Weirdly lusting over a Synth Workstastion. Help!
Old 22nd April 2012
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Weirdly lusting over a Synth Workstastion. Help!

For some reason I started lusting over a synth workstation this week. My eyes are on Yamaha MOX6...

I'm really into ambient, glitch, micro music.... and I have some tools at my disposal to work on that kinda stuff... a Waldorf XT, and Elektron Octatrack, and an AN1X, plus tons of plug-ins...

But there is an immediacy to workstations, the playability of it, the piano patches, the electric pianos, rhodes, and then the thousands of other things that it has and can do (multiple drums sets, layer, sequencers) etc....

SO, if I wanna play a bit, a piano sound, and such, and ALSO be able to use it towards "weird" more experimental music, what workstation should I get??

What do you all suggest?
Old 22nd April 2012
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Korg Kronos or Kurzweil PC3
Old 22nd April 2012
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Old 22nd April 2012
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I'd go with a Motif. Infected Mushroom has been using one for years and has made many very weird noises with it, sounds great too.
Old 22nd April 2012
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Old 22nd April 2012
E-mu Command stations, if you go for that sound.
Or Korg Kronos, just because I'd get one, if I'd buy a workstation.
Old 22nd April 2012
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I got an M3 rack pretty cheap, and its a fairly amazing "piece of kit" as our friends from across the pond like to say.
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