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i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

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Moonwhistle 10 hours ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copyrighted material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 626 views: 345,043
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jc48844884 1 day ago
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We're moving the discussion threads about the Covid-19 pandemic to the "Audio life" subforum....

replies: 0 views: 16,923
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Reptil 16th March 2020
Avatar for Don Solaris

Gear service and modifications INDEX: Waldorf Microwave, Pulse etc. infamous Nextel faceplate...

Don Solaris
replies: 0 views: 60,665
Avatar for Don Solaris
Don Solaris 1st January 2010
Avatar for SonicBern

Winter NAMM 2021... "In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the health and safety of NAMM members as the first...

replies: 1,650 views: 163,948
Avatar for docbop
docbop 3 minutes ago
Avatar for tiz9000

I'm looking to collect those classic orchestra hits from 80s hit records as well as the classic 90s rave stab sounds. I have a...

replies: 24 views: 13,133
Avatar for Yoozer
Yoozer 5 minutes ago
Avatar for warg

Mackie announced some really nice-looking mixers last night which include on-board stereo recording to SD card, full...

replies: 26 views: 1,498
Avatar for MPrinsen
MPrinsen 6 minutes ago
Avatar for Don Solaris

Menacing Monolith -- When did you buy it? -- Why did you buy it? -- Why do you still have it?

Don Solaris
replies: 422 views: 52,177
Avatar for gear_up
gear_up 9 minutes ago
Avatar for mr. harrison

hi! i was wondering if theres a way to adjust the pitch bend range on a prophet 5. i have a rev 3 with midi. been googling...

mr. harrison
replies: 3 views: 93
Avatar for neonrider
neonrider 12 minutes ago
Avatar for drummingpianist

Korg Modwave Korg wavetable synth.

replies: 352 views: 17,867
Avatar for Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips 14 minutes ago
replies: 21 views: 918
Avatar for namnibor
namnibor 15 minutes ago
replies: 353 views: 17,013
Avatar for Burt
Burt 16 minutes ago
Avatar for wretchro

Hi.... i love spacey, trippy synth music... radioactivity is probably my favorite kraftwerk album.... Phaedra is the only TD...

replies: 0 views: 1
Avatar for wretchro
wretchro 18 minutes ago
replies: 330 views: 13,320
Avatar for Burt
Burt 19 minutes ago
Avatar for noisycat

Moog Werkstatt and Neutron, would Gadget be my best bet to jam with these and the keystep or is there a better one, I have...

replies: 18 views: 337
Avatar for noisycat
noisycat 24 minutes ago
Avatar for koochey

i just leave this here Behringer - Here's a sneaky preview of the RD-909... | Facebook

replies: 2,420 views: 266,054
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 25 minutes ago
Avatar for RonF


replies: 226 views: 15,396
Avatar for gminorcoles
gminorcoles 25 minutes ago
Avatar for Gotcha

New MV... DBuX_cDCTdU Song mode... cooge

replies: 596 views: 24,793
Avatar for cresshead
cresshead 26 minutes ago
Avatar for jaxman12

Ample Sound Vintage Cherry Guitar VST This convinced me to buy. "Neon Sky" by...

replies: 5 views: 70
Avatar for jaxman12
jaxman12 32 minutes ago
Avatar for msl

I figure its time for another round up of what we're all digging. I'm really loving this mix from Moderate on BPitch. Moderat -...

replies: 5,794 views: 299,963
Avatar for vernier
vernier 33 minutes ago
Avatar for rsaintjohn

Looks like Roland Cloud is going live with its early access beta. I'm under NDA so can't say anything, but they posted this...

replies: 3,692 views: 252,628
Avatar for StoneyBCN
StoneyBCN 36 minutes ago
Avatar for D_Davis

A thread for all things Ambient in nature. Post your questions. Post your answers. Post your techniques. Post your...

replies: 952 views: 83,936
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 40 minutes ago
replies: 5,466 views: 342,933
Avatar for thewishmaster
thewishmaster 40 minutes ago
Avatar for sctt_stone

Hello. i have aquestion for all you sequencwer guys. My father is 55 years old and bought a Yamaha QY 300 about 15 years ago. The...

replies: 32 views: 13,956
Avatar for oldgearguy
oldgearguy 40 minutes ago
Avatar for gminorcoles

I have an E-mu Proteus 2500 and at one point owned two. It is all full of ROMs, the world ROM, the Protean Drums ROM, the...

replies: 66 views: 3,183
Avatar for Vendata
Vendata 53 minutes ago
Avatar for SCEMI

Does anyone have any experience loading the E-mu Composer ROM into a Mo'Phatt? I just installed a Composer ROM into my Mo'Phatt,...

replies: 13 views: 663
Avatar for Vendata
Vendata 55 minutes ago
Avatar for zerocrossing

Wow! I never thought! I guess I should start saving my pennies!

replies: 2,868 views: 209,716
Avatar for Synthetica
Synthetica 1 hour ago
Avatar for Ged

Yep, a "French House" thread for all things French, production wise! It's a genre that's shrouded in mystery / myth...

replies: 766 views: 172,111
Avatar for Akailama
Akailama 1 hour ago
Avatar for bibi poodle

I have looked through forums but can't find any information, so thought I'd post here. I have a TR-8 Rhythm Performer and when I...

bibi poodle
replies: 3 views: 162
Avatar for bibi poodle
bibi poodle 1 hour ago
replies: 1,821 views: 128,119
Avatar for dr_Jezz
dr_Jezz 1 hour ago
Avatar for Jamie munro

So, the post went to the ether, hence the original being deleted Anyway, the deal is done, it will hopefully be great for us...

Jamie munro
replies: 61 views: 1,866
Avatar for Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer 1 hour ago
Avatar for hogberto

Surprised that no-one has started a thread specifically for this, so let's drag it out of the car crash that is the '909Day'...

replies: 9,240 views: 808,534
Avatar for jbuonacc
jbuonacc 1 hour ago
Avatar for gminorcoles

I don’t need more synths of course but they keep washing over me on the Internet. Here is a partial list of synths that I...

replies: 31 views: 935
Avatar for TobyB
TobyB 1 hour ago
Avatar for hogberto

When you wake up on New Year's Day & remember that in the wee small hours you ordered a Korg Minilogue XD keys....

replies: 186 views: 9,779
Avatar for namnibor
namnibor 1 hour ago
Avatar for This_is...

Hi guys, I'm a newbie and I'm just getting my head around what I 'think' I want in terms of a Hardware setup... For...

replies: 22 views: 465
Avatar for WVTG
WVTG 1 hour ago
Avatar for Gunark

P600 clone or poly Pro One?

replies: 934 views: 80,527
Avatar for DarkHorseman
DarkHorseman 1 hour ago
Avatar for CoyoteRidge

Hey everyone, so after many years performing, recording and mixing acoustic music... over the past year I’ve been learning to...

replies: 12 views: 366
Avatar for CoyoteRidge
CoyoteRidge 2 hours ago
Avatar for rasseru

Available in 4 colours and currently guitar center priced is at 1400 dollars Colours white blue khaki green and...

replies: 477 views: 38,332
Avatar for rpmedia
rpmedia 2 hours ago
Avatar for tjontheroad

It's just my observation, but it would seem the latest "wave" of new product releases don't think full 16 part...

replies: 126 views: 6,703
Avatar for gentleclockdivid
gentleclockdivid 2 hours ago
replies: 182 views: 10,004
Avatar for ToyBox
ToyBox 2 hours ago
Avatar for johntopley

Hi everyone. I just bought a Roland MC-500 sequencer from a seller in France that’s rated for 220v. Does anyone know if this...

replies: 0 views: 66
Avatar for johntopley
johntopley 2 hours ago
Avatar for handed

ELEKTRON Elektron Octatrack DPS1 MKII Dynamic Performance Sampler vinyl at Juno Records. Accidental leak of the Octatrack Mk II?...

replies: 287 views: 36,827
Avatar for ralphNYC
ralphNYC 2 hours ago
Avatar for flat

Hmmmm, this is...

replies: 3,594 views: 295,483
Avatar for kwaping
kwaping 2 hours ago
replies: 5,610 views: 373,896
Avatar for Marzzz
Marzzz 2 hours ago
Avatar for analoggang4lyfe

has anyone had experiences with them? I've always found them a bit suspicious since the same synths sit for months on end. now im...

replies: 61 views: 7,931
Avatar for gear_up
gear_up 2 hours ago
Avatar for BM0

As part of my new year's resolution, I decided it was time for me to get better and confident on my soldering skills so that I...

replies: 52 views: 4,067
Avatar for j.colt
j.colt 2 hours ago
Avatar for Js.theracon

ISLA instruments is working on a modern version of the legendary EMU SP-1200

replies: 2,692 views: 229,715
Avatar for Akailama
Akailama 3 hours ago
Avatar for Jamie munro

Hmmm I wonder Tick tock edit: to stop any moaning about NO content :lol: ...

Jamie munro
replies: 165 views: 11,553
Avatar for busterfriendly
busterfriendly 3 hours ago
Avatar for ArtFluids

Lookie lookie what I found in the TESS database: This seems to line up with the earlier leak of...

replies: 647 views: 73,375
Avatar for Gloompegs
Gloompegs 3 hours ago
Avatar for autoy

Amazing: Also...

replies: 375 views: 27,064
Avatar for Disco Cubist
Disco Cubist 3 hours ago
Avatar for mstrwzrd

Has anyone seen this yet? Analog spring reverb tank! rockout Link says price is $899

replies: 2,975 views: 344,397
Avatar for Spider76
Spider76 3 hours ago
Avatar for felis

Not "Predictions, Rumors and Desires", but real stuff. What have we got so far?

replies: 1 views: 446
Avatar for felis
felis 3 hours ago
Avatar for lastmessiah

Sorry if already mentioned:

replies: 2,271 views: 135,358
Avatar for cresshead
cresshead 3 hours ago
Avatar for The Style Guide

Perhaps I am slow on the uptake, but I have recently come across "mega" sets of MIDI chord progressions for purchase....

The Style Guide
replies: 30 views: 1,076
Avatar for PuggaMahone
PuggaMahone 4 hours ago


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