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Avatar for clusterchord

i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

replies: 16,812 views: 5,293,159
Avatar for 0mega
0mega 17 hours ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copyrighted material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 402 views: 218,100
Avatar for sacksey
sacksey 1 week ago
Avatar for Synth Guru

For those who may not be aware. Gearslutz has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
replies: 1 views: 1,264
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 1 week ago
Avatar for Don Solaris

Gear service and modifications INDEX: Multi-bank Roland M-256/M-512 memory card clones...

Don Solaris
replies: 0 views: 40,013
Avatar for Don Solaris
Don Solaris 1st January 2010
replies: 21 views: 798
Avatar for maisonvague
maisonvague 1 minute ago
Avatar for autoy

Behringer RD808: BOOM

replies: 5,899 views: 840,284
Avatar for pdpd
pdpd 2 minutes ago
Avatar for mitya

This is a spin-off from another thread of mine about choosing a mid- to high-end groovebox: -...

replies: 15 views: 590
Avatar for theorangechair
theorangechair 2 minutes ago
Avatar for Lady Gaia

What a crazy announcement season we’re having at the moment. Hot on the heels of the ASM Hydrasynth, Roland’s Fantom and...

Lady Gaia
replies: 30 views: 649
Avatar for EvilDragon
EvilDragon 3 minutes ago
Avatar for maranite

I got super excited watching Scott Tibbs demo the new Roland Fantom 7, so hurriedly downloaded and read the manuals to find out...

replies: 1 views: 2
Avatar for gentleclockdivid
gentleclockdivid 5 minutes ago
Avatar for lineofcontrol

This came out of nowhere!

replies: 5,482 views: 692,759
Avatar for adamts13
adamts13 8 minutes ago
Avatar for zahush76

Waiting for a "large" synth (moog matriarch) with $$ burning a hole in my pocket always makes me think about what other...

replies: 243 views: 6,491
Avatar for Acid Mitch
Acid Mitch 17 minutes ago
Avatar for dialectic

I often read of people still using this early akai sampler but I just don't understand what this unit would have to offer anyone,...

replies: 248 views: 41,426
Avatar for EF86
EF86 19 minutes ago
Avatar for Analog8

We are all familiar with feelings the of GAS at some time or another. I thought it might be fun to post a Thread about what you...

replies: 175 views: 8,594
Avatar for chaocrator
chaocrator 33 minutes ago
replies: 179 views: 10,664
Avatar for bftucker
bftucker 33 minutes ago
Avatar for James Meeker

Okay, so the Prophet 12 line is being discontinued, which means the Pro2 will be the next sunset product. The Prophet X sampler...

James Meeker
replies: 584 views: 27,115
Avatar for Big thing
Big thing 34 minutes ago
Avatar for Lazyinthemorning

Hi , first post hear. Hello ! :) - sorry it's quite long i'm after a synth to add to my live-ish set-up - i like combinations...

replies: 5 views: 241
Avatar for whatever17
whatever17 48 minutes ago
Avatar for sin night

So, it's already September. To start this month properly, today I ordered a Moog Minifooger MF Boost. I found a store still...

sin night
replies: 188 views: 6,826
Avatar for Fay Smearing
Fay Smearing 1 hour ago
Avatar for Channelizer

Following on from some posts in the OB-6 thread by xanderbeanz, infindebula and others, I have picked up the gauntlet and started...

replies: 329 views: 15,433
Avatar for Oberheim
Oberheim 1 hour ago
Avatar for polymer

I tried a new Sequencer/Sampler/Synth out a few weeks ago called the Deluge. Sort of like a Novation Circuit mixed with an...

replies: 1,051 views: 85,917
Avatar for rasseru
rasseru 1 hour ago
Avatar for Mushy Mushy

Apparantly there will be an Aira announcement on #303 day on the 3rd March!!!!!

Mushy Mushy
replies: 4,018 views: 338,193
Avatar for pechnatunk
pechnatunk 1 hour ago
Avatar for mrsound

Verycurious if we see anything at namm! in 3 days

replies: 17,986 views: 1,951,278
Avatar for The Beatsmith
The Beatsmith 1 hour ago
Avatar for string6theory

Well, I composed a looong post about the wonderful story of my beautiful limited edition Voyager Select made with Antique Tiger...

replies: 106 views: 4,264
Avatar for Markyboard
Markyboard 1 hour ago
Avatar for mstrwzrd

Has anyone seen this yet? Analog spring reverb tank! rockout Link says price is $899

replies: 2,766 views: 270,606
Avatar for Dr. Getter
Dr. Getter 1 hour ago
Avatar for wendell r.

Moog One



wendell r.
replies: 8,514 views: 363,497
Avatar for bruno_z
bruno_z 1 hour ago
Avatar for Nilsvdp

In some posts I read about people looking for the Akai S612 1.3 OS. It seems to be installed in mine. Some buttons looked like...

replies: 0 views: 53
Avatar for Nilsvdp
Nilsvdp 1 hour ago
Avatar for The Hamburglar

I've been wanting a hardware fm synth for a while and this one seems like the one for me. I don't have space for a keyboard,...

The Hamburglar
replies: 38 views: 12,388
Avatar for breakmixer
breakmixer 1 hour ago
Avatar for tricera

Where did this come from?

replies: 1,068 views: 44,358
Avatar for rockmanrock
rockmanrock 2 hours ago
Avatar for flat

Looks like my predictions and mock ups were pretty close...

replies: 1,216 views: 54,686
Avatar for gentleclockdivid
gentleclockdivid 2 hours ago
Avatar for Mr Knoch

Okay everyone, here's what I'm thinking. Every synth thread that I visit (especially for new gear) folks are begging to hear...

Mr Knoch
replies: 2,448 views: 86,986
Avatar for Mr Knoch
Mr Knoch 2 hours ago
Avatar for EDGEK8D

Looks interesting. I truly believe that there are some extremely interesting polyphonic granular and physical modelling...

replies: 104 views: 9,542
Avatar for fear83
fear83 2 hours ago
Avatar for kurzweil

After the surprising feature-price ratio of the DeepMind 12, what should Behringer be developing next in their new synth...

replies: 2,288 views: 137,418
Avatar for Alien Sound
Alien Sound 2 hours ago
Avatar for Jarlus

This is news to me. Looks and sounds very...

replies: 1,020 views: 42,106
Avatar for Nice187
Nice187 2 hours ago
Avatar for AGP

Zoom ARQ


Just seen this on synthtopia and checked it out on the Zoom site... Couldn't find a mention...

replies: 232 views: 34,436
Avatar for djkm
djkm 2 hours ago
Avatar for autoy

BOOM: Sonic State on Instagram: “Ooh I look. It's the Ms101”

replies: 4,291 views: 435,042
Avatar for Tester Dave
Tester Dave 3 hours ago
Avatar for gkillmaster

I am in need of finding a VST plugin that will take a MIDI track and display the notes on a guitar fretboard. The pizmidi plugin...

replies: 1 views: 938
Avatar for crossovercable
crossovercable 3 hours ago
Avatar for zetroshift

Elektron posted this video around 10 mins ago on youtube. This looks really...

replies: 978 views: 113,130
Avatar for cane creek
cane creek 3 hours ago
Avatar for StudioStriver

Hi guys. I wanted to start small discussion about samplers, and do you still use one in your studio even thou Kontakt 6...

replies: 155 views: 3,551
Avatar for Yoozer
Yoozer 3 hours ago
Avatar for Js.theracon

ISLA instruments is working on a modern version of the legendary EMU SP-1200

replies: 405 views: 38,846
Avatar for redloheb
redloheb 3 hours ago
Avatar for Dhji

Im wondering if there is a way that I can find what note/key a sample is in, im using ableton, I haven't found anything in...

replies: 43 views: 32,768
Avatar for xanderbeanz
xanderbeanz 3 hours ago
Avatar for Jamie munro

Behringer asking what this board is for. Get ya teeth in folks

Jamie munro
replies: 2,457 views: 278,278
Avatar for vlz
vlz 3 hours ago
Avatar for synthsis

hello, I'm trying to identify the synth sound that opens this song: It is from a...

replies: 0 views: 92
Avatar for synthsis
synthsis 3 hours ago
Avatar for kwaping

I'm looking for a mixer and recording interface with a lot of bang for the buck. Does such a thing exist around the $500...

replies: 3 views: 209
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 4 hours ago
Avatar for ichbindin

What in your opinion is the most analog sounding digital polysynth?

replies: 64 views: 2,242
Avatar for Flynn78
Flynn78 4 hours ago
Avatar for hfdz0

Hi all, Has anyone had experience connecting a Kaossilator Pro to an external sequencer (by midi jacks) to take advantage of the...

replies: 20 views: 2,076
Avatar for Wiggen
Wiggen 4 hours ago
Avatar for flat

Hmmmm, this is...

replies: 2 views: 254
Avatar for flat
flat 4 hours ago
Avatar for madtheory

Maybe Jeff needs some more testers!

replies: 32 views: 1,025
Avatar for Jiglo
Jiglo 5 hours ago
replies: 19,100 views: 1,528,941
Avatar for machinesworking
machinesworking 5 hours ago
Avatar for nojob

So I've been considering many synths recently, but I decided that the things that I HAD to have were poly, mini keys (or normal...

replies: 42 views: 2,779
Avatar for LIFEPASS4
LIFEPASS4 5 hours ago
Avatar for csnack

In Absynth 5, in the Spectral Expansion library, there's this preset called "Granny Smith" and it's got this organ-ish...

replies: 2 views: 124
Avatar for csnack
csnack 5 hours ago
Avatar for amp3rsand

Not sure where to post this. I have a volca sample and beats. I am really interested in getting into the firmware. I...

replies: 460 views: 23,327
Avatar for whatever17
whatever17 5 hours ago
Avatar for kvmoore

Hello. I currently have an original Motif Rack, CS6X, and Fantom S. I've had these for years and they all have pretty decent...

replies: 41 views: 3,777
Avatar for PHG
PHG 6 hours ago
Avatar for ichbindin

Bought a reface DX a while back discovered the joy of both listening and sculpting FM sounds. Was rather delighted with the...

replies: 37 views: 1,224
Avatar for abruzzi
abruzzi 6 hours ago
Avatar for scottfrost

Anybody read this? What’s interesting is one of...

replies: 447 views: 18,723
Avatar for olafmol
olafmol 6 hours ago
Avatar for Deckdaddy

No talk of this...

replies: 3,502 views: 340,547
Avatar for frankenstino
frankenstino 6 hours ago


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