For old-school heads! Cellsynth question!
Old 17th February 2011
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For old-school heads! Cellsynth question!

Hi folks, haven't posted here in a while, but could really do with some help! Basically I do an experimental audio-visual project that relies heavily on Cellsynth for the audio component. I haven't done a performance for several years, and am finding it hard to set Cellsynth up as it used to be (also annoyed as I have lost my registration details for the bona-fide copy of Cellsynth that I bought back in the day, so just having to use it in 'unregistered' form - gah).

Anyway, my performance requires that I have it hooked up to a midi have gone through the rigamarole of setting up OMS on OS 9, it recognises my Midisport 2 x 2 fine...but am stuck there. Can't seem to get Cellsynth to recognise my Peavey controller :-(

I am running it under Classic, and wondering whether that might be the problem. Looking for a copy of the Cellsynth .pdf manual somewhere, but no luck with that. I'm stuck!

Anyone got any tips for me?
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