickly enabling/disabling the clock (but you'd have to do it without resetting the sequence so that it'd play from start again).
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looks like it's a regular feature of the unit (the "one key play" button).
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hell ya! i actually have a pt-10... but it's white. can't believe i didn't realize this, although looks like my guess was right. thanks guys!
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