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Announcement: ICYMI: Win a Slate Digital VRS bundle! Whitecat
2nd December 2020 Views: 661
Views: 661
2nd December 2020
Announcement: Cyber Week 2020 Whitecat
27th November 2020 Views: 1,531
Views: 1,531
27th November 2020
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Avatar for clusterchord

i thought, well what the heck.. all other forums have this thread already, so why not this one too ?!?? there were occasional...

replies: 19,602 views: 6,032,896
Avatar for kraku
kraku 1 hour ago
Avatar for golden beers

No copyrighted material Please provide a link that leads DIRECTLY to the samples. Any type of message that starts with...

golden beers
replies: 594 views: 338,350
Avatar for fiddlestickz
fiddlestickz 6 days ago
Avatar for Reptil

We're moving the discussion threads about the Covid-19 pandemic to the "Audio life" subforum....

replies: 0 views: 15,680
Avatar for Reptil
Reptil 16th March 2020
Avatar for Don Solaris

Gear service and modifications INDEX: Rack electric cable management Multi-bank Roland...

Don Solaris
replies: 0 views: 59,725
Avatar for Don Solaris
Don Solaris 1st January 2010
Avatar for msl

I figure its time for another round up of what we're all digging. I'm really loving this mix from Moderate on BPitch. Moderat -...

replies: 5,628 views: 290,530
Avatar for DGL
DGL 6 minutes ago
Avatar for Lyonart

Modal Electronics Facebook page has a teaser video for what looks like a new keyboard coming out Nov 2020. ‘Our history...

replies: 428 views: 26,739
Avatar for Elektronische
Elektronische 7 minutes ago
replies: 4,332 views: 300,559
Avatar for goony
goony 8 minutes ago
Avatar for Matt Dairy

So what exactly (if anything) can analogue filters do that digital definitely cannot? Besides the whole "warmth" thing....

Matt Dairy
replies: 748 views: 17,468
Avatar for Alien23
Alien23 11 minutes ago
Avatar for Deanosaurus

Hi guys, I'm part of a community on Facebook and it has some extremely successful dance music artists that actively reply to...

replies: 23 views: 739
Avatar for camus2
camus2 26 minutes ago
Avatar for mrsound

Verycurious if we see anything at namm! in 3 days

replies: 18,765 views: 2,203,919
Avatar for Kozmos88
Kozmos88 27 minutes ago
Avatar for kslight

Dave Smith Instruments Sounds like perhaps Dave’s take on Nord wave kind of?

replies: 6,855 views: 517,419
Avatar for EBDA1176
EBDA1176 28 minutes ago
Avatar for autoy

Behringer RD808: BOOM

replies: 9,789 views: 1,513,668
Avatar for deeboi
deeboi 32 minutes ago
Avatar for crumb bumb

Based off the YM2612 chip from the Sega Genesis. 12 voice (2 chips, 6 voices each), 4 op FM, with lots of hands-on control. ...

crumb bumb
replies: 111 views: 13,628
Avatar for dr Pokerian
dr Pokerian 35 minutes ago
Avatar for rsaintjohn

Looks like Roland Cloud is going live with its early access beta. I'm under NDA so can't say anything, but they posted this...

replies: 3,414 views: 230,778
Avatar for pulpicon
pulpicon 37 minutes ago
Avatar for piano

Moog One Finding one to actually play and demo is very difficult. I don't find the Youtube videos to show the Moog One to...

replies: 133 views: 4,292
Avatar for rockmanrock
rockmanrock 40 minutes ago
Avatar for Mike McAdam

Hello everyone, I was listening to the last Ariana Grande's studio album, Positions, and I've came across this production:...

Mike McAdam
replies: 97 views: 3,235
Avatar for Elektronische
Elektronische 41 minutes ago
Avatar for no ssl yet

Guys I'm just getting around to trying to use the (EDIT: SOFTWARE) editor with my roland fantom rack. It's a FAILURE almost. ...

no ssl yet
replies: 11 views: 2,212
Avatar for Alien23
Alien23 41 minutes ago
Avatar for Jamie munro

Behringer asking what this board is for. Get ya teeth in folks

Jamie munro
replies: 4,486 views: 639,107
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 45 minutes ago
Avatar for MusicInHeart

HI Guys, I am looking for an analog synth that can save presents and can recall them in DAW sessions. I looked at virus and...

replies: 25 views: 6,649
Avatar for coffee
coffee 52 minutes ago
Avatar for OurDarkness

Now that we have seen a few faithful recreations from the past how likely do you think it is it to see a new ARP 2600 from...

replies: 128 views: 12,449
Avatar for pppch
pppch 54 minutes ago
Avatar for ibtl

(ah, what title to use for this?) not a huge guitar pedal person, but they rock up from time to time, and i've held onto a few...

replies: 12 views: 239
Avatar for jbuonacc
jbuonacc 59 minutes ago
Avatar for Mark1353

Hi slutz, I made a video of my Massive Passive in action. I simply put a kick sample through it and tweaked it a bit. I'm gonna...

replies: 19 views: 1,574
Avatar for OurDarkness
OurDarkness 1 hour ago
replies: 1,247 views: 142,323
Avatar for ceejay
ceejay 1 hour ago
Avatar for CarLofgren

Today I woke up with the urge to get myself a Roland R8 drum machine. What kind of strange stuff are you secretly lusting...

replies: 107 views: 4,006
Avatar for dr Pokerian
dr Pokerian 1 hour ago
Avatar for flat

Looks like my predictions and mock ups were pretty close...

replies: 5,310 views: 443,361
Avatar for AstralBody
AstralBody 1 hour ago
Avatar for blinky909

which of the Yamaha SY22/SY35/TG33 synths is THE one to get? i have a Kawai K1m but i think the Yamaha Vector synths might offer...

replies: 51 views: 9,285
Avatar for Drazzz
Drazzz 1 hour ago
Avatar for Mr Knoch

Okay everyone, here's what I'm thinking. Every synth thread that I visit (especially for new gear) folks are begging to hear...

Mr Knoch
replies: 3,802 views: 163,984
Avatar for Mr Knoch
Mr Knoch 1 hour ago
Avatar for Js.theracon

ISLA instruments is working on a modern version of the legendary EMU SP-1200

replies: 2,313 views: 199,612
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 1 hour ago
Avatar for zerocrossing

Wow! I never thought! I guess I should start saving my pennies!

replies: 2,649 views: 185,107
Avatar for Pip
Pip 1 hour ago
Avatar for SonicBern

Winter NAMM 2021... "In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the health and safety of NAMM members as the first...

replies: 447 views: 29,376
Avatar for pppch
pppch 1 hour ago
Avatar for tjontheroad

New update here

replies: 636 views: 60,468
Avatar for StarfishMusic
StarfishMusic 1 hour ago
Avatar for steelyfan

What’s your opinion on this? There’s been new gear that’s Hit the market since, but is it all that really? 8 track...

replies: 256 views: 13,866
Avatar for Jamie munro
Jamie munro 1 hour ago
Avatar for Don Solaris

I was into ambient for some time now, but somehow skipped Biosphere back in the 90's. Recently i've bought a few albums and was...

Don Solaris
replies: 161 views: 24,241
Avatar for Elektronische
Elektronische 1 hour ago
Avatar for flail19

I have a guy coming in from Arizona to record some parts for a project. He will require me to provide keys since he will not be...

replies: 7 views: 2,645
Avatar for grabme
grabme 1 hour ago
Avatar for Audiorange

I knew some days ago from a friend that the bass line on the classic “Superstition” was recorded by Stevie Wonder on a...

replies: 22 views: 1,219
Avatar for Audiorange
Audiorange 2 hours ago
Avatar for pluto_ro

Hi guys, I am owner of an amazing EMU Command station XL7 workstation and I am part of a yahoo group with hundreds of members...

replies: 53 views: 4,583
Avatar for 79rules
79rules 2 hours ago
Avatar for cbmd


replies: 5,991 views: 430,798
Avatar for SerErris
SerErris 2 hours ago
Avatar for Percivale

From FCC website there seems to be an Akai MPC Live II in the works. It says with Speakers!...

replies: 329 views: 29,625
Avatar for duplobaustein
duplobaustein 2 hours ago
replies: 25,582 views: 2,196,204
Avatar for AceNoir
AceNoir 2 hours ago
Avatar for Mushy Mushy

Apparantly there will be an Aira announcement on #303 day on the 3rd March!!!!!

Mushy Mushy
replies: 4,750 views: 457,624
Avatar for user i477533222
user i477533222 2 hours ago
Avatar for tjontheroad

I’ve been beta testing this. I really like it.

replies: 44 views: 3,470
Avatar for cowudders
cowudders 2 hours ago
Avatar for SonicBern

"Description KORG Minilogue: KORG Minilogue - is a fully programmable, 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer, is also equipped...

replies: 6,405 views: 790,781
Avatar for Kiangast
Kiangast 3 hours ago
Avatar for patrickdafunk

New Waldorf synth incoming at Messe 2017 via SynthJam Curious what it might be..!

replies: 13,264 views: 1,000,950
Avatar for Paul_xyz
Paul_xyz 3 hours ago
Avatar for tomheck

French FM hardware synthesizer Kodamo EssenceFm The characteristics - 300 voices of polyphony - FM 6 operators with resonant...

replies: 235 views: 21,011
Avatar for Serge Ange Punath
Serge Ange Punath 3 hours ago
replies: 5,235 views: 320,282
Avatar for musicchamber
musicchamber 3 hours ago
Avatar for Js.theracon

Something seems in the pipeline. Trademark filed under classification numbers 9 and 15 (lowpass filter, ring modulator, musical...

replies: 3,368 views: 350,699
Avatar for Synthbuilder
Synthbuilder 3 hours ago
Avatar for nyne

Interested in a Blofeld and have been for a while. But keep reading about issues. What exactly are these and have they been...

replies: 564 views: 62,974
Avatar for dlab23
dlab23 4 hours ago
Avatar for SonicBern

Under wraps on the floor behind the new KORG opsix FM synth Never seen a KORG that shape... They seem to be leaking two...

replies: 454 views: 50,585
Avatar for Jpro600k
Jpro600k 4 hours ago
Avatar for unicorn74

Wow, have You seen this: Totally...

replies: 192 views: 14,427
Avatar for BobTheDog
BobTheDog 4 hours ago
Avatar for fiddlestickz

Simple question, is it just patch into mixer and open a channel in DAW like you would a synth or is there some trick to it..? you...

replies: 180 views: 3,699
Avatar for jbuonacc
jbuonacc 4 hours ago
Avatar for conanb

What are you using to run outboard hardware fx? Had a google around but nothing jumps out

replies: 12 views: 277
Avatar for donato
donato 5 hours ago
Avatar for time_zone

(outside of acid) I was thinking about this while listening to the video below, particularly starting at...

replies: 90 views: 5,238
Avatar for razorboy
razorboy 5 hours ago
Avatar for Deleted d17fb6d

Thank you Dave Rossum. They even sound better than the Moog ladder filter. E-mu Systems RIP. You are the man. Just saying whether...

Deleted d17fb6d
replies: 95 views: 6,221
Avatar for wavejockey
wavejockey 5 hours ago
Avatar for Polarelch

I need a poly keyboard. I‘ve been waiting for a polyphonic analog keyboard for ages. For at least 10 years, ever since I...

replies: 109 views: 3,631
Avatar for cogsy
cogsy 6 hours ago


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