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Avatar for clusterchord

i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

replies: 16,830 views: 5,298,519
Avatar for niklasni1
niklasni1 10 hours ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copyrighted material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 404 views: 218,649
Avatar for mfx
mfx 1 day ago
Avatar for Synth Guru

For those who may not be aware. Gearslutz has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
replies: 1 views: 1,451
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Don Solaris

Gear service and modifications INDEX: Multi-bank Roland M-256/M-512 memory card clones...

Don Solaris
replies: 0 views: 40,174
Avatar for Don Solaris
Don Solaris 1st January 2010
Avatar for tricera

Where did this come from?

replies: 1,212 views: 53,971
Avatar for HardSync
HardSync 1 minute ago
Avatar for sin night

So, it's already September. To start this month properly, today I ordered a Moog Minifooger MF Boost. I found a store still...

sin night
replies: 263 views: 9,740
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 1 minute ago
Avatar for Lady Gaia

What a crazy announcement season we’re having at the moment. Hot on the heels of the ASM Hydrasynth, Roland’s Fantom and...

Lady Gaia
replies: 501 views: 25,072
Avatar for Somebodyperson
Somebodyperson 1 minute ago
Avatar for Uli Behringer

Dear all, As many of you know, synths have been my passion for the past 40 years. Sometime ago I have set the goal for...

Uli Behringer
replies: 6,737 views: 690,602
Avatar for Mastropiero
Mastropiero 2 minutes ago
Avatar for theshinenz

Introducing the Kurzweil PC4! | Kurzweil Nice!

replies: 973 views: 50,178
Avatar for felis
felis 3 minutes ago
Avatar for Jarlus

This is news to me. Looks and sounds very...

replies: 1,274 views: 54,517
Avatar for Tarekith
Tarekith 4 minutes ago
Avatar for James Lehmann

With the release of various new pedals and emulations, there seems to be quite a few threads about Chorus at the moment -...

James Lehmann
replies: 25 views: 1,806
Avatar for clusterchord
clusterchord 6 minutes ago
Avatar for neonrider

since we don't seem to have a thread on the subject. fire away. I'm impressed by the tones a lot of the newer stuff is achieving.

replies: 481 views: 16,219
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 7 minutes ago
Avatar for autoy

Behringer RD808: BOOM

replies: 6,371 views: 892,024
Avatar for TRSC
TRSC 11 minutes ago
Avatar for kcearl

Sporting two Native Instrument Kontrols with macbooks... Not that it made a difference. There was a hiccup/tuning issue during...

replies: 46 views: 1,872
Avatar for kcearl
kcearl 13 minutes ago
Avatar for flat

Looks like my predictions and mock ups were pretty close...

replies: 1,339 views: 63,466
Avatar for Quartermass
Quartermass 16 minutes ago
Avatar for alh311

New member here, I am a guitarist looking to buy a keyboard /synth to help with writing music. I would eventually like to learn...

replies: 46 views: 4,750
Avatar for Spaceanimals
Spaceanimals 18 minutes ago
Avatar for zootallure

Seems like Behringer are teasing their MS-20 clone: "You are all doing a fantastic job creating these ... - Music Tribe...

replies: 900 views: 83,872
Avatar for Somebodyperson
Somebodyperson 18 minutes ago
Avatar for HrastProgrammer

My friend made a few demos of my software synthesizer called Tranzistow which I developed just for fun cooge Tranzistow...

replies: 355 views: 18,270
Avatar for t_tangent
t_tangent 22 minutes ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

Dear Slutz, So, my studio is one big mess. Synthesizers all over the place, 3 I use, and a few I don't care about and never...

replies: 129 views: 5,997
Avatar for kslight
kslight 23 minutes ago
Avatar for Reasoner

First time poster here, long time gear slut. Anyway, I am sure many of you know how amazing the op-z sequencer is and also how...

replies: 3 views: 134
Avatar for Kja
Kja 32 minutes ago
Avatar for kraze

The thing is - there's a local shop that has quite a ton of used hardware effects racks - Midiverbs, Lexicons, Digitech stuff,...

replies: 907 views: 39,578
Avatar for Chandro Ji
Chandro Ji 35 minutes ago
Avatar for rsaintjohn

Looks like Roland Cloud is going live with its early access beta. I'm under NDA so can't say anything, but they posted this...

replies: 1,147 views: 85,873
Avatar for TNC
TNC 38 minutes ago
Avatar for TNC

I just noticed that Ableton's MPC Swing (I don't know if the other ones have it as well) slighly changes the timing of each note....

replies: 14 views: 302
Avatar for TNC
TNC 43 minutes ago
Avatar for jamey777

Got mine a day early... The new oscillator type 'VA' was intriguing me, as well as the new moog, jp, etc filters. I know this...

replies: 194 views: 5,583
Avatar for jbuonacc
jbuonacc 45 minutes ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

Forget Namm 2017, here is The River Analog 8 voice poly synth. Via The River - Synthesizer by Baloran - Sequencer and...

replies: 3,434 views: 213,482
Avatar for Baloran
Baloran 50 minutes ago
Avatar for 0mega

I love the idea of putting a ton of synths and effects into a single simple space. Makes organizing so much better. Only thing I...

replies: 10 views: 351
Avatar for goony
goony 1 hour ago
Avatar for SynMike

RC-808, still very preliminary work. Freeware. The “analogue mafia”, all former Roland engineers, lead by Tadao Kikumoto...

replies: 71 views: 4,689
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 1 hour ago
Avatar for Js.theracon

ISLA instruments is working on a modern version of the legendary EMU SP-1200

replies: 430 views: 41,058
Avatar for S_A_P
S_A_P 1 hour ago
replies: 840 views: 37,364
Avatar for synthguy
synthguy 1 hour ago
Avatar for TS-12

KARMA is so unpopular and not advertised that for past 5 years or so I almost completely forgot about it. But the technology...

replies: 2 views: 186
Avatar for DStep ATL
DStep ATL 1 hour ago
Avatar for pants99

And here is one! boing rockout

replies: 3,985 views: 397,049
Avatar for rsaintjohn
rsaintjohn 1 hour ago
Avatar for StudioStriver

Hi guys. I wanted to start small discussion about samplers, and do you still use one in your studio even thou Kontakt 6...

replies: 182 views: 4,617
Avatar for shreddoggie
shreddoggie 2 hours ago
Avatar for mstrwzrd

Has anyone seen this yet? Analog spring reverb tank! rockout Link says price is $899

replies: 2,774 views: 272,043
Avatar for goodweather
goodweather 2 hours ago
replies: 19,215 views: 1,535,759
Avatar for SouvlakiSpace
SouvlakiSpace 2 hours ago
Avatar for OcclusionEffect

King Korg vs. Nord A1 For Ambient, Chill. I can get the KK for $1050 A1 Rack for $1350. A1 is 4 part Multi-Timbral.

replies: 101 views: 10,330
Avatar for syntonica
syntonica 2 hours ago
Avatar for sentokan

So where is it? They anounced a price drop but I don t see them on any shop??

replies: 8,940 views: 867,984
Avatar for vlz
vlz 2 hours ago
Avatar for maranite

I got super excited watching Scott Tibbs demo the new Roland Fantom 7, so hurriedly downloaded and read the manuals to find out...

replies: 98 views: 3,179
Avatar for IncarnateX
IncarnateX 2 hours ago
Avatar for fromthepuggle

I've been auditioning and comparing a ton of analog tape-sim and mojo boxes (saturators, tube preamps, etc.) lately. I hear a...

replies: 21 views: 954
Avatar for lost_the_peace
lost_the_peace 3 hours ago
Avatar for SpiltYak

After a lot of research and countless hours reading forums, manuals and tutorials I've narrowed down my options to the Dominion 1...

replies: 38 views: 3,664
Avatar for GAF Vu Master
GAF Vu Master 3 hours ago
Avatar for BabeRainbow92

Simply put, how am I supposed to connect the Yamaha MX for studio use? Since it comes with an interface, do I still run the L/R...

replies: 10 views: 339
Avatar for BabeRainbow92
BabeRainbow92 3 hours ago
Avatar for adamstan

Haven't seen thread or post on this yet, so... Yamaha releases a successor to MOXF line, named MODX. It's based on Montage...

replies: 1,745 views: 143,387
Avatar for rasseru
rasseru 3 hours ago
Avatar for mickbenjamins

DivKid: Superbooth 2018 - Behringer Odyssey *First Look & Listen*

replies: 2,481 views: 205,510
Avatar for TJT
TJT 3 hours ago
Avatar for zetroshift

Elektron posted this video around 10 mins ago on youtube. This looks really...

replies: 987 views: 113,893
Avatar for ichbindin
ichbindin 4 hours ago
Avatar for jbuonacc

there was some talk of Wave Alchemy's new 'REVOLUTION' in the Synth Drums thread, but i figured it deserved its own discussion....

replies: 392 views: 47,930
Avatar for arnoux
arnoux 4 hours ago
Avatar for Coorec

I am currently in the process of checking out midi sequencers mainly for gigging and improvisations/songwriting purposes. Its...

replies: 6 views: 368
Avatar for ljefe
ljefe 4 hours ago
Avatar for mutilatedlip

UDO on Instagram: “We are excited to launch our first instrument in the coming months. Keep in touch. Watch this space....

replies: 1,264 views: 74,926
Avatar for Spectral Climax
Spectral Climax 4 hours ago
Avatar for jiffybox

With audio demos of the Udo Super6 and the Hydrasynth on repeat in my studio, LadyGaia and the Prophet X gang praising the stereo...

replies: 32 views: 1,053
Avatar for jiffybox
jiffybox 4 hours ago
Avatar for fiddlestickz

Really love the keystep but as a community maybe we could pull together and ask Arturia for a V2 with bigger better...

replies: 88 views: 14,390
Avatar for olafmol
olafmol 4 hours ago
Avatar for gotharman

I am currently working on a new prototype...

replies: 96 views: 5,232
Avatar for gotharman
gotharman 6 hours ago
Avatar for lineofcontrol

This came out of nowhere!

replies: 5,507 views: 700,356
Avatar for Polymooger
Polymooger 6 hours ago
Avatar for Johnny Smith

Hello, another thread about Yamaha TX7 :) I've been searching for the answer for 2 days but could not get any perfect, clear...

Johnny Smith
replies: 7 views: 242
Avatar for standingwave
standingwave 6 hours ago
Avatar for TobiasJ

Well, I’ve just seen the new Akai Pro Force and I’m extremely surprised at how good this looks. I need to know more about...

replies: 2,131 views: 138,956
Avatar for DrZero
DrZero 6 hours ago
Avatar for nightknight

My dilemma is one that you have all probably seen before, of course with different synthesizers. I'm starting brand new in the...

replies: 35 views: 5,736
Avatar for Davido
Davido 6 hours ago
Avatar for gruvsyco

and a link to the homepage: P600fw by gligli *edit* Looks like the synthtopia article isn't 100% accurate. You need a...

replies: 1,666 views: 157,295
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 7 hours ago


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