How to save MPC2000XL default settings?
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How to save MPC2000XL default settings?

Howdy guys. I've finally figured out where I can tell my MPC to ignore any program changes sent to it over MIDI. It's on the "DRUM" tab in the program screen. My question is, how can I set it to "Program Change: IGNORE" and then save this setting so that the MPC ignores program changes by default unless I tell it not to?

It's gotten bothersome to have to go in and change this setting every time I boot the machine up!
Old 23rd May 2012
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Its been a while...

I would try setting up your MPC to ignore program changes and then save a .ALL file in the root dir of your disk/card.

Then from the disk mode, there is a screen labled SETUP where you can specify what gets loaded on start up (APS, ALL, APS+ALL, OFF) - try setting this to ALL and restart the MPC to see if your settings get loaded up with that.
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Awesome, I never thought to try that... I'll give it a shot!
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