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Electronic Music Instruments and Electronic Music Production

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Avatar for clusterchord

i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

replies: 14,542 views: 4,586,244
Avatar for Derp
Derp 9 hours ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copywrited material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 302 views: 148,947
Avatar for jonathan_01uk
jonathan_01uk 16 hours ago
Avatar for Reptil

Hey guys and girls, here's the gear we spotted at the Dancefair 2018 in Utrecht, today. Videos coming soon. Hope you like. So,...

replies: 19 views: 958
Avatar for GregkoNYC
GregkoNYC 1 day ago
Avatar for nyne

Interested in a Blofeld and have been for a while. But keep reading about issues. What exactly are these and have they been...

replies: 407 views: 31,611
Avatar for felis
felis 2 minutes ago
Avatar for Monsieur_R

I am looking for a basic workstation/sequencer that can do the following: - basic drum sounds that are either internal or can be...

replies: 1 views: 23
Avatar for SounderPlains
SounderPlains 7 minutes ago
Avatar for fiddlestickz

What can we do as users and for that matter all the makers of these electronic instruments, to become more environmentally...

replies: 146 views: 2,053
Avatar for Noisewagon
Noisewagon 9 minutes ago
Avatar for superstupid

is there finally coming a new cs80 from sputnikmodular? it's called "Deckard's Dream" "No rare parts, 25cm deep...

replies: 724 views: 61,746
Avatar for dluther
dluther 13 minutes ago
Avatar for sentokan

So where is it? They anounced a price drop but I don t see them on any shop??

replies: 4,665 views: 356,668
Avatar for xamatsni
xamatsni 13 minutes ago
Avatar for lineofcontrol

This came out of nowhere!

replies: 1,340 views: 98,421
Avatar for hayx
hayx 15 minutes ago
Avatar for GregkoNYC

So here's a good one I was exchanging mails with a GS member earlier and had a bit of an aha moment. From my era - Synth...

replies: 118 views: 2,113
Avatar for pr0gr4m
pr0gr4m 32 minutes ago
Avatar for kt_over_q

Here's a thread from Musicplayer about a leak from France: KORG PROLOGUE 8 et KORG PROLOGUE 16 translation - Prologue,...

replies: 2,720 views: 130,816
Avatar for Zaphod Betamax
Zaphod Betamax 36 minutes ago
Avatar for Doc Brown

So in 2018 is an iPad a viable option for sequencing hardware? I've been reading about using modstep but that seems to be...

Doc Brown
replies: 26 views: 577
Avatar for syntonica
syntonica 44 minutes ago
Avatar for Zaphod Betamax

CV.OCD - A super flexible MIDI to CV box from hotchk155 on Tindie After picking up 2 CV OCDs in late 2017, I am amazed at...

Zaphod Betamax
replies: 2 views: 107
Avatar for Zaphod Betamax
Zaphod Betamax 44 minutes ago
Avatar for jbfairlight

Nice upgrade kfhkh Arturia -...

replies: 371 views: 26,090
Avatar for Music Bird
Music Bird 45 minutes ago
Avatar for Bond117

Hey guys! Trying to decide between the best 5 polysynths right now. For me, I've narrowed it down to the: Prophet Rev...

replies: 27 views: 837
Avatar for raffor
raffor 54 minutes ago
Avatar for Quantum7

I keep getting very tempted to buy an old Oberheim. I’ve been dreaming of owning one for a few years now and finally think...

replies: 164 views: 4,051
Avatar for 24dB
24dB 1 hour ago
Avatar for mrwrang

Got a decent deal on a Juno 106 a few weeks ago, though some unexpected issues appeared that required servicing. Now one of the...

replies: 9 views: 206
Avatar for MORDICUS
MORDICUS 1 hour ago
Avatar for hypneurosis

I couldn't find an existing thread on these. Not a whole lot of info on these yet but Teenage Engineering is teasing two new...

replies: 192 views: 7,182
Avatar for PES
PES 1 hour ago
Avatar for hogberto

Surprised that no-one has started a thread specifically for this, so let's drag it out of the car crash that is the '909Day'...

replies: 6,095 views: 353,253
Avatar for GregkoNYC
GregkoNYC 1 hour ago
Avatar for cixelsyd

Hi everyone, I just purchased an Eventide H3000 D/SE and I can't wait for it to arrive. I looked at other models but given my...

replies: 1,903 views: 192,452
Avatar for TheBrightSide
TheBrightSide 1 hour ago
replies: 9,112 views: 727,255
Avatar for blewis_13
blewis_13 1 hour ago
Avatar for msl

I figure its time for another round up of what we're all digging. I'm really loving this mix from Moderate on BPitch. Moderat -...

replies: 1,956 views: 116,134
Avatar for didlisquat
didlisquat 1 hour ago
Avatar for Sad Darwin

I'm in the market for a polysynth upgrade of my Mopho X4, which is currently paired with a Sub 37 and Minibrute. Its voice...

Sad Darwin
replies: 29 views: 4,821
Avatar for daviddever
daviddever 1 hour ago
Avatar for Acid Hazard

I'm surprised no one has posted about this yet. Bass Bot TT 303 ? with InstaDJ O.S. Analogue Monophonic Synth Bass bot tt 303...

Acid Hazard
replies: 2,560 views: 308,987
Avatar for decoder23
decoder23 1 hour ago
Avatar for jbuonacc

with the release of the new Roland machines, it looks like everyone and Mr. Varaldo is in the mood to break out some acid. let's...

replies: 2,159 views: 121,128
Avatar for decoder23
decoder23 2 hours ago
Avatar for sds1fs1r

Hi. I am thinking of getting a standalone sequencer. I have no musical training (but love music and have heard a lot of music)...

replies: 68 views: 1,743
Avatar for Prof_Tea
Prof_Tea 2 hours ago
Avatar for joesnewmatch

After 20 years of playing guitar, I’m venturing into synths and leaning towards the Rev2 for the 16 voices and to have plenty...

replies: 19 views: 491
Avatar for spikysimon
spikysimon 2 hours ago
Avatar for brovski

Hi Gearslutz, Long time reader, first time poster here. I apologise for a long post in advance, but I do hope this thread will...

replies: 6 views: 1,216
Avatar for floyd pepper
floyd pepper 2 hours ago
Avatar for Pym

Anaheim, CA—January 20, 2015—Dave Smith today announced the Sequential Prophet-6, a new 6-voice synthesizer with an...

replies: 6,991 views: 836,004
Avatar for cbmd
cbmd 2 hours ago
Avatar for Hollowman9

Some sonic adjectives which apply. Ripping Shredding Rending Tearing Screeching Howling Bludgeoning Pounding I...

replies: 149 views: 4,870
Avatar for SWAN808
SWAN808 2 hours ago
Avatar for WozNYC

Anybody seen this yet? -->...

replies: 394 views: 10,270
Avatar for charlieclouser
charlieclouser 2 hours ago
Avatar for IndieHead

Inspired mainly by: Talking Heads LCD Soundsystem New Order Arcade Fire The National Radiohead Grimes St...

replies: 21 views: 393
Avatar for deplopcinema
deplopcinema 2 hours ago
Avatar for depulse

Roland is about to release a new analog JDXi. Analog synth, analog filter. Is it for...

replies: 3,454 views: 353,055
Avatar for KikeRivera
KikeRivera 2 hours ago
Avatar for Uli Behringer

Dear all, As many of you know, synths have been my passion for the past 40 years. Sometime ago I have set the goal for...

Uli Behringer
replies: 1,900 views: 118,989
Avatar for CerealG
CerealG 2 hours ago
Avatar for zetroshift

Elektron posted this video around 10 mins ago on youtube. This looks really...

replies: 551 views: 31,860
Avatar for kr283
kr283 2 hours ago
Avatar for mfny81

Picked up a Yamaha RM1x from ebay to play with as my first step to music making.. or at least noise making at any rate...

replies: 21 views: 572
Avatar for mfny81
mfny81 3 hours ago
Avatar for Mimmo

Dreadbox effects & synthesizers – nyx

replies: 358 views: 45,696
Avatar for scapmo
scapmo 3 hours ago
Avatar for Delbocavista

Hi! I have watched many videos with this module and I have to say that I like the way it sounds. I only own samplers,...

replies: 22 views: 698
Avatar for syntonica
syntonica 3 hours ago
Avatar for autoy

How did 2018 start for me? With a bang. Long story short, I missed one of these about a year...

replies: 124 views: 6,361
Avatar for MORDICUS
MORDICUS 3 hours ago
Avatar for lastcall

Previous/current Korg Volca Sample owners. How YOU doin? I was just wondering if you still own the Korg Volca Sample. If you...

replies: 103 views: 10,689
Avatar for johnnyboy5000
johnnyboy5000 4 hours ago
Avatar for zachhopkins

Hey guys! I'm in a music program @ Fanshawe College Ontario and one of the term projects is to make a lift. If you don't know...

replies: 4 views: 89
Avatar for Noisewagon
Noisewagon 4 hours ago
Avatar for frankenstino

Ok fellow slutz here’s my question. I have a voyager but really been itching for a Model D reissue but I can’t afford both. ...

replies: 6 views: 278
Avatar for Nigel99
Nigel99 4 hours ago
Avatar for plasmasynth

I've seen this on Reddit (not posted here) and went and checked it out myself today in-store. It looks like all of the...

replies: 165 views: 10,097
Avatar for WozNYC
WozNYC 4 hours ago
Avatar for BertyBert

I was listening to some early 90s dance music the other day and I was wondering... were people sidechaining the bass to duck...

replies: 25 views: 813
Avatar for Noisewagon
Noisewagon 4 hours ago
Avatar for skira99

So my collection of instruments is slowly growing and I find myself needing more inputs than my current interface allows. I have...

replies: 12 views: 590
Avatar for plaid_emu
plaid_emu 5 hours ago
Avatar for jthom

I picked up a Dave Smith Instruments ('Sequential') P6 and have 30 days to return it. This is my first ever synth, so forgive my...

replies: 109 views: 10,774
Avatar for percussion boy
percussion boy 5 hours ago
Avatar for zowno

The G2 imho isnt just the best synth that I've ever played but to me it's a better system than I knew I wanted. It's seriously...

replies: 22 views: 558
Avatar for division
division 6 hours ago
Avatar for Orchestrion

The more I read about the Montage sounding so wonderful the more I keep thinking about upgrading my XF to one. I know I can...

replies: 3 views: 154
Avatar for AlanC3
AlanC3 7 hours ago
Avatar for decoder23


replies: 768 views: 61,103
Avatar for Eigenwert
Eigenwert 7 hours ago
Avatar for DSK

This looks so cool and portable. I think they have a hit on their...

replies: 3,147 views: 262,146
Avatar for idm0r
idm0r 7 hours ago
Avatar for odourboy

Hi slutz, Back into keyboards after a lengthy hiatus. I recently picked up a Prophet Rev2 keyboard. Very impressed! Love what...

replies: 2 views: 123
Avatar for odourboy
odourboy 7 hours ago
Avatar for mrgs

Hello all, degradation - Clyp Does anyone know what type of sound degradation is happening here? It's especially prominent...

replies: 0 views: 138
Avatar for mrgs
mrgs 7 hours ago
Avatar for EDGEK8D

Greetings gents! After spending some extra time over the holidays really digging in to my Blo-keys, I’ve decided it is likely a...

replies: 37 views: 1,071
Avatar for feijai
feijai 8 hours ago


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