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Avatar for clusterchord

i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

replies: 16,914 views: 5,328,081
Avatar for IncarnateX
IncarnateX 39 minutes ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copyrighted material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 430 views: 224,587
Avatar for kcearl
kcearl 20 hours ago
Avatar for Synth Guru

For those who may not be aware. Gearslutz has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
replies: 1 views: 2,486
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 5th September 2019
Avatar for Don Solaris

Gear service and modifications INDEX: Multi-bank Roland M-256/M-512 memory card clones...

Don Solaris
replies: 0 views: 41,150
Avatar for Don Solaris
Don Solaris 1st January 2010
Avatar for kurzweil

After the surprising feature-price ratio of the DeepMind 12, what should Behringer be developing next in their new synth...

replies: 2,495 views: 148,441
Avatar for kurzweil
kurzweil 3 minutes ago
replies: 1,586 views: 73,332
Avatar for ZT Scheer
ZT Scheer 5 minutes ago
Avatar for timespy

I was wondering why my Super Sound set expansion card was no longer working so I opened the JV2080. Sure enough Looks like...

replies: 193 views: 22,618
Avatar for strumm
strumm 8 minutes ago
Avatar for Uli Behringer

Dear all, As many of you know, synths have been my passion for the past 40 years. Sometime ago I have set the goal for...

Uli Behringer
replies: 6,881 views: 730,310
Avatar for ZT Scheer
ZT Scheer 8 minutes ago
Avatar for ranzee

Website is up - but no content yet: Details to be announced at Superbooth 19 in...

replies: 200 views: 12,552
Avatar for Ryan_IK
Ryan_IK 10 minutes ago
Avatar for adamstan

Haven't seen thread or post on this yet, so... Yamaha releases a successor to MOXF line, named MODX. It's based on Montage...

replies: 1,860 views: 152,093
Avatar for anotherscott
anotherscott 11 minutes ago
Avatar for GreenScreenDean

I need an alternative to running vsts on my pc directly, usually my pc will run fl studio, serum, izotope, waves, softtube,...

replies: 8 views: 301
Avatar for djwaxxy
djwaxxy 16 minutes ago
Avatar for TonStrom

what do you sluts think? should i sell my SUNSYN so i can afford the MOOG ONE? MOOG ONE : incredible sounding synths with...

replies: 74 views: 2,548
Avatar for Mutantt
Mutantt 18 minutes ago
Avatar for Roquefort

Hey, I've been looking for a small poly synth with vocoder for studio and live use. I've got my bass, lead and drum sounds...

replies: 2 views: 71
Avatar for ToyBox
ToyBox 18 minutes ago
Avatar for OurDarkness

I'll just leave this here... and some info from...

replies: 295 views: 28,291
Avatar for macgee
macgee 20 minutes ago
replies: 19,644 views: 1,569,991
Avatar for SouvlakiSpace
SouvlakiSpace 27 minutes ago
Avatar for mickbenjamins

DivKid: Superbooth 2018 - Behringer Odyssey *First Look & Listen*

replies: 2,803 views: 227,949
Avatar for le bouch
le bouch 28 minutes ago
Avatar for golden beers

I was going to post this in the Lamest videos thread. but then I stopped myself... I've seen too many awesome videos in the...

golden beers
replies: 567 views: 57,489
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 29 minutes ago
Avatar for Bobswans

Only just seen this, sorry if its been posted already Korg Volca FM

replies: 754 views: 140,890
Avatar for CasimirsBlake
CasimirsBlake 29 minutes ago
Avatar for Jarlus

This is news to me. Looks and sounds very...

replies: 2,664 views: 118,726
Avatar for DASWEB
DASWEB 37 minutes ago
Avatar for Melting Cr.

Hi guys! I will get my first setup soon, i was thinking about a Artuia Minibrute or Microbrute. Maybe a Novation Bass station...

Melting Cr.
replies: 103 views: 5,048
Avatar for NEXUS-6
NEXUS-6 41 minutes ago
Avatar for autoy

Behringer RD808: BOOM

replies: 7,234 views: 1,024,303
Avatar for omng
omng 43 minutes ago
Avatar for camus2

I saw that on SonicState Blackbox - Compact Sampling Studio - Preview Edition - 1010music LLC Looks interesting. price is...

replies: 100 views: 10,130
Avatar for camus2
camus2 49 minutes ago
Avatar for jamey777

Got mine a day early... The new oscillator type 'VA' was intriguing me, as well as the new moog, jp, etc filters. I know this...

replies: 380 views: 13,940
Avatar for jbuonacc
jbuonacc 1 hour ago
Avatar for bloodsample

By "happy accident" I mean you've played around with knobs and whatnot and accidentally ended up with something awesome...

replies: 138 views: 7,632
Avatar for Klonfocius
Klonfocius 1 hour ago
Avatar for Quartermass

Showing up as NLA on the Sweetwater page: Roland SH-01A Sweetwater Man...that was quick. Still available from a few other...

replies: 77 views: 6,293
Avatar for mutilatedlip
mutilatedlip 1 hour ago
Avatar for MixedSignals

I have an orig. 1202, it's what- 12, 14 years old now, never had a problem, nothing worn out, no carbon prob., i have overloaded...

replies: 5 views: 1,926
Avatar for elcct
elcct 2 hours ago
Avatar for LimeDisciple

Hey guys, it's been a few years since I posted but I'm glad to see the community is still alive. I was curious if anyone had...

replies: 41 views: 4,360
Avatar for breakmixer
breakmixer 2 hours ago
Avatar for JehuJava

Does anyone know if the CP73 can send midi data separated by split point/channel? I’m curious if a Moog Minitaur could be...

replies: 1 views: 65
Avatar for Ntropic
Ntropic 2 hours ago
Avatar for James Meeker

Okay, so the Prophet 12 line is being discontinued, which means the Pro2 will be the next sunset product. The Prophet X sampler...

James Meeker
replies: 1,130 views: 57,041
Avatar for soundxplorer
soundxplorer 2 hours ago
Avatar for menakaram

Hi friends , I am confused about tuning the kick drum after eq . I tuning the kick but when i insert eq and boost the...

replies: 0 views: 75
Avatar for menakaram
menakaram 2 hours ago
Avatar for 3bc

I am starting to think about playing out live after having spent a couple years working on material. I have played live hundreds...

replies: 16 views: 604
Avatar for jbuonacc
jbuonacc 2 hours ago
Avatar for HrastProgrammer

My friend made a few demos of my software synthesizer called Tranzistow which I developed just for fun cooge Tranzistow...

replies: 392 views: 20,863
Avatar for t_tangent
t_tangent 3 hours ago
Avatar for Nice187

Ok, I want to produce some ‘Vangelis style’ electronic compositions, and some other electronic styles as well, so I would...

replies: 100 views: 10,026
Avatar for string6theory
string6theory 3 hours ago
Avatar for Lady Gaia

The specs on this beast are insane. 128 voice, 8 part multi-timbral, 10 oscillators per voice, 32x oversampled with 96kHz...

Lady Gaia
replies: 1,510 views: 116,214
Avatar for Leveuho
Leveuho 3 hours ago
Avatar for Barra79

I recently bought an Echo Machine (Monacor EEM-2000) for cheap, and it has four inputs, as follows: Mic: -46db Mic:...

replies: 5 views: 170
Avatar for Barra79
Barra79 3 hours ago
Avatar for Deckdaddy

No talk of this...

replies: 3,528 views: 344,331
Avatar for Spider76
Spider76 3 hours ago
Avatar for BeWu

Randomly - when I turn on Arp - sound just disappears. Regardless if status is on or hold. Restart of XT, fixes the problem, but...

replies: 1 views: 101
Avatar for tiger001
tiger001 3 hours ago
Avatar for polymer

I tried a new Sequencer/Sampler/Synth out a few weeks ago called the Deluge. Sort of like a Novation Circuit mixed with an...

replies: 1,076 views: 88,774
Avatar for SawneyBean
SawneyBean 4 hours ago
replies: 183 views: 11,073
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 4 hours ago
Avatar for burns46824

Heyo - I'm looking at a mint JX-10 with the PG-800 programmer for $900. Do you think it is a good synth and is worth that?

replies: 144 views: 27,487
Avatar for bitleyTM
bitleyTM 5 hours ago
Avatar for mvrh

With Colin Benders, Legowelt and Egyptian Lover at ADE 2019. Mainly in Dutch though... A whopping 10 meters long, 2 meters high...

replies: 8 views: 642
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 5 hours ago
Avatar for studio460

From the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch in the cut, "Flight to LAPD", at 00:58...

replies: 65 views: 7,058
Avatar for monomer
monomer 5 hours ago
Avatar for TobiasJ

Well, I’ve just seen the new Akai Pro Force and I’m extremely surprised at how good this looks. I need to know more about...

replies: 2,380 views: 152,552
Avatar for r4nd0m
r4nd0m 5 hours ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

Forget Namm 2017, here is The River Analog 8 voice poly synth. Via The River - Synthesizer by Baloran - Sequencer and...

replies: 3,639 views: 225,856
Avatar for string6theory
string6theory 5 hours ago
Avatar for AnalogDreams

Hello, I have listened, read and done everything I could until my eyes have bled. This includes driving out to try a Rev2, 16...

replies: 37 views: 1,357
Avatar for AnalogDreams
AnalogDreams 6 hours ago
Avatar for jbuonacc

with the release of the new Roland machines, it looks like everyone and Mr. Varaldo is in the mood to break out some acid. let's...

replies: 2,802 views: 166,305
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 6 hours ago
Avatar for DSK

This looks so cool and portable. I think they have a hit on their...

replies: 3,673 views: 382,844
Avatar for re5etuk
re5etuk 6 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Knoch

Okay everyone, here's what I'm thinking. Every synth thread that I visit (especially for new gear) folks are begging to hear...

Mr Knoch
replies: 2,557 views: 92,497
Avatar for Mr Knoch
Mr Knoch 6 hours ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

New Waldorf synth incoming at Messe 2017 via SynthJam Curious what it might be..!

replies: 10,889 views: 717,616
Avatar for Paul_xyz
Paul_xyz 6 hours ago
Avatar for autoy

Watch out Behringer: Replica 3340 voltage controlled oscillator and classic 4-pole OTA VCF with discrete envelope-- It’s...

replies: 210 views: 21,096
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 7 hours ago
Avatar for zootallure

Seems like Behringer are teasing their MS-20 clone: "You are all doing a fantastic job creating these ... - Music Tribe...

replies: 1,096 views: 112,143
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 7 hours ago
Avatar for mutilatedlip

UDO on Instagram: “We are excited to launch our first instrument in the coming months. Keep in touch. Watch this space....

replies: 1,433 views: 88,847
Avatar for Pip
Pip 7 hours ago
Avatar for StudioStriver

Hi guys. I wanted to start small discussion about samplers, and do you still use one in your studio even thou Kontakt 6...

replies: 420 views: 15,073
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 7 hours ago
Avatar for TomSynthAnatomy

Hello As you know, Behringer does not exhibit at the NAMM but organizes a pre-NAMM event in LA. In addition to the widely...

replies: 80 views: 10,710
Avatar for djwaxxy
djwaxxy 7 hours ago


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