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Was watching this demo, and am quite amazed how good this guy makes it sound. That string sound at 1:45...

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Avatar for Delmarva
Delmarva 11th October 2019
Avatar for laikenf

Hey fellas, A friend of mine is offering me his ensoniq sq-80 for US $300, now I know it's a good price judging from what they go...

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Avatar for eleventy
eleventy 11th October 2019
Avatar for Somebodyperson

So this is new, avalible for pre-order. Interest any of you? Different enough to warrant a purchase? I thought it was maybe...

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Avatar for wagoo
wagoo 11th October 2019
Avatar for Pstar

Thanks in advance for any information. I'm thinking of buying a prophet 6 and Perfect Circuit Audio (

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Avatar for donato
donato 11th October 2019
Avatar for turtlehead69

Need some advice for a trusty pair of headphones. Mainly mixing breakbeat, ambient stuff and jamming on mc707. Thanks

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Avatar for clusterchord
clusterchord 10th October 2019
Avatar for Tryptaphonics

Does anyone know if the following scenario would be possible: Korg SQ-1 to Midi In of MPC MPC is recording, SQ-1 is rolling...

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Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 10th October 2019
Avatar for BobK88

On October 3, 2019, Novation sent an email announcing that Automap won't be updated for Catalina and beyond and recommending that...

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Avatar for BobK88
BobK88 10th October 2019
Avatar for twinreverb

All, please vote: Which Plug-Out for the System-1 do you find the most useful?

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Avatar for twinreverb
twinreverb 10th October 2019
Avatar for twinreverb

Of the available plug-outs for the Roland System-1, which would you recommend? I mainly play in church so I love pads, but I...

replies: 16 views: 774
Avatar for twinreverb
twinreverb 10th October 2019
Avatar for suburbanbeat

Hi all. Just picked up an Oberheim Xk MIDI controller and I'm in love. This thing is so beefy! Metal chassis, wooden end cheeks,...

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Avatar for suburbanbeat
suburbanbeat 10th October 2019
Avatar for Ged

So recently started discovering the joys of the PPG sound, please ise this thread to post great examples of classic PPG songs /...

replies: 176 views: 23,652
Avatar for Shalebridge
Shalebridge 10th October 2019
Avatar for alfiedotwtf

I've currently got a TI2 (desktop) with an Keystation 61 and am loving it - it's my island synth, and am doing Acid, Trance, and...

replies: 28 views: 1,579
Avatar for kwaping
kwaping 10th October 2019
Avatar for t-bone

Nerve | Xfer Records wow, i just recently discovered nerve and i am very impressed with this little beast. anyone using...

replies: 37 views: 9,684
Avatar for WillamB
WillamB 10th October 2019
Avatar for gridlockeduk

I'm currently looking into options for stacking synths on my Mk1 Rhodes. So far the best option I've seen is...

replies: 6 views: 530
Avatar for gridlockeduk
gridlockeduk 10th October 2019
Avatar for marcgood

This topic is being presented because of recent resistance to those of us with an interest in using tape. If you have anything...

replies: 12 views: 847
Avatar for standingwave
standingwave 10th October 2019
Avatar for sds1fs1r

through end of September Korg | Rebate i had to take advantage

replies: 14 views: 1,460
Avatar for ibtl
ibtl 10th October 2019
Avatar for sytrusze

Hey guys, been looking for a VST/Library that can do this for years now...finally decided to ask here after a lot of failed...

replies: 2 views: 248
Avatar for sytrusze
sytrusze 10th October 2019
Avatar for Synthpark

... not the coolest music maybe, but I would need a synth sound which sings like in this song, the solo melody cooge Do you know...

replies: 21 views: 11,728
Avatar for mpresev
mpresev 10th October 2019
Avatar for Deleted b598644

So nowadays there are various MiniMoog or Moog modular based clones and reissues, Roland SH/Juno/Jupiter/JX3P Boutiques, 808, 909...

Deleted b598644
replies: 122 views: 15,070
Avatar for LeChuck
LeChuck 9th October 2019
Avatar for Pakito

Hi! I´ve just received a Roland R-8 and after trying it I discovered the only button that works is CARD and the display only...

replies: 4 views: 5,003
Avatar for Sandman305
Sandman305 9th October 2019
Avatar for spenny23

hey all ive been looking into different x0xb0x builds recently. i am searching for the best acid sound i can get and im also...

replies: 96 views: 3,849
Avatar for vekter303
vekter303 9th October 2019
Avatar for sentokan

I know many people are interested in similarities and differences between the two, so.. here it is, a thread dedicated to just...

replies: 21 views: 9,147
Avatar for Yora
Yora 9th October 2019
Avatar for PHG

I have several DAWs to record audio, and only an Android phone to record video. The phone is a very recent model, which can do...

replies: 5 views: 330
Avatar for iksrazal
iksrazal 9th October 2019
Avatar for Muser

does anyone know if Renoise can copy all the samples assigned to the instruments as a job lot, and save them to another place...

replies: 16 views: 2,175
Avatar for Muser
Muser 9th October 2019
Avatar for NigelDubois

Hi peeps, I'm looking to make a list of small independent synth manufacturers. Don't get me wrong I love Korg, Moog, Roland...

replies: 24 views: 4,387
Avatar for Madd Anju
Madd Anju 9th October 2019
Avatar for Barfunkel

There isn't much discussion here about this lovely little (well, actually it's quite large for a 6-channel mixer) mixer, so I'll...

replies: 61 views: 30,976
Avatar for Schnellecke
Schnellecke 9th October 2019
Avatar for ljefe

Does anybody know the shaft diameter for the knobs on the OB-6? 6mm or 1/4”? I have an email in at Sequential support, but I...

replies: 5 views: 494
Avatar for Treebase DMX
Treebase DMX 9th October 2019
Avatar for synthar

For those who have experience with both the Fusion & MODX... which one do you prefer if you could only choose one?

replies: 133 views: 4,511
Avatar for AxxeMan317
AxxeMan317 9th October 2019
Avatar for GearAndGuitars

Ok - so UVI (and others) make Fairlight Sample Libraries that are basically Romplers… during a review of the UVI Darklight on...

replies: 29 views: 13,211
Avatar for wvshpr
wvshpr 9th October 2019
Avatar for vlatkap

Hello, can somebody help me identify this synth? Thank you!

replies: 2 views: 271
Avatar for vlatkap
vlatkap 9th October 2019
Avatar for Quantum7

OK, It's been 4 Months since I purchased a Modal 002 & 008 and over that time I've had more than a few people ask me...

replies: 86 views: 13,223
Avatar for drxcm
drxcm 9th October 2019
Avatar for ZipSnipe

I was looking for a post that was saying that most sampler loops can't match the bpm of a sequencer and that the loops had to be...

replies: 38 views: 7,207
Avatar for ZipSnipe
ZipSnipe 9th October 2019
Avatar for Lune

As artificial intelligence, open face operating systems, and 3-d printing advance- there has to be a point where people will...

replies: 53 views: 1,435
Avatar for iksrazal
iksrazal 9th October 2019
Avatar for tzarv

I can't seem to find one.. No one is selling them!! Even eBay has none!confoosed

replies: 29 views: 4,732
Avatar for Deleted 4c3c464
Deleted 4c3c464 8th October 2019
Avatar for ruethewhirl

I have Yamaha AN1x with an LCD display that is acting up. It's dim and I can live with that. But now, about 95% of the time I...

replies: 3 views: 834
Avatar for Lector
Lector 8th October 2019
Avatar for Filterzoid

Hi Slutz, First post here which I should have done a long time ago. Not sure if I'm posting in the right area but anyway...

replies: 3 views: 317
Avatar for zlatanking
zlatanking 8th October 2019
Avatar for mike vee

Just bought this plugin for Cubase yesterday and I have to say I am very impressed!!! It definitely has the sound of many...

mike vee
replies: 276 views: 25,891
Avatar for digital 1010
digital 1010 8th October 2019
Avatar for JayPee

I recently bought a ob-6, it's a great synth. I'm now looking for a poly synth with sinewave oscillators with FM and Pm...

replies: 18 views: 910
Avatar for monomer
monomer 8th October 2019
replies: 0 views: 448
Avatar for IncarnateX
IncarnateX 8th October 2019
Avatar for Wondaknobs

hey guys, Please help me, i know it's a super nooby question, but seemingly i dont get to get the su700 sequenced by my...

replies: 0 views: 222
Avatar for Wondaknobs
Wondaknobs 8th October 2019
Avatar for Kamilc

Hi everyone, I recently bought Begringer Deepmind 12. Does anyone of you know how can I save presets to favourites/ favourite...

replies: 1 views: 698
Avatar for Behrmoog
Behrmoog 8th October 2019
Avatar for djwaxxy

ive dusted off my old behringer mx2642a mixer and found out from my wife that shes accidently thrown the power supply away....

replies: 4 views: 1,668
Avatar for Masoud1987
Masoud1987 8th October 2019
Avatar for Zaphod Betamax


Zaphod Betamax
replies: 2 views: 1,325
Avatar for Deleted 4c3c464
Deleted 4c3c464 8th October 2019
Avatar for knob twiddler

Hi guys Anyone know a cheap small battery powered sampler I could get for my bus commute? Something like a volca sample that...

knob twiddler
replies: 221 views: 4,968
Avatar for 0mega
0mega 8th October 2019
Avatar for Praxisaxis

Hey All, I'm putting together a mega flight case for transport and performance. I have a "floating" board inside the...

replies: 4 views: 338
Avatar for namnibor
namnibor 8th October 2019
Avatar for ASICE

Does anyone know what synth the bass sound from the song "Just an Illusion" came from? The song was released in...

replies: 168 views: 35,842
Avatar for ajscent
ajscent 8th October 2019
Avatar for thesheep

So I'm lucky enough to have a Prophet 6 sitting here and it has a basic sequencer. I like to play around with the LFO or the arp...

replies: 11 views: 344
Avatar for zerocrossing
zerocrossing 8th October 2019
Avatar for venv

So, I have a dj 5 channel mixer, three keyboard synthesizers, and I need to playback pre-arranged acoustic guitar and drum...

replies: 0 views: 69
Avatar for venv
venv 7th October 2019
Avatar for doepfer

Heya Gearheads, looking for a OSX plugin that allows me to quick edit, cut and especially DRAG&DROP samples inside...

replies: 0 views: 504
Avatar for doepfer
doepfer 7th October 2019
Avatar for Perplexo

I'm starting to think I should take durability into account when buying gear. So far I've experienced the following: Yamaha...

replies: 35 views: 1,266
Avatar for Kja
Kja 7th October 2019


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