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RM1X midi chain

So ive got my mopho and nord in a daisy chain config from my RM1X.

I have a few questions..

-Does each voice of the synths require a seperate midi channel from the RM1X?

the nord rack has 4 voices and it seems like if i assign the nord to midi channel 1 the RM1X can still play it on the next 3 channels?

-since i dont have a hardware sampler how do I setup ableton to play with the RM1X? I know how to sync the midi control on the RM1X my question is which one should be the master/slave and what syncs to what.. also is my midi chain setup right atm its going PC > RM1X > mopho > nord > PC.. i dont think the nord has midi thru tho so how can i get around this?

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