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24th November 2017
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Avatar for UpNSmoke

Just scored one of these bad boyz! I would love to hear from any users, as I'd be interested to see how it's being used by...

replies: 28 views: 17,472
Avatar for StepLogik
StepLogik 1 day ago
Avatar for Derp

During this last Christmas season, I think a few of us had a lot of fun being kept up to date on all the deals floating around...

replies: 95 views: 6,209
Avatar for Synth Guru
Synth Guru 1 day ago
Avatar for Quantum7

Just in case others did not receive the e-mail: OS v1.02-10 for 002, 002R, and 001 now available We are very happy...

replies: 25 views: 763
Avatar for Motion
Motion 1 day ago
Avatar for deadhedgehog

Hi folks I need to get a midi keyboard for use with my Elektron Analog 4 mk ii, the little buttons don't suit me Something...

replies: 0 views: 150
Avatar for deadhedgehog
deadhedgehog 1 day ago
replies: 73 views: 12,914
Avatar for Zaphod Betamax
Zaphod Betamax 1 day ago
Avatar for lectrojape

Another new sequencer in the works. Looks like a well designed interface.

replies: 227 views: 21,667
Avatar for zfigz
zfigz 1 day ago
Avatar for Simonator

I just scored an MS-20 Mini. No desk space available, so want to get a stand. Stand needs to drop low enough for use when...

replies: 9 views: 225
Avatar for Simonator
Simonator 1 day ago
Avatar for Pym

Anaheim, CA—January 20, 2015—Dave Smith today announced the Sequential Prophet-6, a new 6-voice synthesizer with an...

replies: 6,964 views: 825,675
Avatar for Djones
Djones 1 day ago
Avatar for Synth Guru

This synth looks very promising and will be a great tool for composing ambient tracks. kfhkh :synth: It's a standalone...

Synth Guru
replies: 93 views: 7,674
Avatar for Hoosierguy
Hoosierguy 1 day ago
Avatar for ASICE

THE FUTURE OF AUDIO IN MASCHINE With real time stretching, loop hot swapping and Gate Mode, MASCHINE 2.7 will be available...

replies: 62 views: 3,247
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 1 day ago
Avatar for virion

Hi everybody, Last week I got my brand new Prophet-6 (with latest OS version 1.4.0). I'm generally really happy with it and...

replies: 0 views: 169
Avatar for virion
virion 1 day ago
Avatar for golden beers

Hi, Started a thread in music computers with no takers. If you have Cubase 9, live in Europe (preferably UK) and have 5...

golden beers
replies: 0 views: 185
Avatar for golden beers
golden beers 1 day ago
Avatar for TheBigLongy

Hi, I am in the process of rewiring and sorting my room out since purchasing a Allen & Heath QU32. I've wired all the synth...

replies: 18 views: 475
Avatar for TheBigLongy
TheBigLongy 1 day ago
Avatar for Acidizer

what do you think of a surface pro as a sequencer and multi tracker with something like steinberg sequence 3. i was looking for a...

replies: 0 views: 170
Avatar for Acidizer
Acidizer 1 day ago
Avatar for pbdlugoss

I'm surprised there aren't more threads about The KeyStep. The midi keyboard Arturia announced at NAMM this year. I'm excited....

replies: 165 views: 19,781
Avatar for PiTeR-aR
PiTeR-aR 1 day ago
Avatar for trashman

Just an FYI. This is quite a deal for their bus compressor. 4 days only.

replies: 51 views: 1,996
Avatar for Acid Mitch
Acid Mitch 1 day ago
Avatar for markodarko

Hi all, Along with researching which synths to get to populate my studio, I'm also currently doing research into which drum...

replies: 123 views: 3,678
Avatar for islandmonkey
islandmonkey 1 day ago
Avatar for Looneytune

With all this talk of samplers right now and my current fetish for the ASR-10 which I want to buy but shouldn't as I promised my...

replies: 277 views: 9,639
Avatar for Providence
Providence 1 day ago
Avatar for hayx

Is it possible to get 16 direct outputs from a roland integra-7? My thought process is because It outputs around 24 tracks of...

replies: 2 views: 283
Avatar for hayx
hayx 1 day ago
Avatar for Davideliza

Hi, Im currently considering buying either the deepmind12 or the novation peak. I'm a producer who focuses on future bass, grime...

replies: 15 views: 1,620
Avatar for fiddlestickz
fiddlestickz 1 day ago
Avatar for markodarko

Hi All, After a few weeks of putting things on the 'bay I have finally sold the last of my high-ticket items to fund my studio...

replies: 37 views: 1,393
Avatar for Whorse
Whorse 2 days ago
Avatar for time_zone

Just wondering if these days there are some people who can show up on stage, and program on the go in real time the sequencer,...

replies: 37 views: 1,093
Avatar for clusterchord
clusterchord 2 days ago
Avatar for gravyface

Really like the CP, totally good enough for on-stage. Is the VA engine in any big brother module or...

replies: 4 views: 421
Avatar for gentleclockdivid
gentleclockdivid 2 days ago
Avatar for markodarko

I've been thinking about some trivial stuff lately. As one does. And one of the first-world problem problems that's been going...

replies: 63 views: 1,569
Avatar for mp3
mp3 2 days ago
Avatar for Lifer



Ooh. What I've been waiting for! Akai Professional MPC X Standalone Sampler and Sequencer | Sweetwater

replies: 543 views: 36,827
Avatar for robleighton22
robleighton22 2 days ago
Avatar for Blackout-

hi all...a friend suggested i take pics and write down what i was doing as i worked on restoring my Jupiter 8 that i recently...

replies: 25 views: 740
Avatar for mrgkeys
mrgkeys 2 days ago
Avatar for mpresev

Heavyocity VOCALISE vs. EXHALE by Output? Both sound really interesting.. kfhkh

replies: 22 views: 5,982
Avatar for lingyai
lingyai 2 days ago
Avatar for Whorse

So my rich neighbor try's to watch me and my gf have sex thru this window that's really odd that goes into the closet and comes...

replies: 24 views: 861
Avatar for Whorse
Whorse 2 days ago
Avatar for PerGunnar

Hi! Why does the hard disk space on my 2011 MacBook Pro's change from like over 30 GB to 0 kb when I open up Cubase? I can't even...

replies: 2 views: 243
Avatar for syntonica
syntonica 2 days ago
Avatar for polymer

I tried a new Sequencer/Sampler/Synth out a few weeks ago called the Deluge. Sort of like a Novation Circuit mixed with an...

replies: 217 views: 21,702
Avatar for defdaft
defdaft 2 days ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

This is getting SERIOUS.

replies: 6,382 views: 548,333
Avatar for BlackBetty
BlackBetty 2 days ago
Avatar for Forbidden Planet

Initially I read that users experienced some bugs and lost their work when updating to the New OS version with the trig...

Forbidden Planet
replies: 3 views: 291
Avatar for robotunes
robotunes 2 days ago
Avatar for sameal

this is pretty easy, and more for functionality. i took out the RCA's and made them 1/4th connections, which is much more...

replies: 4 views: 1,254
Avatar for Plaeground
Plaeground 2 days ago
replies: 0 views: 227
Avatar for ASICE
ASICE 2 days ago
Avatar for OddTimeGrinder

Since K 11 is out, is it too late to upgrade 10?

replies: 2 views: 240
Avatar for login
login 2 days ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

Forget Namm 2017, here is The River Analog 8 voice poly synth. Via and Baloran ‘The River’ Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)...

replies: 323 views: 24,412
Avatar for clusterchord
clusterchord 2 days ago
Avatar for Ksp

Wondering what people think of them , Is It possible this has the worst user interface of any synth on the planet ? The flashing...

replies: 34 views: 2,141
Avatar for EvilDragon
EvilDragon 2 days ago
Avatar for Percivale

Only one, which would be your choice and why? :lol:

replies: 421 views: 52,820
Avatar for Djones
Djones 2 days ago
Avatar for djwaxxy

i cant believe the bad luck i having ive just bought a pair of focal alpha 65s and when i opened the box i noticed the prongs on...

replies: 7 views: 339
Avatar for slaughtrhaus
slaughtrhaus 2 days ago
Avatar for islandmonkey

why has nobody made a pocket multitrack with MIDI and proper wav recording? seems to be a gap in the market. just managed...

replies: 2 views: 311
Avatar for islandmonkey
islandmonkey 2 days ago
Avatar for rockreid

Any word on pricing for this intruiging new synth? Seems like a powerful new entry into wavetable synthesis.

replies: 14 views: 1,146
Avatar for Coorec
Coorec 2 days ago
Avatar for pointsource

Has any slut read this? Prosound Network: Why Gear Doesn’t Matter: A Heretical Look At Why We Do What We Do by Lynn...

replies: 237 views: 14,289
Avatar for MixedSignals
MixedSignals 2 days ago
Avatar for jm2c

Ok,so the whole trinity is now gettting upgraded to mk II is barely keeping up with the load! AR mk II has...

replies: 548 views: 32,490
Avatar for trashman
trashman 2 days ago
Avatar for bellamimmo

I have some sound design questions that I can't find on the forum so I'm asking now. 1) Where can I learn sound design? I know...

replies: 8 views: 390
Avatar for LotuZia
LotuZia 2 days ago
Avatar for michi_mak

so i'm thinking of going hardware. which one would you choose for a starter pack. doing some technoish noodling. i also want to...

replies: 1 views: 239
Avatar for thermal
thermal 2 days ago
Avatar for sailingaway

Anyone have one of these yet? I have a few questions about the machine.. Anyone wired it up using the individual outs? When I...

replies: 443 views: 74,522
Avatar for paymethebigbucks
paymethebigbucks 2 days ago
Avatar for big ol shea

I bought a scsi2sd off ebay with the latest firmware after making sure it worked with the ASR-10, ASR-X, roland s760 and yamaha...

big ol shea
replies: 97 views: 9,798
Avatar for Polymooger
Polymooger 2 days ago
Avatar for adivizion

Hello, I am having a hard time deciding which controller to buy. Both look great. I am a Komplete owner and I own many 3rd...

replies: 7 views: 334
Avatar for goony
goony 2 days ago
Avatar for iamkentz

Hi guys, So I want to make a 80's song similar to fifth harmony - don't wanna dance alone and little mix - weird people. I...

replies: 4 views: 315
Avatar for iamkentz
iamkentz 2 days ago
Avatar for jbuonacc

with the release of the new Roland machines, it looks like everyone and Mr. Varaldo is in the mood to break out some acid. let's...

replies: 2,056 views: 113,585
Avatar for bob_rock
bob_rock 2 days ago


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