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Avatar for robotunes

Introductory price is $5. Their Model 15 app has received rave reviews. Expecting more of the same. INTRODUCING THE MINIMOOG...

replies: 131 views: 9,839
Avatar for mallery7
mallery7 1 day ago
Avatar for mobofunk

I'm currently looking for a new/first mixer to pair wit a newly ordered RD-8 (You may have seen me clogging up the RD-8 thread...

replies: 3 views: 420
Avatar for channelite
channelite 1 day ago
Avatar for Lune

When I look at gear from international sellers on Ebay it seems that there are a disproportional number from Russian Federation...

replies: 10 views: 2,063
Avatar for satatek
satatek 1 day ago
Avatar for Quantum7

I'm considering shelling out some money for an Oberheim OBX, OBXa, or OB8. If anyone has all, of has played with all of them, I...

replies: 56 views: 6,154
Avatar for S_A_P
S_A_P 1 day ago
Avatar for neonrider

since we don't seem to have a thread on the subject. fire away. I'm impressed by the tones a lot of the newer stuff is achieving.

replies: 377 views: 10,174
Avatar for Derp
Derp 1 day ago
Avatar for Vertflyer

I wanted to start a thread dedicated to those who are polychaining multiple monos to create a polyphonic analog setup. I have...

replies: 234 views: 8,042
Avatar for GAF Vu Master
GAF Vu Master 1 day ago
Avatar for marcgood

I LOVE this song. Perfect in every way imo. So watching the process behind it is just pure...

replies: 3 views: 307
Avatar for kcearl
kcearl 1 day ago
Avatar for sentokan

So where is it? They anounced a price drop but I don t see them on any shop??

replies: 8,840 views: 850,493
Avatar for Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson 1 day ago
Avatar for 3bc

B stock


I ordered something from a retailer that I feel somewhat famously offers “b stock” items that may or may not actually exist....

replies: 34 views: 1,078
Avatar for DStep ATL
DStep ATL 1 day ago
Avatar for mekanik

i remember listening to this maybe 10-15 years ago. and doing lots of x. good times. so i just wanted know if this genre still is...

replies: 99 views: 3,563
Avatar for Klankdroid
Klankdroid 1 day ago
Avatar for XAXAU

I use a lot of filter movement in my tracks and was wondering what your favorite musical filters are. I love the Moog ladder...

replies: 72 views: 3,521
Avatar for rasseru
rasseru 1 day ago
Avatar for yamy_yazy

I recently purchased an ALESIS S4 Quadrasynth for good money, just to add more 90s stuff in my studio, and also to see first hand...

replies: 0 views: 121
Avatar for yamy_yazy
yamy_yazy 1 day ago
Avatar for blueNan

Hardware sampler thread! rockout I have an EIII XP as main sampler for bass/subs, instruments etc. For drums i had a Dynacord...

replies: 20 views: 730
Avatar for abruzzi
abruzzi 1 day ago
replies: 355 views: 19,455
Avatar for Bodde
Bodde 1 day ago
Avatar for gypsymoth

So..a friend tells me ROLAND are sending out invites to a London launch event on 29th. Press blackout until 5th. What could it be?

replies: 34 views: 1,598
Avatar for flat
flat 1 day ago
Avatar for TonyMahony

Hi, I have been working on designing new keyboard technology and have developed a system which allows to add native Polyphonic...

replies: 301 views: 10,584
Avatar for Pandomonium
Pandomonium 1 day ago
Avatar for MPrinsen

Hi I’m thinking of buying the Roland Studio Capture to replace my Focusrite 18i8. I need at least 16 line inputs and at least...

replies: 95 views: 3,207
Avatar for hairbow
hairbow 1 day ago
Avatar for gminorcoles

Ok when I first started coming to GS it was partly because I was googling "midi controller" and then after some more...

replies: 4 views: 610
Avatar for gminorcoles
gminorcoles 1 day ago
Avatar for omnsound

I am looking for some help replicating the “hide and seek” effect from Imogen Heap, using any of the apps I own like...

replies: 7 views: 398
Avatar for omnsound
omnsound 1 day ago
Avatar for veeceeoh

Long before production units of the Behringer Neutron desktop semi-modular synthesizer arrived in the hands of end-user...

replies: 399 views: 50,204
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 1 day ago
Avatar for macs672

Hey, I'm wondering if there is an working (free) editor for the Alpha Junos on Mac OSx. Internal Patch storage would be super...

replies: 8 views: 4,059
Avatar for JohnCameron2018
JohnCameron2018 1 day ago
Avatar for Jiglo

I was watching a video demo of one of these a few days ago. I know they are pretty toy like and the loops are awful, but I love...

replies: 17 views: 475
Avatar for zerocrossing
zerocrossing 1 day ago
Avatar for frankenstino

Just curious for those sltuz that actually own a TR8s and have seen some of the online videos of the RD808 from Behringer on...

replies: 33 views: 1,709
Avatar for razorblade
razorblade 1 day ago
Avatar for Derp

I had this thought last night when I was doing some rearranging and willingly made part of a monster machine inaccessible. What...

replies: 85 views: 3,068
Avatar for Howling Terror
Howling Terror 1 day ago
Avatar for TheBrightSide

Yes, I thought we needed another Behringer thread. :) Uli mentioned something in the UB-Xa thread that caught my attention,...

replies: 94 views: 8,055
Avatar for TMOQuantity
TMOQuantity 1 day ago
Avatar for ruizzle

Hey there, This is my first post... I was wondering for a bass like the ES M, which I typically layer for a lower-mid bass, if...

replies: 3 views: 294
Avatar for daviddever
daviddever 1 day ago
Avatar for baldo

Hi people, I am an audio geek and I am hearing a lot people being negative about Maschine and its workflow. It is true that the...

replies: 0 views: 216
Avatar for baldo
baldo 1 day ago
Avatar for milosk

I know everyone has a different work flow but I would love to hear some insight on how others work when it comes to half hardware...

replies: 19 views: 660
Avatar for Arthur Stone
Arthur Stone 1 day ago
Avatar for Electricman

Where can I find the manual in pdf of the CD3000i (Not XL)or S3000 (Not XL)???

replies: 0 views: 221
Avatar for Electricman
Electricman 1 day ago
Avatar for frankenstino

Thinking of picking up a vermona perfourmer any current slutz care to weigh in on how this unit stands up in 2017 given how much...

replies: 95 views: 8,409
Avatar for Treebase DMX
Treebase DMX 2 days ago
Avatar for bloodsample

Anyone know what synth they used at 3:00? It sounds like horns, very warm lovely tone. You can hear it again at 3:52 holding...

replies: 72 views: 19,229
Avatar for studio460
studio460 2 days ago
Avatar for dannykorrson

A couple of weeks ago, reports surfaced which stated that Gibson, the owner of the Oberheim Brand, planned on returning the brand...

replies: 109 views: 5,748
Avatar for Whitecat
Whitecat 2 days ago
replies: 1,633 views: 224,927
Avatar for AceNoir
AceNoir 2 days ago
Avatar for SynMike

RC-808, still very preliminary work. Freeware. The “analogue mafia”, all former Roland engineers, lead by Tadao Kikumoto...

replies: 68 views: 3,745
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 2 days ago
Avatar for golden beers

I was going to post this in the Lamest videos thread. but then I stopped myself... I've seen too many awesome videos in the...

golden beers
replies: 555 views: 56,542
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 2 days ago
Avatar for pluto_ro

is anything like this already available? I would love to see a computer kit editor for the TR8S with an easy drag &...

replies: 3 views: 369
Avatar for pluto_ro
pluto_ro 2 days ago
Avatar for Sry

Yes, another MIDI Interface thread. But really there aren't really any thread where the questions I've got is answered and I...

replies: 39 views: 1,427
Avatar for Monotremata
Monotremata 2 days ago
Avatar for pr0gr4m

I like my current stand (it's Standtastic) but it protrudes too far out from the wall and I'm looking for something to take up...

replies: 7 views: 414
Avatar for jabar
jabar 2 days ago
Avatar for Coorec

I didnt find a thread, nor video coverage, so i thought i'd tell you guys :) At Superbooth the Kenton Midi guys showed me a...

replies: 53 views: 2,673
Avatar for Dr.Noize
Dr.Noize 2 days ago
Avatar for Derp

There was a little bit of mention of trackers on another thread where we were getting all nostalgic and thought the topic...

replies: 165 views: 10,189
Avatar for locojohn
locojohn 2 days ago
Avatar for CarLofgren

So - finally. The beast is here. A shiny new Midas Venice F24 that will take me out from the computer. My first impression was...

replies: 135 views: 44,086
Avatar for kings
kings 2 days ago
Avatar for Yoozer

Next Generation Tape Echo – Echo Fix Didn't see this coming up yet. Reverb in DSP, but the tape is...

replies: 11 views: 1,210
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 2 days ago
Avatar for Xavier G

Just wondering if anyone knows the drum machine used in this song. Mo'funk · The Operator - 1997 Djax...

Xavier G
replies: 2 views: 313
Avatar for the_soulcatcher
the_soulcatcher 2 days ago
replies: 42 views: 4,183
Avatar for kaykaynotk
kaykaynotk 2 days ago
Avatar for gerby derb

When worlds collide — Dave Smith meets Pioneer DJ | DJWORX was not expecting anything like this

gerby derb
replies: 4,039 views: 289,286
Avatar for Treebase DMX
Treebase DMX 2 days ago
Avatar for msl

I figure its time for another round up of what we're all digging. I'm really loving this mix from Moderate on BPitch. Moderat -...

replies: 2,979 views: 165,066
Avatar for theshinenz
theshinenz 2 days ago
Avatar for DJElectricDaddy

Has anyone been able to get this setup to work? I can play the KO Pro with my Axiom controller using the RK002. Everything...

replies: 2 views: 284
Avatar for DJElectricDaddy
DJElectricDaddy 2 days ago
Avatar for metaBit

This Christmas Santa is bringing me a new Vermona DRM1 mkIII analog drum synthesizer. I currently have a mixer that has enough...

replies: 9 views: 1,915
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 2 days ago
Avatar for Maffez

Black Corp just teased a new 8 Voice Poly - Elka Synthex style... #xerxessynth hashtag on Instagram • Photos and...

replies: 322 views: 21,791
Avatar for Seamus O' Bottle
Seamus O' Bottle 2 days ago
Avatar for Sebastian N

There were some mentions on the SP16 thread but maybe it needs a separate discussion. Personally i find it extremely ugly...

Sebastian N
replies: 141 views: 9,703
Avatar for cl516
cl516 2 days ago


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