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How do you sample from vinyl?
Old 21st October 2011
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How do you sample from vinyl?

Let me clarify?

What equipment and what type of records are you all using to sample?

Personally, I have a Pro-ject Debut III turntable, Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, and Pro-ject Phono Box II Pre-amp going into my Allen and Heath ZED R16 into Pro Tools 9.

As for my collection, I mainly have late-70s disco (European and American), Blaxploitation soundtracks, some funk and soul.

I really enjoy the sound quality I get from the setup I have. The 2M Blue was a major upgrade from the stock Ortofon cartridge that comes with the Debut.
Old 21st October 2011
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Vinyl Record (literally any genre) > Shure Whitelabel > Technics SL1200 > Allen & Heath Xone 32 > Akai S1000 > Neve 1073 > Ableton Live
Old 21st October 2011
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Shure M97x - SL1200 - Radial Phono Pre - Marantz PMD740 or Komplete Audio 6

I usually dont put a big emphasis on sampling sound quality, because Im usually chopping up everything into little pieces or rendering it a distorted pile of goo, but its a very good sounding chain for just casual listening too... The Radial is great but costs as much as a receiver at best buy.
Old 21st October 2011
$20 Goodwill score record player -> MPC1k

Should I be using a preamp? I have an RCA one but I'm just using it to drive speakers.
Old 21st October 2011
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Archive to: presonus firebox/MBP..from technics 1200 & ecler mixer (I really don't care which mixer, I'll use any) and shot as h3ll used beat up ortofon needles. I archive all my vinyl at both normal speed and also a 2nd run at 45rpm +8 (for a nice detune or lo-fi crunch in any of my samplers in the future - mpc60, s950 or other sampler I may get)
Old 21st October 2011
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rega p3/24 with elys 2 cart into graham slee SE into apogee duet

i also have a POS numark i use when i just want a really grungy sample
Old 23rd October 2011
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For some kinds of music (acoustical), the samples can sound even better than those from the cd. For hiphop, techno, cheap pressings's unfortunatly not possible with my actual (and quite definitive) set up:

______Suspended Turntable with sand/lead box, heavy platter, concave subplatter for perfect mechanical coupling, platter bearing in WIDIA.

169 Kg of pure swing :-)

___Cartidge: SHELTER 901, MC stereo

_______Tonearm: AUDIOMODS MK 4, silver wired

(Tonearm/cartidge fR : 10Hz)

_______Phono preamp: a TRUE Kaneda,
transparency and absolute neutrality from DC (0Hz) to 500 000Hz.

PSU has now 2 x 101 000 µF and the entire circuit has been rewired with Copper/Silver.

_______2* -Lundhal LL1690- transformers to balance the signal

_______A/D converter Lake People C440

_______Recorded in 24bits/96000Hz in Wavelab 6

_______Dithering and resampling to 16bits/44100Hz with WEISS SARACON
Old 24th October 2011
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Start at the source with a good quality soap like that Amway stuff that rinses away and leaves no residue, or a dedicated vinyl record bath like Knosti I got from my local hifi store.
Old 24th October 2011
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hell yeah on the xone32.

I go Ortofon Concorde --> Sl-1210 --> Xone32 --> Otari MTR 12 Tape Machine --> DBX 119 Compressor (sometimes) --> Chameleon Labs 7602 Line In/EQ --> Apogee Mini Me --> Pro tools.

Then, for drums, sometimes bounce and load into MPC, sequence, then through Yamaha CS-5, back to tape, back to Chameleon Labs, Apogee, and back into Pro Tools.

But honestly, after all of that, quality of cartridge and the record (how it was mixed, and also condition of vinyl) matter more than anything for me.
Old 24th October 2011
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Originally Posted by criminallysmooth View Post
$20 Goodwill score record player -> MPC1k

Should I be using a preamp? I have an RCA one but I'm just using it to drive speakers.
you should absolutely be using a preamp.
Old 24th October 2011
Old 24th October 2011
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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post
why downsampling?
to burn onto a cd for friends.

why not possible all music styles? Shelter is too delicated?

The Shelter 901 sounds wonderful, fine, very faithful cart with every kind of music.

Hip hop and techno have digital masters so you can't beat a daw conversion to 16/44100 with a vinyl rip.
I tried to believe it could work but even with one of the best ripping setup money can buy it unfortunatly doesn't. People think now hip hop sampled with a dj set up can beat any cd version...
(btw, I started to built this chain to rip almost only hip hop records!!)

MC carts have more resonances in the audible range, don't they?
no, the opposite, MM haven't beautiful highs that's why many manufacturers make them resonate for compensation. (btw, the best carts are MCs).

Transformers add THD.

everything add thd. Transformers can add a colour but is the only part which doesn't touch the noise floor.
Also, a transformer is sometimes needed, to balance an unbalanced signal for exemple or as step up transformer for MC cartidges (some prefer prepreamplifiers, I don't)

That tonearm has VTA?
Old 24th October 2011
Originally Posted by allhazardsadam View Post
What equipment and what type of records are you all using to sample?
Records: whatever is cheap and looks interesting at the thrift store. I dig preachers (pref for apocalyptic stuff), language method records (i.e. learn Japanese in 10 weeks), kids music, stereo test records, one-offs (I have a couple of these that someone probably printed in one of those old booths or at a local studio, I'm sure nobody else has ever heard these songs), and anything else that's different/unique/interesting. I also have lots of standard stuff, but I'm a polyrhythmic sorta sampler so for a traditional four-count loop I do things like take count 1 from the Meters, count 2 from James Brown, count 3 from one of my space songs records (songs about space for kids, totally awesome), and count 4 from Van Halen. Subdivide further for more fun.

As per equipment it's all changed a bunch over the years. I have one of those Stanton turntables with the built-in RCA curve preamp and a digital out, so I'll probably use that since it's the quickest way to get from A to B when I set everything up again for another sample dump. I don't remember what kind of cartridge, but for me it ain't all that important since it's all going in the blender anyways.
Old 24th October 2011
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Destroyed TT500 > Shure White label > Art phono pre > SSL alphalink
.........................................................................> Akai S950
.........................................................................> Roland S760
.........................................................................> Emu SP1200

Can be better but works.
This turntable is nice for sampling because you have various speed options. Way lower to way faster than the usual 33 /45 rpm.
The most annoying thing is the preamp is seriously lacking headroom. No surprise...

Now, i will probably record exclusively in DAW for archiving reasons, to keep track of original samples of every song.
And i will be able to treat the samples ITB prior to feed the samplers.

The Alphalink will allow me to feed all those samplers inputs separately. Which is nice and easy.

Now for the records i go to pawn shops, donation websites, stores and get eveything i can for sampling.
I don't care for well known records or famous/rare/expensive one unless i can have them for nothing. Which never happens.
I do not select a record before actually listening to it.
Even the crapiest and destroyed one may find a use.

While travelling i find awesome and cheap record shop abroad.
So much cheaper than here than if you planned to spend 500€ on records you should flight there and come back with more vynils than you'd buy in France, plane included.

And i finded some rarities too (at least for me)...need some spoken swedish poetry said on free jazz ? I have. heh
Old 25th October 2011
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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post
you can't beat CDs from HipHop & Techno?

strange... because i can... , with MM.

Wich cartidge/whole set up are you talking about?
and on wich parameter? neutrality? stereo spread? image stability? fullness? silence? details? ...

(BTW, you can't. I know your rips :-)
Old 25th October 2011
Gear nut
...Jazz!,'s Avatar

I had many different setups this decade, even one with an ORTOFON 2M BLACK (one of the very best MM carts).
Now I don't believe anymore that a rip made with these cartidges would better the sound coming from an record wich has a digital master.
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