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Avatar for Reptil

Hey guys and girls, here's the gear we spotted at the Dancefair 2018 in Utrecht, today. Videos below vvvvvv. Hope you like. So,...

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Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 1 day ago
Avatar for clusterchord

i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

replies: 14,569 views: 4,593,432
Avatar for Derp
Derp 2 days ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copywrited material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 299 views: 149,862
Avatar for jonathan_01uk
jonathan_01uk 2 days ago
Avatar for CasimirsBlake

Posted over at Synthtopia. Likely a real J8 in the image but why would they post this? Cue conspiracy theories... Watch this...

replies: 45 views: 1,346
Avatar for fiddlestickz
fiddlestickz 1 minute ago
Avatar for dalvare1

SoI figured there would be a lot of options for this (I am new to this) but why can't I seem to find a hardware box that is just...

replies: 1 views: 20
Avatar for EvilDragon
EvilDragon 14 minutes ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

Forget Namm 2017, here is The River Analog 8 voice poly synth. Via and Baloran ‘The River’ Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)...

replies: 460 views: 33,530
Avatar for ionian
ionian 15 minutes ago
Avatar for sentokan

So where is it? They anounced a price drop but I don t see them on any shop??

replies: 4,897 views: 371,198
Avatar for Psychlist1972
Psychlist1972 15 minutes ago
Avatar for Meriphew

I just got my Elektron Analog Rytm MkII last week, and it’s already having issues (won’t boot up sometimes), so it’s likely...

replies: 81 views: 2,130
Avatar for Shadowkast
Shadowkast 18 minutes ago
Avatar for miscend

Synapse Audio just released a new Mini Moog Model D clone. I know what you're thinking, but currently the only other good option...

replies: 698 views: 67,740
Avatar for miscend
miscend 18 minutes ago
Avatar for Bond117

Hey guys! Trying to decide between the best 5 polysynths right now. For me, I've narrowed it down to the: Prophet Rev 2 Prophet...

replies: 100 views: 3,793
Avatar for M32
M32 18 minutes ago
Avatar for Vanitas

Good Afternoon Slutz, I'm looking a purchasing one more synth for my setup and have narrowed my list to either two expensive...

replies: 0 views: 12
Avatar for Vanitas
Vanitas 22 minutes ago
Avatar for kurzweil

After the surprising feature-price ratio of the DeepMind 12, what should Behringer be developing next in their new synth...

replies: 1,191 views: 67,912
Avatar for kurzweil
kurzweil 31 minutes ago
Avatar for nms

For anyone thinking of buying the MS-20 Mini or people who bought one and are wondering how noisy it's supposed to be, hopefully...

replies: 149 views: 40,729
Avatar for Zaphod Betamax
Zaphod Betamax 33 minutes ago
replies: 9,212 views: 737,304
Avatar for kcearl
kcearl 35 minutes ago
Avatar for SonicBern

"Description KORG Minilogue: KORG Minilogue - is a fully programmable, 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer, is also equipped...

replies: 6,264 views: 667,584
Avatar for miscend
miscend 39 minutes ago
Avatar for lineofcontrol

This came out of nowhere!

replies: 1,387 views: 104,007
Avatar for the donal
the donal 40 minutes ago
Avatar for DiggingForRoots

New Moog "drum Machine" Thoughts? DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) | Moog Music Inc 3wdFyN_yy7Q

replies: 418 views: 26,066
Avatar for littledoodler
littledoodler 40 minutes ago
Avatar for GameBoyColor

Thinking of doing a one off cover of Speak and Spell with my band for a local cover band festival and was wondering if any DM...

replies: 167 views: 7,883
Avatar for RGrainger
RGrainger 52 minutes ago
Avatar for ErnstVonStroheim

I have been looking at getting either a Sub Phatty or Korg Arp Odyssey. I have checked out a few videos and I am impressed by the...

replies: 20 views: 339
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell
Rufuss Sewell 1 hour ago
Avatar for DSK

This looks so cool and portable. I think they have a hit on their...

replies: 3,161 views: 264,394
Avatar for sdesign75
sdesign75 1 hour ago
Avatar for Uli Behringer

Dear all, As many of you know, synths have been my passion for the past 40 years. Sometime ago I have set the goal for...

Uli Behringer
replies: 1,994 views: 125,660
Avatar for mallery7
mallery7 1 hour ago
Avatar for kt_over_q

Here's a thread from Musicplayer about a leak from France: KORG PROLOGUE 8 et KORG PROLOGUE 16 translation - Prologue,...

replies: 2,812 views: 136,662
Avatar for Prologue8
Prologue8 1 hour ago
Avatar for Nice187

Ok, I want to produce some ‘Vangelis style’ electronic compositions, and some other electronic styles as well, so I would...

replies: 87 views: 4,625
Avatar for Syn303
Syn303 1 hour ago
Avatar for CasimirsBlake

"It’s called the Fusebox and it has “Real analogue voice and modulation circuits”. Apparently, it’s been...

replies: 60 views: 5,167
Avatar for DavyP
DavyP 1 hour ago
Avatar for anigbrowl

Inspired by the French House thread, and with interest from several other people, here's a thread for all things Goa...

replies: 880 views: 145,498
Avatar for MPrinsen
MPrinsen 1 hour ago
Avatar for 227861

Anyone know if there is an iPad app in 2013 (currently) that can control the DW8000? Looking for anyone who has successfully...

replies: 11 views: 2,453
Avatar for part12studios
part12studios 1 hour ago
Avatar for jurfin

Hey everybody :) I started this thread over on the DSI forum some time ago and as great as that forum is, there is not nearly...

replies: 17 views: 717
Avatar for odourboy
odourboy 1 hour ago
Avatar for mikefellh

I was wondering if anyone here has used the Ikea Lack table to create an inexpensive DIY 19"...

replies: 54 views: 1,837
Avatar for islandmonkey
islandmonkey 2 hours ago
Avatar for Brickman

Just started getting into programming the H8000 , but Im having difficulty doing a very simple thing . Take a Reverb A module ,...

replies: 219 views: 22,439
Avatar for italo de angelis
italo de angelis 3 hours ago
Avatar for Sad Darwin

I'm in the market for a polysynth upgrade of my Mopho X4, which is currently paired with a Sub 37 and Minibrute. Its voice...

Sad Darwin
replies: 58 views: 5,814
Avatar for Grimulkan
Grimulkan 3 hours ago
Avatar for horacewimp

i recently got a Reface CS and very soon I had the feeling that the synthesizer is reacting to the played velocity of the...

replies: 4 views: 184
Avatar for horacewimp
horacewimp 3 hours ago
Avatar for Syltagogotronix

I picked up an Alpha Juno 2 last night, looked and performed perfectly. Today when I turn it on I can hear a (mid-range) hum...

replies: 4 views: 131
Avatar for Staticbuster
Staticbuster 3 hours ago
Avatar for belzrebuth

I'm interested in rack effect units with spdif I/O as I've got the spdif in/out of my ff400 unused since i bought it and i...

replies: 23 views: 1,638
Avatar for Wiggen
Wiggen 3 hours ago
Avatar for kinjack

So I've read every thread around on this DX7 midi data error that pops up when trying to send Sysex from sysex librarian on my...

replies: 7 views: 306
Avatar for ScoobyDoo555
ScoobyDoo555 3 hours ago
Avatar for joesnewmatch

After 20 years of playing guitar, I’m venturing into synths and leaning towards the Rev2 for the 16 voices and to have plenty...

replies: 48 views: 1,429
Avatar for mtts
mtts 3 hours ago
Avatar for Hollowman9

Some sonic adjectives which apply. Ripping Shredding Rending Tearing Screeching Howling Bludgeoning Pounding I...

replies: 158 views: 5,678
Avatar for Hollowman9
Hollowman9 3 hours ago
Avatar for WilfredoFernando

Anyone here knows about the new Vax Midi keyboard. How does the feel of the keys ... Feel ? Lets says, compare to à Yamaha...

replies: 51 views: 3,056
Avatar for Solapse
Solapse 3 hours ago
Avatar for jthom

I picked up a Dave Smith Instruments ('Sequential') P6 and have 30 days to return it. This is my first ever synth, so forgive my...

replies: 133 views: 12,355
Avatar for Mutantt
Mutantt 3 hours ago
Avatar for Infoseeker

Hi, I recently dug up my SQ-1 which was sitting in its box on a bottom shelve. I haven't used it in about a year and it was time...

replies: 25 views: 505
Avatar for Rob Ocelot
Rob Ocelot 4 hours ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

New Waldorf synth incoming at Messe 2017 via SynthJam Curious what it might be..!

replies: 3,387 views: 187,152
Avatar for Delta Music BE
Delta Music BE 4 hours ago
Avatar for zetroshift

Elektron posted this video around 10 mins ago on youtube. This looks really...

replies: 581 views: 34,896
Avatar for trashman
trashman 5 hours ago
Avatar for drainyoo

I currently use an Icon QCon Pro as my control surface for Ableton. It does the job, but recently it’s been acting very weird...

replies: 0 views: 107
Avatar for drainyoo
drainyoo 5 hours ago
Avatar for slaughtrhaus

My daughter some interest/aptitude on the guitar and piano, but she is way more into playing synth sounds on my modular or my...

replies: 67 views: 2,244
Avatar for vonstirlitz
vonstirlitz 5 hours ago
Avatar for OPIREAP

Itb Production – Tips and Tricks for Electronic Music Here is my new blog for general music production info.Focused on...

replies: 0 views: 114
Avatar for OPIREAP
OPIREAP 5 hours ago
Avatar for eddy72

I love these old stuff. :lol: So much...

replies: 37 views: 2,798
Avatar for Grumblepig
Grumblepig 5 hours ago
Avatar for msl

I figure its time for another round up of what we're all digging. I'm really loving this mix from Moderate on BPitch. Moderat -...

replies: 1,967 views: 116,680
Avatar for bsp804
bsp804 6 hours ago
Avatar for clusterchord

been listening to demos and yt user guides. dig the main philosophy of the designer: great analog tone with digital brain and...

replies: 25 views: 1,477
Avatar for schmuck
schmuck 6 hours ago
Avatar for Digweedgr

Hi guys, i am looking for a new synth to pair it with my moog sub37. After a bit of research i am in between system 8 and prophet...

replies: 55 views: 3,762
Avatar for d_dvb
d_dvb 6 hours ago
Avatar for Ultronsu20

I wish to know what vst/ Keyboard system was used to make music for Fighting Street(Street Fighter 1) & Street Fighter Alpha...

replies: 8 views: 456
Avatar for Ultronsu20
Ultronsu20 6 hours ago
Avatar for hairbow

I am wanting to get a (relatively) cheap synth as a gift. $150 is my top limit. I know there are many toy synths out right now,...

replies: 32 views: 1,221
Avatar for Hollowman9
Hollowman9 6 hours ago
Avatar for fromthepuggle

So the crumar spirit has a pretty unique sound. Tons of modulations, but its really the screaming filters that are pretty unique....

replies: 5 views: 328
Avatar for yumcha
yumcha 7 hours ago
Avatar for Langur

Hi there. Anyone has got an Eventide Space in good condition to sell in europe? Not easy to find in Eu, just in usa but then...

replies: 0 views: 130
Avatar for Langur
Langur 7 hours ago
Avatar for thelessiknowtheb

This can be a weird question but, what are the pros of choosing a Subtractive Synthesizer over a Wavetable one? I mean on...

replies: 10 views: 664
Avatar for monomer
monomer 7 hours ago


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